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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans After Sunday's Loss to the Browns


NASHVILLE – Now that was a rough one.

The Titans didn't have much of a bite or bark at the Dawg Pound on Sunday in a one-sided loss to the Browns.

I don't think anyone wants to hear any pleasantries right now, so I'm going to jump right into the mailbag.

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Warnis Hightower from Arcola, Texas
Hello Jim. Lack of mobility is killing us at the quarterback position. Watson moved and avoided the rush. Even though our guys did get to him and pressure him. If Tanny would move out of the pocket or plays were run to have him roll out, it would help out our developing OL quite a bit. On defense, rushing only four is not enough. On too many occasions, Watson had too much time. I give TITANS coaching an "F" on Sunday's performance.

Jim: Hey Warnis. Let's be honest: Every Titans quarterback I've covered, from Steve McNair to Vince Young to Kerry Collins to Matt Hasselbeck to Jake Locker to Ryan Fitzpatrick to Marcus Mariota would've been sacked on some of those rushes on Sunday. Yes, Deshaun Watson is more elusive than Ryan Tannehill. And yes, Tannehill has to be aware, and get the ball out. But the protection was poor. ... It was a bad game all around on Sunday.

Kaden Welch from Ringgold, Georgia
Hey Jim. Very deflating week for Titans fans. We all knew this team wasn't a championship level team, but as a fan you hold out hope that the pieces can come together and prove the doubters wrong. This said, there are some serious problem pieces on this team and it's time to address.
First, Fulton has become a liability. He's either hurt or underperforming on a consistent basis. I get being a CB is a hard job and as Titans fans we should give this position some grace. But, I think the grace period has officially ended for Fulton.
Second, Wesco reminds me way too much of Geoff Swaim and that's not a good thing. Poor blocker that has little to contribute offensively. The Titans need a physical blocker that can pass catch and I think they missed the mark here. I hope this is an area they address sooner than later.
Lastly, the O-line. My goodness I thought the Dennis Daley days were past us but I guess not. This O-line is going to be the very reason we may see Derrick Henry in another teams uniform. Henry has so much left in the tank and I have a feeling that the Titans will move on because they will see a lack of production in his stats, even though that lack of production stems from an awful O-line and some poor play calling. We had the opportunity to bring back Ben Jones and we passed. We had the chance to bolster the line in free agency and we missed. Titans fans should be outraged here.
All of this said, I still believe Vrabel can help push this team in the right direction. My question to you Jim is what is one major concern you have for this team and what's one reason you can still stay optimistic? You don't have to name any names specifically for concerns, but just point to an area that may pose the biggest weakness.
Thanks for creating this space for Titans fans to vent and thank for the solid content you produce on a weekly basis.

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Kaden. I do feel I need to point out that Ben Jones had surgery this offseason, in addition to him coming off several concussions. Plus, I don't think the center position has been the biggest liability on the o-line so far. There are other things I can understand fans being more 'outraged' about, but not this. As for one major concern: What everyone saw in the Browns game. Reason to be optimistic: The Titans proved they're capable of playing good football in the Chargers game. But this team needs to find some consistency.

Roger Piccirillo from Bridgeport, Connecticut
Hey Jim, it was an ugly game to watch, this loss falls on Mike Vrable and his coaching staff. They did a terrible job of in-game adjustments on both sides of the ball. You cannot allow your left tackle to single-handedly blow up obvious passing situations over and over. At some point you have to give your overmatched left tackle help, they needed to put a tight end or even another tackle over there and if someone else gets to the quarterback so be it. And I'm tired of hearing that RT doesn't have any pocket presents that's ridiculous the rush is in on him so quick what do people want him to do. They say he holds the ball too long well he has to give his receivers time to get open and before they can do that he's wrapped up. Sometimes I wonder if some of these fans watch any other NFL games it's not the norm for a quarterback to be under as much pressure as Ryan Tannehill is. You're not going to win a lot of games if you can't throw the ball and you can't stop other teams from throwing the ball. Their defensive backs just give up too many big plays. And being great at stopping the run doesn't mean much in today's game teams don't want to run the ball they want to throw it. And they do throw it and when they face the Titans it's a field day for even an average quarterback. The front office and Mike Vrabel have been trying to fix the offensive line and find some cover guys for the past four seasons, and they can't get it right and it's killing this team. I know the new GM has only been here for one off season. And going into this season he was getting pats on the back for fixing the offense line well this offensive line is worse than the offensive they had last year. How could he give Dillard 3 years 30 million when he was bidding against himself nobody was lining up for this guy. I don't know thanks for letting me vent I'm just disgusted but they better do something fast to fix that offensive line, and Dillard needs to be benched I don't care who you put over there it couldn't be any worse.

Jim: Roger, Roger.

E.M. McFarland from San Diego, California
It is time to quit making excuses and just admit we are not very good on the O-Line and Defensive Backfield. Why does it take over two years to rebuild the O-Line, and longer for the Defensive Backfield?
Some teams do not seem to have issues bringing in players and they play with same salary cap and many have higher paid QBs.
Are we just penny pinchers, is it poor scouting? Everybody knows we made some poor draft picks and personnel decisions over the last 4 years.
Look at Eagles, Chiefs, even the Browns always seem to have enough money to get what they need. Spend the money and get these issues resolved.

