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Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans After Sunday's Loss to the Buccaneers


NASHVILLE – Well, that was ugly.

A pirate's life was not for the Titans in Tampa, as they turned in a miserable performance against the Buccaneers to drop to 3-6.

My inbox, of course, filled up quickly during and after this one.

I know no one is in the mood for pleasantries, so let's just get right to it…

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE.

Rick Foltz from Harrisburg, North Carolina
Question: Hello Jim, hope is all with you and yours.
I believe we are officially in rebuilding mode. The King will be gone along with Tanny. I think we have a solid QB, but the offense needs a lot of help. Our secondary isn't playing up to potential. The only positives I can see is the punter and kicker, who usually take a lot of blame on other teams. This season can't end soon enough. Appreciate your thoughts and enjoy you taking the time for us fans.

Jim: Hate to say it, Rick, but it's shaping up to be that kind of year. I didn't go into this season thinking it was a "rebuilding" year, because it shouldn't have been. While acknowledging there's a lack of talent in some areas, this team has underachieved, in my opinion. Some of the close losses could've/should've been wins. And if the team had found a way to win one or two of those games like other teams across the league have been doing, we'd be in a different situation heading to Jacksonville this weekend. Yet, here we are, at 3-6, and in last place in the AFC South. We'll see what happens from here, but I understand the frustration many folks are unleashing in this mailbag. The Titans are the only ones that can change the subject, and right now, I admit, things don't look very promising.

Adam Miller from Jackson, Mississippi
Question: Jim. Houston put up 5 tds. We can't score more than (6).
Coaching will need to own some of this.
NWI leads our WR in snaps this season this hurt us multiple times in this game. We started Dillard. Murphy not active. On the first drive you run it at first and goal from the 10. Leads to our usual 3.
Bowen looks lost with usually long third and 10s given up. Evans wide open to often rather than being doubled all game long. Make someone else beat you. This is a coaching issue. If vrabel sticks around he will need a new DC, O line coach, and special team coordinator.

Jim: It was a mess on Sunday, Adam. But with all due to respect to Caleb Murphy, him not being active doesn't rank on my list of biggest concerns coming out of this one.

Mickey Whitson from Rossville, Tennessee
Question: To all the Tannehill haters, now maybe you will get it's not the QB, it's the trash offensive line. Thanks Jim.

Jim: It definitely makes it hard on the QB when he has little time, and is getting hit so often. Exhibit A was on display Sunday at Raymond James Stadium.

Donley Canary from Raymore, Missouri
Question: Hi Jim. Wanted to cool down before I emailed you. To say Sunday's game against the Bucs was a debacle, would be an understatement! Jim, our poor selection of draft choices, free agent signings and trades have destroyed this team. We have NO DEPTH. The team will be lucky to win one or two more games this season. But, I will continue to support the team and come to Nashville and watch. However, I must say something has to change with the team's personnel. We have continuously wasted high draft choices (Isaiah Wilson, Caleb Farley, Dez Fitzpatrick, etc.) on players that cannot play. They are not even on the roster! We made trades (i.e., Julio Jones, AJ Brown) that have been horrendous. And, I am not even going to mention the free agent signing by name that have been disasters. And last, but not least the signings of two free agent LT tackles who have ranked worst in the NFL the last two seasons. Watching #71 Andre Dillion makes me want to throw up. Today, CBS focused on him trying to block and he whiffed twice, got our back killed just as he was touching the ball. Jim, you could get a drunk man off Broadway and he could do just as good a job. Probably fall in front of him and actually block the man. Dillard has not blocked anyone, yet! Well, I hope that Ran will use our draft choices wisely this year. We must draft a left tackle again for the third straight year. Hopefully, we will find a winner this time around. Additionally, many holes can be plugged with the 100 million plus in cap space that the Titans have. I am excited to watch Will Levis growth in the future. He can be our franchise quarterback! See you in two weeks. GO TITANS!

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Donley. I hear ya.

Seth Fischer from Lynchburg, Virginia
Question: That's a wrap on the Titans playoff chances this year folks. The only thing left is for the Titans to lose next week and I don't see how they can turn it around. The Titans need to tank this year, not try to get only a decent record.

