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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Another month will be in the books after today, when it will be "on to July."

It's hard to believe, but training camp is closing in.

At least we all hope so, right?

No more waiting for this Tuesday's Titans mailbag, that's for sure.

It's here.

Let's go…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Brett Siemon from Ohio
Could you clear something up for me and maybe the rest of the fans? If Derrick Henry does not sign by the cutoff date in July can the Titans still sign him at the end of the year? Thanks and Titan Up!

Jim: Hey Brett. Here's the deal: The Titans now have roughly two weeks (until July 15) to sign Derrick to a long-term deal, or he must play the 2020 season on the one-year franchise tag. Titans GM Jon Robinson said recently the two sides continue to talk. If the two sides can't reach an agreement on a long-term deal, then they'd have the option of trying again next offseason, when the two scenarios – another franchise tag, or a long-term – would be in play once again.

Aaron Krepel from Wanaque, New Jersey
Hey Jim. Just wondering if you could give us a schedule on the potential return to play for the next few months? I know training facilities are on limited access right now, but when will players be in? Training Camp etc.? Really feel bad for rookie QB's trying to make a name for themselves with no preseason to do it.

Jim: Hi Aaron. Well, teams are scheduled to report for training camp on July 28. The Titans are scheduled to kick off the preseason on August 15 at the Redskins, and on September 14 at the Broncos. Of course, the way things have gone since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, all this is subject to change.

Brent Jones from Vandalia, Ohio
Hi Jim. Thanks for your quality work. Last year I had heard some talk of a potential "sensory room" addition to the stadium for guests with autism. My son is on the spectrum & a room like that would make it easier on me to buy tickets/hotel/drive down knowing if he becomes overwhelmed we wouldn't have to leave the stadium.
Just curious if you've heard anything about this. Thanks – TitanUp

Jim: Hi Brent. I checked with the folks at Nissan Stadium on this for you, and Ashlee Stokely, Stadium Events & Experience Director for the Titans, sent back this thoughtful reply for parents as it relates to children with autism:
Our stadium currently does not have a sensory room. However, we would like to off you some additional accessible information that may be helpful! We encourage you to bring items that your child needs to be comfortable. Please note the stadium clear bag policy and prohibited items list (
CLICK HERE). All items should be placed in a clear bag.
We do feature KultureCity Sensory Bags for check out at our Fan Accommodations booth in the South End Zone. These bags include noise cancelling headphones, various types of fidget toys and we do have a few weighted blankets. KultureCity is a wonderful partner of ours! Learn more about them at _As for private areas, we are limited as we are an aged open air facility. However, should you need assistance day of with finding a somewhat quiet & private area, we would be more than happy to assist. We want to personally make sure that you and your group have a wonderful experience here at the stadium when you visit."
Please …pass along my contact information should they need anything while they are on site at the stadium!
Hope this is helpful!

David Jones from Pulaski, Tennessee
In light of recent events and in the interest of safety, the Titans 2020 5k was postponed without any details on the reschedule date. What are the steps to request a refund for my family?

Jim: Hi David. I checked on this last week for someone else as well. I was told no concrete updates at the moment for a new date. The team has a few dates in mind for later this year, but the city of Nashville isn't accepting permits for races right now. If you decide you want a refund, email me back and I'll get that info.

Mike Lawson from Cocoa, Florida
Since football stopped being a sport about competition and became a new political arena … I've been a Titans fan since they were the Oilers but as veteran I can no longer support football. Too political.

Jim: Thanks for your service and for taking the time, Mike. I understand why you feel that way, but I hope you change your mind.

Simon Aston from Leeds, United Kingdom
Hi Jim! Greetings again from across the pond, good to talk to you again.
My question is about the players the team has signed or re-signed so far. I've noticed that there have been a number of players who have been given one-year contracts. Is this usual? I can appreciate why it's done, but will it not lead to just more contact discussions this time next year? Does a one-year contract show a lack of faith in the player? Keep safe Jim. Cheers

Jim: Hey Simon. Well, you're right. All the deals signed this offseason for the new players have been for one year. That's not counting the multi-year deals for Ryan Tannehill and Dennis Kelly. And, as discussed earlier, the team is trying to lock up Henry to a long-term deal as well. But if you look around the league, these one-year deals are more common. And it's not always the team looking to do the one-year deals. Sometimes players prefer the prove-it, one-year deals as well, as a springboard for long-term deals.

Reuben Alvear from San Francisco, California
Hello Jim. I like the love people are giving Rashaan Evans. When the Titans first drafted him, I was super intrigued and my instincts sensed that he had that aura, that "it" factor. I agree with you that he strutted his stuff in that Titan-ic goal line stand in last season's Wild Card win in NE. A goal-line stand that turned the whole game around, in my opinion. You could tell in 2019 that he played faster and was able to simply react. I also like R. Evans'
demeanor, because after the Titans ousted the Patriots in Rd 1 in a post-game interview he came across as fairly humble, grounded and focused on the big picture.

Jim: Hey Reuben. You nailed it on Rashaan. He is a humble guy, and he's one of the league's top young linebackers. After leading the team in tackles in 2019 and emerging as a consistent performer, I expect him to make an even bigger leap this fall.

Ed Kilman from Lexington, Republic Of Texas
With no formal defensive coordinator on the Titans staff, how much input will Jim Haslett possibly have on calling plays? Thanks.

Jim: Hey Ed. Coach Vrabel hasn't shown his hand yet, and I know a lot of fans suspect the head coach will be the guy calling the defensive plays this season. One interesting nugget he revealed earlier this month centered on outside linebackers coach Shane Bowen, and his plans for him. Vrabel said "I've told the defense that Shane Bowen is going to help me and is going to be the voice in there when I'm not there (for defensive meetings). So Shane and I, we'll figure out how we're going to proceed going forward. I love where we're at right now and our communication, and how we've been able to approach these meetings and organize. When we get to the next step, then we'll figure out what we're going to do from there." As for Haslett, since you specifically asked about him, there's no doubt Vrabel is going to lean on him because of his knowledge and expertise. But Vrabel has given no indication he'll have him as the one calling the plays. Stay tuned here.

Have a great week and a Happy 4th of July everyone!

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