Jim: After three games, no, the Titans haven't been very good on the offensive line. Time will tell if they will be, if some shuffling will take place, etc. I'm not going to sit here and tell you I thought this o-line, with four new starters, would start out the season looking like the Hogs of the 1980s. It's a brand o-line, and obviously the unit has struggled. Losing Peter Skoronski hasn't helped. If things don't get better, it's going to be a long season. I tend to believe things will get better, and getting Skoronski and Nicholas Petit-Frere back in the mix will help.

Joe Allen from Lebanon, Tennessee
Andre Dillard, need I say anymore? If our O line can't protect any better than that, Tannehill better get some great insurance, cause he will need it. The ball must also get out much faster and we need more than slow motion in the pocket. We got our butts whopped and we don't need any more excuses! My suggestion, give Willis a chance and see what happens, it can't get any worse and just see where we are at or there will be a feeding frenzy next week with the cats! Jim, does this seem sensible to you? Frustrated past season ticket holder and long time Titan fan from the Oiler days!

Jim: No, I don't think making Malik Willis the QB is going to fix the offensive line.

Steve Furry from Cape Canaveral, Florida
Hi Jim. Love the work you do for us fans really appreciate it. I sure your mailbag is blowing up after this sad loss. I keep up with all the Titans news/podcast daily. I am a true blue fan for life. I will not give up on our team. I have a comment and it is just my opinion. I believe the team needs to switch Quarterbacks……….

Jim: Appreciate your opinion, Steve. I've gotten a few of these.

Clint McFalls from Hickory, North Carolina
Hey Jim, long time fan since the Titans only Super Bowl. Like most Titans fans, have been waiting on one ever since haha. The loss to the Browns was a tough one to sit through. I'd like to think the D woulda played better if they wasn't back on the field after every 4 offensive plays. They did start out pretty good. We all know the O-line got beat bout all day. But for my question. Do you think Tannehill (even with decent pass protection) has what it takes to make this offense a high powered offense? I definitely like the thoughts of transitioning some from the run game. We have a good enough WR crew, If used correctly. At least 2 of our TE's could contribute to the receiving game (including the rookie). But I think Tannehills age or injuries are starting to show. Don't get me wrong. Out of the last 2 handful of QB's we've had. I've liked his style the best. And I've felt like he could take us all the way with his arm and feet when necessary. Plus he's still got a bullet on the 10-15 yard cross routes that could bout skin a cat. But he's looking slower to me in the pocket with his feet and decision making. He hits the check downs real quick and to often, holds the ball too long. Seems inconsistent outside the hashes. Kills me on 3rd downs throwing short of the first down to a covered receiver. Just wondering your opinion if you think it's him, O-line, play calling etc. Love hearing your thoughts. Still a Titans fan for Life. Hope you and everyone reading this has a blessed day!

Jim: I need to see more from the 2023 version of Ryan Tannehill. He was really bad in Week 1, really good on Week 2, and I'm not going to completely bury him after Sunday after he was getting completely buried at Cleveland Browns Stadium. I can't help but think he's going to get/is getting a little wary of his protection, and it's going to affect his performance. Time will tell …

Don Wheeler from Hillsboro, Tennessee
How many times has D Henry been hit in the backfield? How does that rank in this year's NFL?

Jim: A lot.

Evan Tatum from Portland, Tennessee
Hi Jim. That was... definitely a game...
I'm not exactly sure where to begin, so let's just go down the line of issues I saw on Sunday:
The Pass protection was God awful. Andre Dillard has allowed 7 sacks and we're 3 games into the season. He's on pace to allow 39 sacks and roughly 79 pressures. I get its early in the season but I'm getting Dennis Daley flashbacks with him. Brewer has been a pleasant surprise and Brunskill hasn't been awful either, but there is no reason for Myles Garrett to put up more sacks than we had points.
The secondary was horrible too. Too many open passes for Watson to hit, and the inability to tackle wasn't helping either. Bad coverage and poor tackling on their part.
Let's go back to the offensive line, only this time let's talk about the run blocking. Up until about halfway through the 4th quarter, Henry had more attempts than he did yards. Part of it was because Cleveland has a great front 7, and part of it was because our offensive line couldn't get a single good push for an entire game.
I'm not sure what people expect Tannehill to do with this situation. People always bring up how we need the run game to do well to open up the pass game, but at this point it feels like the other way around. If teams know you're gonna give the ball to quite possibly the best player in the history of the franchise, then throw the ball and keep them honest. This was a tough game to watch, but there's still 14 more games so we'll see how the rest of the season goes.

Jim: Yes we will, Evan. And, it's looking like the Colts and Texans are getting better, so the Titans need to get it together.

Rick Foltz from Harrisburg, North Carolina
I will always love this franchise, have too much time vested. This offensive line is just hard to watch. D Henry is the best in the league with o room to run. Tannehill has no time to get a rhythm and I think when he does have time rushes through his progressions thinking of the heat coming. My question is at what point, is someone held accountable. This is subpar football we are watching right now.

Jim: Folks are held accountable every day, every year, Rick. Just look at how much different the team is this year compared to last, from the roster to the front office to the coaching staff. But if you're wanting folks to get fired after three games, that's not realistic.