Jim: OK, Seth, I'll let Derrick Henry and Jeffery Simmons know the plan is to tank it the rest of the way…

Ronnie Brookover from Morgantown, West Virginia
Question: Hey Jim. Thanks for what you do but I don't know how you or anyone else can focus on your jobs when this organization is as embarrassing as it is. I'm curious how involved Amy is during the week with what is going on. She is letting everything her family worked to create get destroyed. I love my Titans but this is completely unacceptable and should not be permitted to continue. I have a few points to discuss.
—- our offensive line has been a mess for the last 3 years. And has gotten worse and worse every year. Why can't our head coach fix that after 3 years. UNACCEPTABLE
—-who hired the offensive coordinator. Our offense is the laughing joke of the NFL. Now we can say well the offense can't work because of the offensive line. That goes back to my first point. UNACCEPTABLE
—-who was the genius that sent Cleveland their defensive coordinator and hired the garbage we have now. UNACCEPTABLE
—-our defensive backs have consistently been the worst in the NFL and continue to be a joke in the NFL and we continue the same garbage every week.
—-I could be off by a game so correct me if I'm wrong but are we 3-15 over our last 18 games. I've never heard of a coach going 3-15 over an 18 game stretch and not have already been fired. I don't want to hear that we've won a division. Everyone wins a division here and there. Has he won the AFC championship or Super Bowl? NO. So he hasn't won nothing.
My point is who is responsible for all these decisions. Its Mike Vrabel. He should haven't even been allowed on the plane back to Tennessee should have been fired immediately after the game. Someone has to be held responsible. The staff should all be gone. I mean how can anyone associated with this organization not be embarrassed.

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Ronnie. Vrabel has taken some of the blame himself. He did it again after the game. There's no way around it – the Titans were bad on Sunday. But all of the team's issues can't be pinned on him. Sure, he's responsible for plenty, because he's the head coach and he's the guy who put his coaching staff together. But I think a big part of the problem is the current roster, the o-line, and really the personnel he has to work with. Some of those personnel decisions he was involved in, of course, but a lot were made by the former GM in prior drafts, and free agency classes, and they can't all be cured in one offseason. Ran Carthon was just hired in January. Should this team be better than 3-6? Yes. But let's face it, this isn't a roster overflowing with talent.

Anthony Cappadona from Brentwood, Tennessee
Question: I tough Sunday In Tampa, I don't think the problem was from the lack of effort, I just think this team, especially the OL isn't very good and they're not deep enough to overcome any injury. I know the Titans are tight against the cap but do they get any relief next year?
And by the way I hope the Nissan Stadium Boo Birds stay home.

Jim: The Titans will have a bunch of cap room to work with next year. It will be a different looking team.

Richard Bone from Nashville, Tennessee
Question: You do a great job under sometimes difficult circumstances. I support the Titans and watch them every Sunday win or lose and will continue to do so. I am a Titans season ticket holder since the Titans moved into the Nashville stadium in (1999) and will continue to be. I enjoy being a suffering fan because one day we will be good again and it will be satisfying. That time is obviously not now. This past week made that clear if anyone thought otherwise. I am writing in to say something that is now obvious to everyone in the world, and to offer one piece of advice. Each week it becomes more obvious that the trade of AJ Brown was a franchise killer. Probably one of the worst trades in NFL history. Not an exaggeration. He is a once in a decade talent, and an MVP candidate this year. The trade set the Titans back at least 5 years in all likelihood maybe longer. It is particularly sad that it killed any chance that the great Derrick Henry or Ryan T or other current players had to be successful as a team. They will never get these years back. So ironic that with all of our terrible draft picks, we let go the one who was an amazing pick and player. While we can't do anything about that now, here is my unsolicited advice for whoever is in charge of the Titans in the future: please, I beg you, if we get a true difference maker who helps actually win football games, a generational talent, let's please pay him and keep him. I truly hope that is not a controversial suggestion because the Titans will never win if they don't recognize the basic need to do so.

Jim: Thanks for the email, Richard. And, I don't even consider this to be a controversial email, because I don't know of one person who disagrees with you. I'll say this: The Titans shouldn't have let A.J.'s departure doom them like it has, but unfortunately it has timed out that way.

Cliff Stephens from Smyrna, Tennessee
Question: Hey Jim. It's been a while but after watching the game Sunday I know the O Line is bad but what is up with the play calling? It seems the plays that are being called some of the coaches don't believe in the players that are on the field. Thanks for your time and keep up the good work.

Jim: Well Cliff, the play-calling didn't work very well on Sunday. And, perhaps it is swayed by the team's inability to protect the quarterback? The execution from the players could be better, too. Dropping five passes doesn't help. It was a failure all-around in Tampa.

