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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Players are back on the field at Saint Thomas Sports Park, as Titans training camp is officially under way.

I'm looking forward to Friday, when I'll be able to watch practice for the first time since January.

I'll do my best to provide camp updates along the way.

And, of course, these mailbags will keep flowing as the questions continue to roll in.

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Let's dive into this Tuesday's edition of the mailbag ...

Jeff Marsalis from San Antonio, Texas
Hi Jim...I've been a fan since birth in '74....Born an Oiler, will die a Titan!! We have had a lot of good running backs over the years, but I haven't been as excited as I am about Henry since Campbell (GOAT & my childhood hero!) and George...Henry has the tools to be really special for a very long time! My only concern is his touchy hamstrings...he has had problems with them off & on since getting here...not to mention his calves. Last year coming down the stretch, he put out some gutsy performances running as hard as he did on that less than 100% hamstring...and as impressive as he was, in those last couple of games, there were plays where I could tell he wasn't 100%. So my is that hamstring? I've seen the vids of him running hills, and he looked good...but I have dealt with hamstrings myself & I know how nagging they can be, how long they can take to heal, & how easily they can be reinjured...I was worried in those last few games he was going to push it & really do some long-term damage. Just wondering if you have spoken with him about that & how his legs are feeling? Thanks Jim! Titan Up!!!

Jim: Hey Jeff. Well, all indications are Derrick is good to go for the start of camp. So far, just the rookies, quarterbacks and injured players have been on the field for practices, but the veterans, including Henry, are joining them this week. You mentioned Derrick's videos, and there's no doubt he's in shape. Like all of these guys, though, trainers and coaches will be careful not to overwork them early. The practices at the start of camp will include a lot more conditioning, and they'll look more like May and June OTAs than training camp. Eventually, guys will get into camp mode. The last thing anyone wants to do is have guys suffer setbacks at the beginning, and that includes Henry.

Caleb Parris from Cookeville, Tennessee
Hey Jim. I know training camp has started but I haven't seen any videos of players playing. Are any media members like yourself allowed in the stadium to watch and if so has anyone impressed you?

Jim: Hey Caleb. You'll see them in full force starting on Friday. Up to this point, the team's social media account (@Titans) has shared a few snippets. As I mentioned earlier, the first practice open to media is scheduled for Friday.

Bob Hammerstein from Clarksville, Tennessee
I've been watching the NFL since 1956 when Bobby Layne and Dick "Night Train" Layne along with Joe Schmidt played for the Detroit Lions. We would go to the old Briggs Stadium with sleeping bags just to stay warm half of the time. Now to our current Titans roster of players and coaches it is my humble opinion that barring a big loss of strategic players and a lucky bounce or 2 the Titans should be able to get to the playoffs this year.

Jim: Appreciate the perspective, Bob. As for this year's Titans, I definitely agree this team is capable of making another run this fall. But it's a year-to-year league, and the team is going to need to stay healthy, and it's going to need to win close games. Those are the two things that usually decide a team's fate. I'm looking forward to getting things going, I know that.

Edward Barze from Birmingham, Alabama
Hey Jim. I've seen your thoughts on Darrynton Evans and I've been wondering: What makes you think he will be more productive than Lewis was in past years? (P.S. I appreciate your content, there's not much Titans info on national television. Also, I'm holding down the Titans fan base in Bham and had the whole mountain Brook high school pumped up to beat Baltimore)

Jim: Hey Edward. I'm basing my thinking on what I've seen from Evans on film, and what those who've worked with him say about him. And, based on what I saw from Lewis in person last season. I think Evans is faster and more explosive, and I think he has more big-play ability than the Dion Lewis of 2019.

Mark Sanderson from Burlington, North Carolina
Jim. How does "cut day" work this year? Is every cut the same day or staggered over a week? Thanks!

Jim: Hey Mark. Cut day is on September 5 – that's when teams must trim to 53 players. I'm thinking the moves will take place over 2 days, the 4th and 5th. Practice squads of up to 16 players may be established by September 6. These are the final dates, but as usual, I expect there to be activity – additions and subtractions – during the course of camp based on injuries, chances to upgrade.

JT Walston from Crockett, Texas
Hope you take time to read this. First time writing in. Way years ago my dad TAUGHT me how to be a Oilers fan. You should know what I mean. I've watched them way before brown bag days and beyond. Anyways I was wondering if the new secondary will be an impact or not. Thanks in advance.

Jim: Hi JT. I'm looking forward to seeing how things shake out in the secondary. The team is solid at safety, with Kevin Byard and Kenny Vaccaro. At corner, established corners Malcolm Butler and Adoree' Jackson return. How things play out with some of the newcomers, from veteran Johnathan Joseph to rookie Kristian Fulton, will be interesting. I expect the team will work a lot of guys in the slot, and then decide on the best option to start the season. It will go a long way in determining the roles of several guys. A lot of other DBs will be worth watching as well.

Adrián Lopez from Caracas, Venezuela
Un gusto saludarte Jim espero tu y los tuyos se mantengan saludables gracias a tu trabajo me mantengo informado de mis Titanes soy fanático de los Titans desde la gran temporada del 99 con McNaiir, George, Wychech y compañía haciendo el viaje hasta el Super Bowl....mi pregunta para ti es como evalúas la plantilla de este en comparación a la del año passdo? Y la segunda ves la división sur más competitiva este año que en 2019? Se fue Files pero llegó Rivera sigue Watson y nosotros tenemos a Tannehill? Gracias por tu respuesta.

Jim: Hola Adrian. Bueno, a la ofensiva las cosas son muy similares, con 10 de 11 titulares de vuelta. Creo que también es importante que OC Arthur Smith regrese, porque eso trae continuidad. Defensivamente, algunos muchachos necesitarán dar un paso al frente, y no hay duda de que echaremos de menos a DC Dean Pees. Pero no tengo ninguna duda de que la defensa puede ser tan buena, si no mejor, que hace un año. Espero que el DT Jeffery Simmons dé un gran salto. En cuanto a la AFC Sur, creo que volverá a ser competitiva. Lo admito, los Colts son el equipo que más me preocupa.

Heather Knopp from Franklin, Tennessee
Who do you think has been the most intimidating Titan of the last decade?

Jim: Based on the way he punishes defenders, I'll go with Derrick Henry.

Stephen Drayton from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Hi, Jim been a Oiler / Titan fan since Billy White Shoes Johnson just curious have the Titans ownership from Bud to Amy ever consider having black uniforms as another alternative I think it would make them look tuff which they are I also think baby blue, red, white and black would look good together I'm quite sure if you ask the defense they would love it can you run it by Amy and the team thanks. I'm from Harrisburg Pa. I watch them every week on the Sunday ticket I would love to see them in black uniforms.

Jim: Black uniforms? I've heard no buzz about this.

Have a great week everyone!

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