Dennis Utterback from Louisville, Kentucky
We're back in the saddle again, we're back in the saddle again of losing. Its not the point of losing a game its the way we lose. We cannot score one touchdown.
you got to be kidding me. I watched both pre game shows before the games they didn't even me mention Tennessee I see why. Bill Cowher on NFL Today said Tennessee had 94 yards of total offense what a joke. Jim Schwartz shut Tennessee and Derrick Henry down. Derrick had 11 carries for 20 yards he might be done.
I still say they let Jim get of out town and kept Shane Bowen. Lastly Tim Kelly is no better than Todd Downing. In order to get rid of both coaches Amy needs to start with Mike Vrabel.

Jim: I got this same email from you four times, Dennis. My inbox is working just fine.

Jim Williams from Lubbock, Texas
Hi Jim. The entire team is devastated when the left tackle plays poorly, and Andre Dilliard has been pretty poor. He can't stop a bull rush and leads the NFL in sacks allowed by a wide margin. Maybe Radunz should move to left tackle (his college position) and put Levin at left guard until Skoronski returns. Aaron Brewer hasn't been playing well at center, either, but maybe he can improve. The loss in Cleveland was bad but it's only one loss. The Colts are 2-1 and everyone else in the AFC South is 1-2 and the season is still young. Let's all focus on the Bengals and let OC Tim come up with a scheme to correct the offensive line problems. The defense can play well if the offense holds up its end. TITAN UP! Thanks, Jim.

Jim: Some things definitely need to be fixed, Jim.

Gilly Kid from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Couple of things need to finally be addressed.
Andre Dillard is giving so many vibes of Dennis Daley. Last year they still kept Dennis Daley, when do we pull him or move him??? I understand we don't have the depth, but changes have to be made.
Derrick Henry is not being used, could this be cuz of his contract ending and they are trying to bring his numbers down so potentially they could get him on a lower contract cost??? (Let's not act like that's not far fetched cuz the contracts for running backs have slowly been declining over the years even when they do produce).
Fulton has been absolute disappointment. Between his injuries and his play, but I don't think it's fully on him, it's the play calls as well...
Shane Bowen. He was better last year with Schwartz... then this year has shown his play calling is constantly declining by allowing players to watch receivers catch the ball in zone.
The secondary. What happened to fundamentals on tackling??? Why does the secondary continue to push players instead of wrap them up??? That's an issue within the whole NFL honestly tho.
Tannehill. I understand the oline is horrid, but he makes a lot of mistakes when he is trying to make plays on his own and takes sacks he shouldn't.
Tim Kelly. Short pass calls that end up being behind the line of scrimmage and go for negative yards.
The offense in general. We are in a passing league now. Seems most teams have adapted and went more towards the passing league. Why are we always so late on adapting what clearly works in the league???
This was a very bad game on both sides of the football, either way.

Jim: I agree, it was a very bad game on both sides of the football.

Matt Myers from Granbury, Texas
I am not going to blow you up with negativity after this game. I will say this if we do not find someone who can block for more than one second (literally) it will be a long season. It's hard to blame Tanny when defenders are beating the snap to him. I know you're going to be a little brow beaten after you start reading these so I will leave you with have a blessed rest of your day!

Jim: Appreciate it, Matt! 😊

Kevin Jones from Whittier, California
One of the fewest Titan fans here on on the West Coast (Go Dodgers) writing in. I thought I could never see an offensive coordinator worse than Todd Downing but Tim Kelly is horrible. Sure it's not all his fault RT needs to be blamed, the offensive line is trash, and receivers not making any plays but these calls "trying to mix up the play calling" by eliminating King Henry's Carries is most idiotic thing ever. You can do both by completely eliminating his touches a game we have king Henry for no reason he just suits up to sit on sidelines we might as well trade him. Bench RT start Levis or Willis we've seen enough of RT he's done here as a Titan. Our defense can't stop a cold on 3rd down to save their lives. Vrabel should be on the hot seat if he isn't already.

Jim: Go Dodgers!

Mike Oxmuli from Houston, Texas
Let me guess...
We need to coach better
We need to block better
We need to catch better
We need to get open better
We need to tackle better
We need to cover better
We need to play better
We need to get off the field better
We need to kick better
We need to eat better
We need to go to the bathroom better
We need to pack our bags better
Well Vrabel....not with this roster
I would rather jab a pen in my eye than listen to Vrabel explain this mess!
Hey I know the Left tackle could not start for ND (Their left tackle is already better). Can we talk about our back end...we can't cover anyone.

Jim: You were doing great until you threw in the eat better, go to the bathroom better, etc. That's just silly, Mike.

Pat Spray from Mason, Tennessee
Ok Jim, we are clearly disappointed. I'm sure people are calling for tannehills job, o-line problems, and all sorts of stuff. My question is, is this going to be the norm without petit-frere and skoronski? 13 sacks so far…….. What are our options?

Jim: That's a fair question, Pat. Hopefully Peter Skoronski is back sooner rather than later. NPF won't be back until Oct. 29 against the Falcons. Options? Move Skoronski to LT when he comes back? Move Dillon Radunz to tackle? Move NPF to left tackle when he's come back? Bump Daniel Brunskill from guard to tackle? Elevate tackle Justin Murray from the practice squad and give him a chance? I'm not saying any of these are in play, but the team does have some options, along with some others, if it wants to shake things up.