Richard Colestock from St. Cloud, Florida
Question: Hi Jim, Richard here in St Cloud, Fl.....where everyone is happy about yesterday except me!
Levis may not end up the Marino's resume, but he sure looks familiar, especially in the pocket. That being said, if the O line can't give him 2 seconds to make a play...then THIS season is over!
J Hi Jim, Richard here in St Cloud, Fl.....where everyone is happy about yesterday except me!
Levis may not end up the Marino's resume, but he sure looks familiar, especially in the pocket. That being said, if the O line can't give him 2 seconds to make a play...then THIS season is over!
Just a thought....but....why didn't we sign Dobbs when we had the chance???
Dobbs with Levis for backup....THAT might have worked for the long haul!
Enuff said...gotta go back to nursing my wounds.
Have a great week, Jim......TITAN FOREVER.....but I had to whisper that.....the windows are open.

Jim: Hey Richard. I like Dobbs as well. But he signed a $2 million deal in Cleveland that was guaranteed, and with the team's cap room this past offseason, that wasn't going to happen in Tennessee. Hard to believe he's gone from Cleveland to Arizona to Minnesota this season. I think a lot of teams should be interested in Dobbs this upcoming offseason. Lastly, the Titans aren't grooming Levis to be a back-up.

Jefferson Pendergrass from Rainsville, Alabama
Question: Hello Jim. After that lethargic and pathetic showing by the Tennessee Titans on Sunday, where do you think the lion's share of the blame for this season belongs? Front Office (poor draft-picks), ownership (poor hiring), players (poor playing), or poor coaching?
As for me, I think that the greatest weight should be given to the basically wasted first-round draft picks in 2020, 2021and 2022. There has been little to no contributions from these players.
It appears to me that you can't reverse the damage already done by three bad draft seasons (2020, 2021, and 2022) by the Titans in just one good draft season (2023).
What is your opinion?

Jim: My opinion is there doesn't have to be just one answer to this question. It's a combination of several things.

Jim Marks from Nashville, Tennessee
Question: This is probably a topic you addressed when the Titan's schedule was released. As you know, the Titans have one home game at Nissan between October 1st and November 26th. I believe this gap in true home games over such an extended period of time is not fair to the Titan's fans. Did any other NFL team have a similar home schedule? The NFL brags about the computer program which uses sophisticated algorithms to create its schedule. I wonder if one of the algorithms deals with fairness to a fan base? While I know, the schedule has nothing to do with whether or not your offensive line can block well enough. But I feel like the fans may become disconnected with the team when so few games are being played in Nashville during the heart of the schedule. So basically. we will be left with meaningless games during a holiday season with cold weather. When fans don't show up we will be called a "poor fanbase" which would be very unfortunate and unfair! Titan fans love their team and I believe they have been poorly treated by the NFL with this year's schedule. Thank you for letting me vent.

Jim: Hey Jim. I hear ya, it's a long time in between games. But the way this team has been playing lately, the NFL might've done Titans fans a favor. That game was brutal to watch on Sunday. Perhaps this team will regain its swagger on Sunday in Jacksonville and take advantage of a schedule with a lot of home games down the stretch? The clock is ticking ...

Bud Stein from Jacksonville, Florida
Question: Top of the Morning Jim. You know who in Duval Delusional Jax Town!! Glad they were knocked down to size, then some! You would think they would shut up but already trash talk next Sunday they will rebound in a big way? That said to the Titans. Im sure by now Im not alone same old result, same old Coach Vrabel presser we didnt play well in all 3 phases, we didnt play complimentary football. It more than getting old and nothing gets fixed even though they know where the issues are week in week out. Its evident after 3 games Will Levis isn't the Savior though not meant to blame him. DerricK Henry 21 yards WHAT!! The effort seems to be a miss. Cant just blame the offensive line the blame can be spread around/ Are players giving up on season already because 2-4 3-5 3-6 record? What the heck is going on between last year and so far this year Look at the Texans and Colt hoping to overtake the delusional Jags.8 games left anything can happen but seems even a wild card hope is a pipe dream. what say You.? Take care sir and thanx for all you do.

Jim: Hey Bud. Tough time for a fan of the 3-6 Titans to be throwing shade at the 6-3 Jaguars. I think everyone would love to trade places with them right now. … And, I completely disagree that it's "evident after three games Will Levis isn't the savior." Of course, no one knows so far, but it's unfair to judge him and make a bold proclamation after what we've seen so far. The kid was under pressure all game on Sunday. Patrick Mahomes wouldn't have fared well with that kind of pass protection. I'd lay low on the trash talk this week in Duval, Bud.

