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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions from Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Well, the NFL Combine is now in the rear-view mirror.

Now, the countdown is on to the NFL Draft – and free agency.

But first, let's dive into another Titans mailbag.

I can't imagine what everyone wants to talk about …

Micah Layne from Coalmont, Tennessee.
I have seen where we are one of three teams in on Antonio Brown and they are only wanting a first rounder for him. How legit do you think the Titans pursuit is? I really was against having him around because of the negative attitude but after watching his interview it seems he felt like the owner didn't appreciate him enough. If that is the case we should bring him in because I believe Amy is one of the most caring owners for current and former players. Maybe he just needs to experience some southern hospitality.

Jim: Hey Micah. The GM hasn't said a word about this, so I'm not about to break code talking about "Mr. Big Chest." But spare me on the owner not appreciating him enough talk …

Joseph Carney from Anchorage, Alaska
Hey Jim! Wow, finally writing to you - been a longtime fan ('78, young boy looking for a hero and I found the great Earl Campbell!) - appreciate your efforts to bring us an insiders' (twice removed, like a second cousin? I don't know) perspective. So I'm sure you're bombarded with this one but we are one of 3 most interested in A Brown. In your (awesome) opinion, is he worth a first rounder (19 from us)? Man, I don't know. A 30-yr old supposed malcontent, but with the talent/experience/intangibles - tough call. Would we make that deal? Also, as you are firsthand at the combine who are you looking at as the potential Titans first rounder? Can you narrow it to 3? Appreciate you, Jim!

Jim: Hey Joseph. As I mentioned to Micah, it's going to be a cold day in Alaska before I … Oh dang, sorry. I'm not going to get into the GM's business on this one. Believe me, I saw the Adam Schefter report, and am intrigued. But I can't say much more because: A, Jon Robinson hasn't filled me in; and B, because I like my job. If he calls me into the office and gives me the lowdown, and says I can share, then we'll be in business. As for my combine favorites, I left really, really impressed with the way Clemson defensive lineman Christian Wilkins handled himself (we already knew his tape was good), and blown away by D.K. Metcalf's performance. Alabama's Quinnen Williams is a beast, but he'll be off the board early. Montez Sweat was impressive. But I want to hold off until after free agency before making any bold predictions, because we'll know a lot more about team needs then. Stay warm!

Aaron Patch from Lodi, Wisconsin
Hey Jim. So I would like to inquire about some trade rumors. Is the buzz around Tennessee pursuing Antonio Brown legit? Aside from his antics, that would make our offense scary. Mariota can strut his stuff like the good lord intended, Davis would get less attention, and teams couldn't key on our run. Henry would eat!!!

Jim: Hey Aaron. See above. And above. And below.

Khaled Naimat from Nashville, Tennessee
Is there any chance we can get AB and Golden Tate because golden is from Goodlettsville so he might get a hometown discount?

Jim: Dang, AB and Golden both! Hey, why not shoot for the stars, huh?!

Herman Braley from Indianapolis, Indiana
Why would we go after AB especially when "He doesn't need the game?" After what I saw at the combine this weekend DK/Parrish/AJ and all had really good workouts… They all love the game and want to play and whoever we pick I Hope DK or Parrish. Would be absolutely amazing with Corey/Taywan and Tajae also Smith out of Alabama I'm 3rd will be avoid pickup IMO.

Jim: Hey Herman. Well, this is the other side. I hear you in that some really good guys are going to be available in the draft. The problem oftentimes with young receivers is it takes time for them to develop. I suspect that's what so many folks are excited about the thought of AB. That and his cool blonde mustache, of course. By the way, I just spent six more nights in your city. (I have to be over 100 Indy nights in my lifetime by now). I really like downtown. Went to mass at St. John the Evangelist on Sunday night. Beautiful! Have a good one.

Robert Conlon from Baltimore, Maryland
How does the undrafted process work? Is it pretty much a free for all, first come first serve? Is there a limit on the number of invites? It's certainly another important avenue. Titans retained a few that way last year.