Rob Haye from Ontaria, Canada
Hey Jim, long time reader and periodic contributor, or disgruntled venting fan.
What an absolute pathetic performance across the board, except for our FG kicker.
Offense, is non existent, and even with a brutal offensive line, coaches get paid to make adjustments, and it seems like they did nothing, what happening to rolling out of the pocket, read options, jet sweeps, anything to move people around to try to get people open.
The defensive secondary continues to be brutal, 4 PI penalties, Fulton looks like a rookie once again, any continues to digress.
Here are key's to success..
Trade Tannehill to anyone who will take him (JETS) and we eat the salary and maybe get a couple of draft picks, and call 2023 a Willis/Levis audition year.
Trade Henry so he can get a shot at a team who has a chance at postseason, same thing, get some draft capital. We owe to a player of his caliber.
This year is going to a long, wasted year, so call it what it is, training camp for the 2024 potential starters.

Jim: I appreciate your passion, and for taking the time to write, Rob. How do you think Derrick Henry or Jeffery Simmons or Kevin Byard would feel about this being an "audition year" for one of the team's young quarterbacks? We're in Week 4. The Titans are going to play the QB the team thinks gives them the best chance to win this season. … And, teams don't trade players to give them a chance at the postseason for another team.

Greg Serheev from Chester, New Jersey
Hello. It is extremely difficult to watch these Titans. I didn't weigh in at all during the off season or pre-season. I gave them the benefit of the doubt that they made the right moves and fixed the problems we had from last year. However, looking at the play of the OL and DBs nothing has changed. We continue the get beat long every week. Could any DB turn around and play the ball?? Just try it ONE TIME!! If it doesn't work I'll shut up!! Is face-guarding a technique being taught?? I thought we fixed this problem, but no one can ever just simply turn around to make a play on the ball. The receivers manage to turn their head to catch the ball, why can't our DBs?? What am I missing here?? Every team in the league does it and every team in the league knows to use our poor technique against us. Just throw it up for grabs. It will either be caught by the receiver or a penalty on us for running into the receiver.
Oh and the O-line...OMG!!! We have the best weapon in the league(The King) and he gets negative yards play after play. Can't win like that. Also our QB is deadly when protected. We'll be lucky to win 2 games this year if this continues. Its very easy to play against us. Everyone knows our weakness. I don't blame the players because they're doing their best with what they have. When they're being taught terrible techniques and drafting bust after bust its impossible to win.
The Browns are terrible!! We have no business losing to them!!
I really feel bad for Ryan Tannehill, Kevin Byard and The King. They don't deserve to go out this season with only 2 wins!! Especially being this will most likely be their last year as a Titan.
Shameful !!

Jim: I agree with you on some of this, Greg. But the Browns are not terrible. They have a really good defense, which is going to give them a chance most weeks.

Dan McFall from Four Oaks, North Carolina
Sad in all aspects of the game. I'm sure Coach V. will say we gotta play better, but that's starting to sound like a broken record. Sloppy all the way around. But I'll be back next Sunday hoping for something positive to happen. Maybe they can find a way to at least compete a little.

Jim: Hang in there, Dan.

Greg Accas from Nashville, Tennessee
Where to start? First, let me give props to each player for trying in spite of the coaches not giving them a chance because of the unimaginative and overly predictable game plans and play calls.
The offensive coaching staff should be not just embarrassed, but ashamed of how they prepared our team against Cleveland's elite defense. Kelly has not demonstrated in any game this season that he is capable of preparing this offense to make up for their O-line shortcomings or to neutralize the opponent's defensive strengths. Why did he think that, even with Henry, we could run up the middle? Where are the quick passes, screens, wheel routes, shallow crosses, etc? Offense Grade-F! Offensive Coaching Staff Grade-F!
The defensive coaching staff are just as suspect. The only reason the Titans rushing defense is so highly rated is because nobody needs to run against us with such a porous and soft defensive secondary. Why run when you can so easily pass the ball down the field? Would love for someone to explain to me why, on 2nd or 3rd down and 5 or 6 yards to go, our corners line up 7-8 yards off the line? And why are they apparently coaching our secondary to play between the receiver and the goal so that almost always the receivers are facing the QB for easy completions? It appears that we have no one who can press…no one who can play man…almost as if we are always playing a semi-prevent defense. And even when our secondary players try to cover closely, we commit DPI penalties! Defense Grade-D! Defensive Coaching Staff Grade-F!
After only three games, it is becoming scarily obvious that we are, if not the worst, one of the worst teams in the NFL this season. I fault the coaching staff for their inability to prepare the team to be competitive based on the opponent as well as their unwillingness to adjust to a league that has progressed to a passing league and is no longer a running league. In addition, as much respect as I have for Coach Vrable, his refusal to search for coordinators outside of the Titans existing coaching staff has killed this team. Neither Kelly nor Downs have demonstrated any skill sets to prove that they have the abilities to be coordinators and, most unfortunately, the players and the fans are paying the price for their shortcomings.

Jim: You covered a lot of ground in here, Greg.

