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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans from the NFL Owners Meetings


PALM BEACH, Fla. – This Tuesday's mailbag is coming from the NFL owners meetings, where the Titans are well represented.

In recent days I've talked with Titans GM Jon Robinson and HC Mike Vrabel for stories on a wide range of topics.

Keep checking the website for more stories, and my Twitter feed for updates.

Meanwhile, let's see what is on the minds of Titans fans…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE

Lucas Thomason from Virginia
I'm not sure if it's just the wild off-season we are in, but the rumors around AJ Brown possibly being dealt to me is very absurd. I feel that Jon Robinson would absolutely want to lock down AJ and Jeffrey Simmons. Two guys that he picked and have been HOME-RUNS for the Titans. My question to you is: When can expect deals for both to be done? I know they have more time with Simmons due to his first-round status. I know both will get big deals. This is me, hoping we Titans fans never see them wear a different uniform. Thanks Jim.

Jim: Hey Lucas. I asked the GM about A.J. the other day, and he made it clear the team is committed to A.J. Here's a link to the story: CLICK HERE. As you said, the team has more time with Jeffery Simmons. There's no doubt the team has made it clear it wants to re-sign its own players, and both of these guys qualify.

Isaac Diffenderfer from Mt. Juliet, Tennessee
Hi Wyatt, hope you are having an amazing day! I have just a few questions for you. First of all, in your opinion, do you think cutting Julio Jones was a good one by the Titans? He does save us a bit a money, but we don't get any of it until summer. So I would like to hear your opinion in it.
Second, out of all the remaining free agents on the board, what one do you think and would be most excited for if the Titans signed them. I really love the idea of Bobby Wagner or Cole Beasley, but again, I would love to hear from you.
Also, I wanted to say a genuine sorry about your mom. I know the feeling of having someone close to you pass away, my grandpa passed a few years ago in 2014. I really hope you are doing well.

Jim: Hi Isaac. Hope your day is going great as well. Yes, I do think it was the right move to cut Julio. Julio was hurt too much in 2021, when he played too little. There was no guarantee things would be different with him in 2022 and the Titans need guys they can count on. I think they'll be better at the position in 2022, and having A.J. and Robert Woods is a nice start, not to mention Nick Westbrook-Ikhine and others.
As for free agents, the GM left open the possibility of more additions before the draft, but we'll have to see. I'd kind of like to see which guys are taken in the draft, and then see what the remaining needs are then.
Thanks for the kind words about my sweet mother. I miss her every day.

Radley Martin from Franklin, Tennessee
Hey Jim, what position do you think we will be using our 1st round pick on? I personally think WR.

Jim: I wouldn't be mad at that

Braxton Williams from Fayetteville, Tennessee
Do you think Derrick Henry will be the same player again? Even after his surgery? Also when we have to do you think we will resign him?

Jim: Hey Braxton. I do think Derrick will return to form. He recovered well after surgery, and I can guarantee he's busting his rear end and is motivated to be great. And, Derrick is under contract through 2023, so no worries there.

Meech Araenio from Memphis, Tennessee
Is it true that we have all the pieces to the puzzle but a QB just asking.

Jim: The Titans have 3 QBs. But guys usually play cards in the locker room, not work puzzles.

Jordan Bell from Tampa, Florida
As our roster starts to shape, our team is putting ourselves in the position to take care of the AFC South. I love locking up are key players. We are setting up to make an interesting draft to contend for a title. Players that I see are interesting:
WR: best available at 26 pick is ideal (Treylon Burks, Drake London, John Metchie III, Christian Watson, David Bell & George Pickens)
Wouldn't be mad if we reached but safe picks would be the offensive line: Zion Johnson or Max Mitchell. Mitchell is my favorite to be drafted in the 3rd or if we could trade back in the 1st to gain a 2nd round.
My surprise prospect is D'Eriq King. I think he's a interesting developmental backup quarterback or gadget player who doubles as a running back or receiver. Jalen Wydermyer Is another dark horse for us if we can trade back. Strong weapon just needs to work on blocking. Excited to see what we do. TITAN UP

Jim: Thanks for weighing in, Jordan.

Mike Greenfield from Smyrna, Tennessee
Randy Bullock was re-signed by the Titans, but do you see the Titans possibly using a draft pick on a kicker? Do serious competition in training for the kicker position? We really need a super reliable kicker with the number of tight games in the NFL. Also, what's the FB situation? Will Blasingame be back for the Titans or who's the projected starter, when the FB is incorporated? Thank you, TitanUp and AnchorDown!

Jim: Hey Mike. I don't see the Titans using a draft pick on a kicker. As for fullback, Tory Carter is currently the leader in the clubhouse for the job in 2022, but he'll have competition.

Cody Connally from Monroe, Louisiana
Hey Jim. Have you heard any buzz around the Titans looking to resign Marcus Johnson? He did well for us in the return game and at WR, when he was healthy. Or are we kind of over trying to deal with WRs who have bad hamstrings?

Jim: Hey Cody. I haven't heard any rumblings of late, but it wouldn't surprise me. Marcus was really good until his hamstring injury, which derailed his season.

Justin Lawson from Grantsville, Utah
I know the Titans just signed a return man, but do the Titans have any interest in Britain Covey from Utah in the draft? He's an all-conference return man and works well in the slot like Wes Welker. Definitely going to be a Sleeper in the draft.

Jim: Hey Justin. As you mentioned, the team signed Trenton Cannon, who has worked in the return game in the past. But he'll compete, and some other guys will also be in play. Britain Covey was great in the return game at Utah, so I know our scouts are very familiar.

Jimmy Dee from Battle Ground, Washington
Jim, if you draft WR (round 1) and TE (round 3) then you can get your new round 3 TE ready to start in 2023, which would mean that you can move on from Austin Hooper after one year. That would save some money when next year comes. Plus, you would be able to use your 1st, 2nd and 3rd round picks on offensive linemen in the 2023 draft. But this plan means you would trade for a starting OL for 2022 or go to FA for a starting OL for 2022.

Jim: Hey Jimmy Dee. Hey, let's give Austin a chance to shine in Tennessee before finding ways to get him out the door. The Titans signed him because they think he has a chance to really help for years to come.

John Clark from Hampton, Virginia
Hey my fellow Tennessee Titans Football Family I'm gonna make this short & sweet. Needs for a Successful season and Post season Super Bowl run:
1. Offense line protection upgrade is a MUST!!!.
2. Defense line help for Simmons
3. Jarvis Landry
4. Defensive backs
Prayers to the football Gods for a healthy season.

Jim: Appreciate the checklist, John.

Andy Vescovi from Vancouver, British Columbia
Hi Jim. The Titans/Oilers, have been my team since Earl Campbell had that amazing game on Monday night football. Watching all those players, Moon, McNair, Eddie, The King ect.
I've been a fan ever since, one day I'll make it to Tennessee to watch a game.
It seems optically from here (in the great white north) that the culture of winning is real in Titan land, what specifically has changed? Go Titans!

Jim: Hey Andy. A lot of things have changed over the years, but I'd say things started to change for the better when Amy Adams Strunk took over as controlling owner. She then hired Jon Robinson, and Mike Vrabel became head coach a few years later. Since, the Titans have been contenders. No, the team hasn't won a Super Bowl, and that is the ultimate goal. But things are a lot better than they were not too long ago.

Have a great week everyone!

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