Titans WR Tajae Sharpe: No Disrespect Intended on Derrick Henry Introduction


NASHVILLE – Tajae Sharpe gave Titans teammate Derrick Henry an introduction fit for a king after the team's playoff win against the Ravens, but he's gotten mixed reviews since.

"It's been two-sided," Sharpe said on Wednesday. "The Ravens fans, they weren't too hot about it. But I got some laughs and some good feedback from Titans fans as well, so it was double-sided."

Henry ran for 195 yards in the team's Divisional Playoff Game win over the Ravens, and he also threw a touchdown pass. Before he stepped up to the podium at M&T Bank Stadium after the game, Sharpe came into the room first.

"Before we get started, I wanted to introduce to ya'll – we have the NFL's rushing leader (here). Anybody got a problem with that, come see me – we about that. Big Truss, woot-woot," Sharpe said during the intro. "King Henry, in the flesh, woot-woot."

Sharpe then exited, and he slapped hands with Henry as he stepped up to the podium and said: "It's all jokes."

As of Wednesday, a Twitter video had been viewed 3.7 million times.

Earlier this season, Ravens running back Mark Ingram gave a similar introduction to Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson before he stepped up to the podium.

Sharpe and the Titans are preparing for this Sunday's AFC Championship Game against the Chiefs. He said on Wednesday he wasn't trying to disrespect anyone.

"That's what people have to understand – they take it as disrespecting or mocking or trolling," Sharpe said. "We ain't into none of that. We are just having fun, and we are winning. It is fun when you win.

"When Mark Ingram did it, it was a great intro and we all enjoyed it. So we did it again, paying homage to him. It is all fun and games. I think some people took it the wrong way. I don't know why people try and make a big deal of the Titans having fun when they win when everybody else in the league can do it."

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