Anthony Jasso from Pearland, Texas
Hello Jim, I'm Anthony a life long Oilers and Titans fan. I always look forward to each season like the rest of Titan Nation, however this season is special. My wife and I are traveling to England in October for the game against the Ravens. Was just wondering how the Team's schedule would be that week? Was hoping to run into some players, coaches, or even yourself. This will be our second time in London this year, so we have been to several sites, restaurants, and areas so we are still familiar with London. Can't wait to see Titan Nation in jolly old England lol! Titan Up!

Jim: Hi Anthony. It's my understanding the team will travel to London after practice on Thursday, October 12, and arrive in London the morning of Friday, October 13. The team will then have a closed practice on that Friday, before a walk-through on Saturday, before the game on Sunday. It's a similar schedule to the team's last trip to London.
I do know some fan events are in the works, and the team plans to announce the London activities on Wednesday, so stay tuned.

Robert Lewis from Booneville, Mississippi
Wow what a terrible coaching effort!!! That was one of the poorest plans for a game that we have ever had. Lets recap: we knew the left side of the line has been strugling (especially Dillard). So what was the plan - leave dillard alone and let garett run over him. That was the whole first half plan as well as the other pash rusher z darius smith, when Garret lined up elsewhere. I never saw one play where the running back chipped or helped the line in any passing play. I did see a tightend positioned on that side a few times but just ran a route with no help to Dillard. I havent seen the numbers or watch the coaches tape yet but it did look like Radunz held his own( more on this later). I would have to say That Tannehill played the best game available to him and for all those that knock him all I can say is watch the Game.
Defense or lack there of. Obviously the coaches didnt watch any tape on clevelands previous game because the answer on defense was pressure, PRESSURE and even more PRESSURE, which we didnt. Our frontr four is good but not able to deliver the pressure that was needed in this game or really any game. Yes they can get pressure at times but not every single play or even on a consistent basis. The fact that the coaching staff believes this is a gross misconception. Yes its just the third game this season but its pretty much has been the same thing for the last three years and noone (coaching) has figured it out. The goal on pressure is to get to mtyhe quarterback in less than 2.5 seconds and we simply dont do anything to improve our odds.
Secondary - Our secondary is being hung out to dry every week. we get burned just about every game and Cleveland exploited it pretty good. They came out passing as opposed to running which is there typical trait and they stuck to it. With all that I now have a question, When will shane realize that instead of droppin 7 in coverage, maye rush seven and apply the proper pressure needed to help our secondary. I believe our secondary can be pretty good and have more turnovers when they dont have to cover for 3.6 to 6.0 seconds, whats your opinion?
From earlier: This is based on limited tape and observation but from what ive seen it looks like our offensive line could improve on the left with the change from Dillard to Radunz and Skoronski and its anyones pick as who should play gaurd and tackle. Our coaches seem to have a little tunnel vision on this and have had for some time ( remember the Daley experiment).
Special teams - Cant complain much here but we have a punter and a half in stonehouse hes a great weapon for sure. However we punted from the 50 a couple times and never once ran out the clock for a penalty to give him some additional space which only makes sense. ( punter averages 60yards to kick so where going to confide him to 50) come on people , simple stuff!!!.
Big question of the day , Why isnt Schwartz our DC we had him, We knew him, and we know hes one of the best in the BIZ, yet we let him go to cleveland whos defense last year was pretty much POOOOORRRRR. Yet we decide on mediocre with a good front four and a secondary that receives no help which is pretty much the same thing as we had for 3+ years can you disagree?
Offensive Coordinator- I have to say that I have been much encouraged by his play calling, he is trying to get us out of the 70"s type offense that really doesnt work anymore for anyone. Look at us last year -0 Run, Run, Pass on 3rd and long. however we seem to be continuing to pass on 3rd and long which ofcourse goes back to our line which was previously mentioned. Tannehill seldomly has 2.5 seconds andoften times less that 1.8. Everyonce in a while he will have more time but thats usually r/t to using resources to help Dillard do his job. This only gives tannehill a second or so and keeps a receiver stuck inside for the same amount of time. Which leads to Tanny holding on to the ball for too long.
Offensive problems solved - FIX the LINE
Deffensive problems - Blitz more add in the player we got from Chicago, cant remember his name Gibson? I thinlk. His tape is exellent and probably should be playing for a hurt Autry who was obviously slowed and probably could help us out more than having a 6th or 7th backer

Jim: A lot to take in here as well, Robert. I hear ya.

John Deane from Wellingborough, United Kingdom
Hi Jim. I'd advise you to buckle up this week. O line probably should do a bit of detention.

Jim: Buckle up? You know something I don't know, John?

Bear Butler from Somerville, Tennessee
Hey Jim. That was a bad game, watching the Browns DC laughing at our offense I actually felt ashamed for the team. And the defense played bad enough I think they gave Watson his confidence back.
My questions are, do you think Skoronski will be back next game, do you think Radunz has played well enough they could leave him at LG and try Skoronski at LT? I think not letting him play tackle because his arms are 1and a half inches shorter than the prototypical LT is pretty stupid.
And my last question would be, why do the DBs play so far off the receivers, it's like they are so worried about the big play they just let them catch everything and try to prevent yards after the catch.
Anyways hope the mailbag isn't to rough this week, and thanks for your time.