Russell Sicard from Rockport, New York
Question: Hi Jim, According to PFF the Titans had the worst offensive line in the NFL. Fixing the o-line should have been a priority in the off season, yet the line is as bad or worse than last year. Nothing was done to "fix" the line. Oh they signed some new linemen but they didn't fix anything. Carthon signed Dillard whose play is as bad or worse than Daley! If this is any indication of Carthon's eye for talent this team is in trouble. While I'm at it, the lousy tackling is absolutely astonishing! Why do these "pros" insist on tackling around the shoulder pads and giving up extra yards til someone else goes low. Poor fundamentals and lack of discipline across the board. That falls on poor coaching. It appears we have our QB going forward I just hope he doesn't get hurt playing behind this group of misfits! Yes, I realize the secondary stinks too. Pitch and catch. I don't know why teams even bother running the ball. It's so difficult to root for the team when you know the season is lost but as I have said for the last 50 years, Go Oilers! Go Titans! Titan Up!

Jim: Hope all is well, Russell.

Chuy Cano from Corpus Christi, Texas
Question: Well.......r season is pretty much done! I feel bad for the King. I REALLY want so much for him....making it to the Super Bowl...getting a ring.......but it just looks like hes just running n place with this sorry o-line we have. CANT protect can't protect. And AGAIN.....its only a matter of time b4 Levis gets hurt from so many hits.And I like how every week on the 6 things that stood out......the o-line always say....could've done better....could've played better....more of what we could do. At what point will they snap and JUST DO IT! Everyone else n division doing better...see us being n last. Love my Titans! Titan up...just a bad season this year

Jim: Hang in there, Chuy.

Walt Slaughter from Raleigh, North Carolina
Question: Hey, Jim .............. Know you'll have a more informed take than mine, but being outplayed and out-coached isn't pretty. Although imperfect, Will Levis absorbed too much punishment. With protection, I still see a lot of upside there. Would appreciate your thoughts. All the best.

Jim: Same.

Darris Mays from Carrolton, Texas
Question: Hello Jim. I pray all is well! It's clear to me and all of the Titans fans. Our offense line, defensive backfield, play calling and coaches are hurting this team. We need to make a change right now if we are going to save this season. Enough is enough It's time to cut ties with our head coach and his defensive coordinator and offensive coordinator. I understand MV loyalty to his coaches, but your coaches are making you look bad. Jim, I personally would like to thank you for taking the time to read and respond to our messages.

Jim: Appreciate it, Darris.

Sam Martin from Toledo, Ohio
Question: Could we just hand Tim Kelly offensive coordinator of the year? Why wait? What I really love about his play calling, is the non-stop run calling a run on 2nd and long. It really catches the defense off guard and sets Levis up for third and long, where our offense performs best. I hope he's our coordinator next year too. Absolutely phenomenal!

Jim: I sense sarcasm here.

Reinhard Schiendorfer from Fosdinovo, Italy
Question: Maybe we should put the cheerleaders on the o-line. That wouldn't make Will and the king's lives any easier, but maybe the opposing d-line would be distracted. At least the fans would have more fun watching. We have to improve somehow.

Jim: Dang, the one-liners are coming in all the way from Italy…

Joe Tanaka from Aiea, Hawaii
Question: Such a Frustrating game. Lack of pass protection, lack of creative offensive play calling, and lack of adequate pass defense all led to a lack of wins for the Titans. We have a QB with arm strength but simply not enough time. Perhaps cleaning out the offensive playbook running Spears more and using more RPOs upfront can buy Levis more time. Your thoughts Jim?

Jim: It was a failure all around on Sunday, Joe.

Kelly McDowell from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Question: Hey Jim, I hope you and your family are doing good. I'm sure this has been a tough season to answer questions for. My question is about the offensive line. The front office has done very little to improve it over the last few years, replacing starter quality players with backups. Do you think Carthon will finally address the O-line this year and bring in some strength? I mean we should have the cap space after he jettisoned KB and a few other players. The last thing I want to vent a bit about, and I'm sure you have heard other fans say the same thing. I think Tim Kelly was the wrong man for the OC job. When he isn't able to coordinate a game over 28 points even when our offense is firing on all cylinders then we need a coordinator that has that ability. I still think an outside hire would be refreshing to a team that is obviously in rebuild mode. Thank you for taking the time to read our emails Jim we appreciate you.