Jim: Hey Robert. Well, it does become a free-for-all after the draft. The scouts start calling the players (and their agents) who didn't get drafted, but they want in camp. Some get signing bonuses, some don't. Sometimes it comes down to the player simply picking where he thinks he has his best opportunity to stick. And the number of guys signed depends on how many roster sports are available on the 90-man. And you're right, it's an important part of the process.

James Suave from Nashville.
Will it take 10+ wins to win the AFC South?

Jim: If another team wins 9…

Wayne Cooper from Talbott, Tennessee
How can I get tickets for the 2019 NFL draft?

Jim: No tickets needed. It's free. Come on down!

Nick C from Lyles, Tennessee
Rumors are going around that C.J. is coming back??

Jim: Two words: Fake news.

Sandals Southworth from Piketon, Ohio
Hey Mr. Wyatt! Happy for the updates and everything! My question is, Shawn Oakmen has been acquitted for his allegation but hasn't played since 2016. The situation as a whole is murky and it'll become more clear as information gets out. Just wanted to run this by you, #titanup!

Jim: Is this is trick question?

João Gabriel Schutze from Campinas, São Paulo
Jim, I'm a Titans fan from Brazil, perhaps the most far you have heard of? Well, you're my number one about Titans opinions and information. You have no idea how hard is to find some original stuff here, thanks God I bought a cap last month. I'm really waiting something good from Mariota this season. Maybe this could be the last chance. I still don't understand why Bonani didn't stay. What about Cairo Santos kicking for us? Thanks for this opportunity. Greetings from Brazil.

Jim: Great to hear from you Joao! Bonani and Santos, a few blasts from the past! Maikon did a nice job, but he was around when the late Rob Bironas kicked for the team, and he lost in the competition. As for Cairo, he's under contract with Tampa Bay and the Titans have a good one in Ryan Succop.

Matthias Schuster from Rochester, New York
Greetings Jim! A few questions:
1. Is there any special seating or group gathering for Titans fans at the draft?
2. Have you heard about Buffalo Bill's GM Brandon Beane releasing a statement to season ticket holders highlighting the off season goals? Interesting tactic. Wonder if the Titans would ever do something like this.
3A. If i could ask a question to JRob it would be (feel free to answer for him Jim): In Marcus's tenure in the NFL, who have been his top weapons?( based on talent or results)
3B. Why?
If you told me when we drafted Marcus his best weapons would be D Walker, K Wright, R Matthews, I never would have thought we would set a franchise record with 3 winning season in a row. Corey Davis is coming into his own but i feel like we wasted a lot of time to surround Marcus with the talent he needs to shine. I have faith in JRob to lead us to the promise land but he needs to surround 8 with the talent.

Jim: I told you I'd get to you Matthias! :)
1- Some VIP seating, but it's very tight and reserved for select season tickets holders.
2- Amy Adams Strunk has sent out letters to season ticket holders periodically, but no owner/GM can tell you exactly what's going to happen
3- The answer is Corey Davis. Delanie Walker and Kendall Wright, of course, were already with the team when Marcus arrived. I suspect more weapons coming this offseason, btw.

William Belcher from Overton, Nevada
Hey Jim! Started reading this mail bag a few months ago and thinks it's an awesome idea to be able to ask questions from someone so close to the players and coaching. But my question is this, when it comes to free agents and draft picks, how much does them actually wanting to live in Tennessee become a factor? I've actually never been to Tennessee myself, so I don't know what it's like. But if I were a free agent or draft pick, where I move to would be a huge factor in my happiness for playing for a team. So what does Tennessee bring for players wanting to play there instead of a California team or other teams other than the fact of the coaching staff and teammates you play for and with? Thanks!

Jim: Hey William. Great question. The draft picks obviously don't have a say. But the free agents do, I do think Nashville is a key selling point. Obviously guys want to play on a good team, with a good culture. But Nashville is a great city, and players want to live here. The fact so many guys have moved here to play, and then stayed, offers proof. Not having a state income tax isn't a bad incentive, too. You need to visit Nashville!

Have a great week everyone!

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