Jim: Don't feel ashamed for the team, Bear. No one wants to hear any of that condescending talk around here. And I can promise you no one is looking for pity or sympathy. The Browns dominated the game on Sunday; we all know this. But it was one game. The season is over, just like it wasn't over when the Titans lost to the Saints. Heck, it's September 26. Win against the Bengals and the subject, and mood, changes again. … It's too early to know on Skoronski – this isn't a hamstring injury he's dealing with. And no one said he's not playing tackle because of his arm length. That was an exaggerated storyline five months ago. As for the secondary, heck, we've seen plenty of balls go over their heads, too.

Eli Decko from Youngwood, Pennsylvania
Hey Jim. 1-2 with the same problems we've had for over 2 seasons. You cannot replace Taylor Lewan with JAG. Skoronski needs to get healthy and he needs to start as the left tackle. There is absolutely 0% chance he will do as bad as Andre Dillard has continued to prove he is. Radunz actually played a really clean game and he deserves to be that LG. I feel so bad for Tannehill and Henry. This issue is ruining the team. I'm also wondering why we don't throw the ball to a hot receiver on all these pressures? Every play is supposed to have one so why isn't it happening? I also saw a lot of passes, when it was possible to get the ball off, into heavily occupied space on the near side hash. I figured you would want to work the larger side of the field to gas the defense and to even create some separation. I just am not understanding this philosophy? The O-line and the philosophy is really wasting our really good defense that is playing far too many snaps. By the drive after the fumble recovery they clearly looked gassed. I'm not the coach but my love for the team and desire to see then succeed is probably on pat with Vrabels and I think he should hear me out. And Brunskill, man he looks lost out there too. Any chance Corey Levin could get some snaps at RG? The Boy works his tail off and he's a really good motor and feel for the run game. Thanks again Jim.

Jim: I do agree Corey Levin works hard. But I think the team has bigger issues to address on the o-line than right guard.

Matt Mitchell from Los Angeles, California
Dumpster fire: a chaotic or disastrously mishandled situation.
Last week was the first win since Jon Robinson was fired. The offensive coordinators have been putrid the last two years, both decisions by Vrabel. The team has become unbearable to watch. Is ownership making worse decisions than Vrabel? Robinson was the last bit of good sense in that organization.
Go Tennessee Rat Ship! Go, Rats, Go!

Jim: So that's the Webster Dictionary definition of dumpster fire? I always liked Jon Robinson myself, Matt. He's a good man. And he helped change the culture and trajectory of the franchise after he arrived. But I think even Jon would tell you some of the decisions made under his tenure helped contribute to some of the issues the team is dealing with now.

Dick Clodfelter from Bell Buckle, Tennessee
Hello Jim. I'm sure don't envy you right now with this Mailbag to process so I'll keep this short. No question, just a comment. The Titans play and coaching were just absolutely pathetic Sunday except for the kickers.

Jim: Nick Folk is definitely a good kicker.

Russell Mills from Pegram, Tennessee
Hi Jim. I know your mailbag is probably on fire right now, but outside of that, I hope you're dong well. I have so many questions, but I'll narrow it down to three. 1) Is it the players? 2) Is it the coaching? 3) Is it all of the above? The worst part of our loss to Cleveland was seeing Jim Schwartz standing on the Browns sideline literally laughing at us. I can't say I blame Schwartz for doing it though, if I was a DC and my defense straight up pimp slapped an opponent for 60 minutes the way the Browns did us I'd be laughing too. I can't imagine anyone watching that game walked away believing that Arizona and Houston are still the worst teams in the league. Sure we beat the Chargers, but lets be honest, LA was the better team in that game for roughly 58 minutes. I'll sneak in a fourth question if you don't mind. What, if anything, can we do to get on track?

Jim: Yes, it is, Russell. The answer is 3) all of the above. I don't think anyone wants, or deserves, a free pass after what we saw on Sunday. It was awful. I've heard some say it was the worst Titans game they'd ever watched. Those folks either have a bad memory, or they haven't been a fan very long, because, believe me, I've seen worse. … How can the Titans get back on track? By winning. I'll be honest: When this season started, I felt like if the team could be 3-3 at the bye, I'd take it. So, the Titans need to win 2 of the next 3, and regroup at the bye.

Devon Chance from Mobile, Alabama
Wow how pathetic. Second year in a row we have the worst left tackle in football. I like Vrabel....but is pretty embarrassing considering how he wants to play. How can a team that NEEDS to run the ball and play action pass ever be able to win consistently with this OLine. Vrabel prides himself on Defense and winning close games...Welllll how can you play like that when you can't block anybody on ofense or cover anybody on defense. Sick of hearing Fulton had such a great camp...he gets beat all the time. Yeah by the way lets let Jim Schwartz walk away and continue with this scheme that is fine but does not produce any big plays.
No offense.
Leaky Defense that gets gassed because of the offense. Can our DB's ever look at the ball???
Awful tackling Sunday.
Leave it to us to get an awful performing D.Watson looking like D.Marino
Worst left tackle in football -- Honestly what did we see that told us he could handle this job -- He could not even crack the lineup in his pathetic career previously.
Flawed roster.
.500 at best this year -- and headed for rebuild next year.

Jim: It was a bad game, Devon.