Jim: Hi Kelly. All is well with me, thank you. I do think rebuilding the offensive line will be a big point of emphasis this offseason. And while I understand and hear the frustration directed at Tim Kelly, I also understand the biggest complaint most fans, like you, have of this team centers on the ineffectiveness of the offensive line. I'm not sure how many OC's could work magic with the way things have been up front of late.

Tom Holler from Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Question: Hi Jim. I always look forward to the mailbag. Thank you for giving us all a platform to ask questions or just comment. I enjoy your straightforward approach.
I'm wondering if the coaches have given any thought to trying Andre Dillard at guard and moving either Skoronski or Radunz to tackle. The Bears drafted Tevin Jenkins as a tackle a few years back. They were ready to chalk him up as a bust when they tried him at guard. He's quietly developed into one of the better guards in the league. No guarantees that it would work here, but IMHO it's worth a try. Thanks again!!

Jim: Hi Tom. Vrabel has given no indication he's considering moving Skoronski to tackle, and he's been asked about it a lot. Dillard's been on the struggle bus, and I think he's played his way to a back-up tackle spot when he's cleared from his concussion.

Jeremy Rodriguez from Winchester, California
Question: Well Jim, again, this was not a good game for either side of the ball. I couldn't watch this week so i tuned up the radio and listened. Let me tell you, I think I will listen to the games from now on. Coach Mac was spot on everything he said, The line is just bad. There is no other way to put it, They are bad. Not a cohesive unit, they are getting bullied more and more week after week. The one shining light about this week is Tannehill! The way he stepped aside and was an absolute professional. I said it before, Titan Fans have to appreciate everything he has done for this organization and the way he has always handled himself. I am pulling for him where he is next year. Have a great week and off to J'Ville! As always TITAN UP!!!

Jim: Off to Jacksonville, Jeremy.

Steven Crosio from Brick, New Jersey
Question: Hey there Jim, don't you smell conspiracy going on I mean Titans Vs Buccaneers happened right after Colts Vs Patriots what if there's a chance Mike Vrabel is waiting for Bill Belichick to get fired?

Jim: I'm not even sure what this means…

Jim Williams from Lubbock, Texas
Question: Hi Jim. Bad loss to a bad team. The Titans defense made Baker Mayfield look like Patrick Mahomes. There are a lot of injuries, but this performance highlights a lack of depth resulting from front office failures and a policy of keeping defensive backs and wide receivers on the roster because they are good on special teams, even when they are deficient in playing their actual position. Last week, the Bucs gave up a record number of passing yards to a rookie QB. But the offensive game plan remained conservative and predictable. When it was 2nd and goal at the 8 yard line, the call is Derrick Henry up the middle? For a 2 yard loss? I thought that call was designed to get the ball down around the 5 yard line so that they could run the Derrick Henry jump pass on 3rd down. I agree with Coach Mike that the coaching staff deserves a lot of the blame for this loss. Maybe it's time to use Tyjae Spears as the primary running back. With Derrick in there, the call is nearly always a run with Derrick or a play action pass. Spears at least provides more versatility and forces the defense to protect more than the area in front of the first down sticks. Also, the offense is really limited by the lack of a reliable tight end. Chig has really regressed and needs to improve as a blocker. Whylie isn't contributing much at all and Wesco might as well be another tackle. No question today, Jim. Rant over. Thanks.

Jim: Hope you feel better, Jim. A lot of things to fix for sure.

Charles Johns from Hermitage, Tennessee
Question: Jim, can you explain the effort it must have taken to create a roster with this level of deficiency. The bad draft picks and trades required to create a roster this bad is hard to comprehend. Even if that was really your goal, I don't know how you end up where we are with this roster. We probably have maybe 8 players that are even starting level NFL talent and a couple of those are gone next year. Even with draft picks and $100M in cap space we'll be lucky to field an average team next season. It's so bad we can't even really evaluate our rookie QB. Can we please just use the cap and draft to create an offense that allows these games to be watchable? Knowing you can't score makes it a hard watch and takes all of the fun out of the game. Let's build an offense that competes and at least we have a chance. Zero TDs on opening drives and too many entire games with zero TDs is just hard to stomach. We're so far behind the teams in our division now that I don't see playoffs in our future for a while. A lot more I could get into but too disappointed to even worry about it right now.

Jim: Thanks for weighing in, Charles.

Brody Ledford from Knoxville, Tennessee
Question: What are we gonna do Jim? That's it. That's the question.

Jim: Hy Brody. We're going to wrap up this mailbag right here. That's the answer.

Have a great week everyone!

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