Brian Canfield from New Albany, Pennsylvania
What was that?
I've been a Titans/Oilers fan since the days of Warren Moon. Being in Pennsylvania I unfortunately don't get to see many games which generally I wish I could (even in some of the worst seasons I wanted to watch). However, this is one I feel like I should be happy I couldn't see.
Is it possible that this may have been the overall worst offensive showing in team history? Feels like it has to be close.
Sorry for the rant.... Here's to hoping they turn it around soon.

Jim: Well, since you asked: The Titans were held to 94 yards on Sunday, and it was their lowest output since the team moved to Tennessee in 1997.

Paul Montalvan from Shelton, Washington
Hi Jim. Thanks for bringing us news, questions and opinions every week. Wouldn't you agree being down three scores early in the 4th it was time to do something? Like sit Tannehill and put Willis in? Give the offense, and team for that matter, a chance! Geeze, our defense gets gassed when we can't manage to keep the offense on the field. Eventually they'll give up the big plays. Outside a few good receptions, the offensive play calling is becoming too predictable once again. There's too much talent to be struggling like this. Got to do something or it's gonna be a long season. Don't want to sound so negative. Just loyal fans here and we want to see this team succeed.

Jim: The way things were going, Paul, I think I would've put Willis in midway through the fourth quarter, after the Browns made it 27-3 with 6:51 left. The team wasn't going to come back, and I wouldn't have risked Tannehill getting hurt.

Daryl St John from Panama City Beach, Florida
3 points I really have no words 😢 help me jim

Jim: I count nine words here, Daryl. You're doing better than you think …

Glenn Martin from North Brunswick, New Jersey
When are the Titans going to move on from Tannehill? After this embarrassing display of not showing up for the Browns game. Embarrassed to be a titans fan today!!!!

Jim: It was a dud for sure, Glenn.

Tommy Henley from Cookeville, Tennessee
Hello Jim, well I'm guessing your just as frustrated as I am, Jim it seems to me that it's hard for us to get a win, when teams has a elite defense especially like Cleveland D. I'm sorry to say I couldn't watch the 4th quarter we just didn't have an answer, or get anything going ,i feel we had a few bad calls that didn't go our way , I no that one drive before half time when Ryan got sacked had to be frustrating, an Derrick couldn't get him going I have to give it to em they played better in all three phases of the game, Man! Our guys gotta get this fixed, I was really hoping that our defense would keep Deshaun making bad decisions, Hey guess I could go on and on and on. Jim glad your hear to listen an let us fans spill our frustration. I hope our coaches and team get this fixed so glad there's a lot more football to play Titan Up Y'all.

Jim: Definitely a lot more football to be played, Tommy.

Jody Mainello from Hendersonville, Tennessee
Thanks for your insight into all things Titans Jim. Sundays game was just one of 17, all be it one of the worst I've seen in recent memory. Here's my question & observation regarding the Cleveland game. Was Jim Schwartz was the key to this game? It was my observation that he was the architect of this debacle for the Titans. As the senior defensive consultant for the Titans for the past 2 years, he knew what the titans were going to run on offense. He saw it daily. Despite what people say, Tim Kelly's offense is not different than past years. There is a wrinkle here and there, but same formations, same pass concepts. He could also offer insight into what the Titans would do on defense, He advised Shane Bowen on concepts, game plans, and situational ideas. This would allow Cleveland's offense ways to counter what we would call and maybe show our hand pre-snap. The game was something like the Cincinnati playoff game, where players said afterward they knew what play the Titans were running. Your thoughts?

Jim: This is an easy conclusion to reach, and a lot of folks have written in about this since Sunday. Jim Schwartz is a great defensive mind. He had a great gameplan against the Titans on Sunday, just like he had a great gameplan against the Bengals in Week 1, and a great gameplan against the Steelers in Week 2. He took advantage of some of the Titans weaknesses with some of his best players. Meanwhile, the Titans were inept on Sunday. I'll give Schwartz props. But it's a long season, and it's a week-to-week league. As for postgame chatter from teams saying they knew what the other team was going to do, I've probably heard that line probably 100 times over the years from different teams, players, etc in the NFL and college. It doesn't make a blip on my radar.

Jeremy Rodriguez from Winchester, California
Well Jim, this has to be in the top 3 of the worst games under Vrabel. I cannot take a positive out of this besides the clock finally struck 0. The team looked sluggish, no effort, no want. The offensive line was invisible, the secondary just let Watson do what he wanted and it seemed like there was no in game adjustment. As if the WHOLE team had just conceded to this "take um out back and beat'em" mentality Cleveland had. Garrett was a problem the line could not solve, Tannehill was shook from the first series knowing Garett was 2 seconds from him, literally. 45 total plays, not even a 100yds of offense, Henry only getting 11 touches, Man Jim, this was bad football. I hope the plane had some mirrors so these men could take a good look at what they want the next 14 games to look like. Have a great week and as always TITAN UP!

Jim: Only mirror I noticed on the plane was in the restroom, Jeremy.

Eric McClellan from Metropolis, Illinois
One step forward, two steps back. Jim, I have to thank Jeffery Simmons for saying EXACTLY what the fanbase is thinking:
"It's getting old – it's time to actually do it," Titans defensive lineman Jeffery Simmons said of the promise to "get better." "We talk about it, but it's a mindset," Simmons said.
Disheartening to hear the same old after loss sound bytes from coaches and players. Put the work in. Learn from the mistakes. But above all, ACTUALLY get better from it.
O-Line has some soul searching to do. When the running backs get hit repeatedly as they are getting the handoff....there's a big problem. Frustrated fan who loves this Franchise, but is starting to not love this team.

Jim: I hear ya, Eric. By the way, I stopped by to see the Superman statue on my way to St. Louis one year. Pretty cool …

Len Cooke from Jacksonville, Florida
Hi Jim. Tough game to watch. Browns really dominated us, nutI'm not throwing in the towel yet. We had some good moments last week, but failed to build on them. Our defense is good, but can't be great if they're on the field forever! The offense isn't on the field long enough to let them catch their breaths. Solving the offensive woes will only help the defense. Time of possession is everything. That's not to say that our pass defense is good. They were caught with their heads facing the wrong direction often and big plays were made by the excellent Browns receivers. All of this comes down to our offensive line. They can't open a hole for Henry and he doesn't need a big one. They also can't keep the edges from crashing in and hitting Henry before he gets a head if Steam up. Tanneyhill is great when he's not on his back or running for his life. The entire last quarter was throw only because of the score and time and the Browns knew it. Defiantly a bad day, but I see possibilies if we can fix our front line problems. Hard to do this late in the season. Getting our rookie left guard back should help as well as our suspended right guard in week six. It's a long season and I see possibilities for this team. I'm sure you do to. Thanks

Jim: Thanks for weighing in, Len.

Donley Canary from Raymore, Missouri
: Good Afternoon Jim:
Wow, Jim! What a beat down the Titans suffered Sunday. Was NOT expecting that at all!!! The offensive line was bad; no horrible. But, there were a ton of drops, missed tackles and blown coverages. Got to clean it up before this weekend. Flush it and move on. Again, see you in Nashville and let's hope for a win!!

Jim: See ya in Nashville, Donley!

Dickey Lee from Franklin, Tennessee
Hi Jim, Just some thoughts. I am so frustrated! This team has so many good football players, but if we can't protect the quarterback I don't believe we're ever, ever going to be serious competitors. I don't know if it's the coaching, the playcalling or the inability of the players. (What do I know, I never played beyond high school). I think Ryan is a good, tough QB with so much heart and I love him! He gets so much criticism, but this guy has been running for his life, it seems like forever. He never criticizes anybody, but I often wonder what's going on in his head during the snap count. How do you check down your receivers when most of the time you're running for your life? I'm just hoping he's not punchy by now. Wonder how elite the Rodgers, Mahomes and Allens, etc. would be if they spent their careers with the kind of protection Tannehill has? Oh well, it's good to have someone to spout off to. Thanks, Jim.

Jim: I think you raise a fair point, Dickey. Ryan has been hit a lot the past two seasons, and I can't help but wonder about this myself…

Chuck Rhoten from Kingsport, Tennessee
Wow that was hard to watch. Give the Browns credit they made us look like a 3A High School team. Jim do you think it is time to try a new LT? He has looked bad in each game and I would guess he has given up more sacks and pressures than any LT in the league. Is it just me or do we seem to be trying to be a finesse team and pass first? If so we are not built for it and our scheme is not good. This is also the first game that our defense looked lost what do you think happened. I hope they can turn it around, or it will be a long season.

Jim: I asked the head coach about some potential o-line shuffling on Monday. He didn't commit, obviously because there are currently a lot of moving parts with Skoronski's health, Petit-Frere's suspension. Stay tuned here.

Jason Knight from Cleveland, Tennessee
Hey Jim hope that this loss and the mailbag that comes after it hasn't been to rough. I'm not gonna lie that was ugly the offensive line needs help. My question is could we run some bootlegs to get Ryan out of the pocket he is still mobile enough that way he is not just standing in the middle waiting to be hit moves him away from pass rush. This is more of a comment I still think we need to run Henry more he is still the man on our offense which should help the offensive line also. Thanks for taking the time I appreciate it. To all the Titans fans the season is not over we have plenty of games left to win.

Jim: Will spread the word, Jason.

Dinnell Smith from Lancaster, California
Good afternoon Jim, there are a lot of worries I have with the titans. I am a die hard fan win, lose or draw but I'm wondering what's going on with the squad, there were a lot of mistakes Sunday which has also been these last 2 games. The blocking, running, the whole defense, and tannahill standing in the pocket he's a great QB if the blocking get stronger he'll be on point I'm not gonna blame one person because it takes the line to stop the defense and I know every play will be stopped but all the sacks have to come to end, T.H will never be able to get a pass off getting hit, and taking risk with getting our QB hurt, no open wholes for Henry to get through come on, we have too much talent. There's concerns with the penalties I do feel some calls wasnt right. But we got to get it together playing how we played Sunday was the worst of worst. My Titans have a strong squad but it seems the are not playing with confidence, to many weaknesses were shown. What are we gonna do to get this championship ring?

Jim: Well, the Titans won't be getting any championship rings looking like they did on Sunday, Dinnell. I think everyone around here knows things are going to have to get a whole lot better to be a contender, starting on Sunday against the Bengals.

Have a great week everyone!

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