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Titans Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Not a bad start to the season, huh?

The Titans took care of business on Sunday against the Browns, winning the game in dominating fashion.

But there's a 24-hour rule in the NFL, so it's on the Indianapolis Colts.

I'm not going to keep you guys from talking about what we saw in Cleveland, though.

Let's discuss the W and more in this Tuesday's mailbag.

Mike Turner from Shelbyville, Tennessee
Hi Jim. Just wanted to comment how PROUD I was of our team Sunday. I can only think of one word to describe our defense — Badass. Great job of shutting down all the hype with actions and without words. I've watched the media coverage since the game and still not so favorable about the Titans. For me, I love it as it just jacks me up for the next game in hopes of shutting up the NFL stiff necks that never seem to see the future potential or past performance of this team. Let's continue to leave their mouths open every Sunday by stacking up the w's and spoiling the schedules of those other teams they crown. Go Titans!!! Give it to the Colts come Sunday and let's get this train rolling.

Jim: Hey Mike. Definitely an impressive win, and the results in the AFC South in Week One were great. The Titans currently sit atop the division with a 1-0 mark, followed by three 0-1 teams. But the Titans can't let up this week. I remember the last time the Titans started off the season with an impressive win – 42-14 over the Buccaneers in 2015. Well, the following Sunday the Titans went to Cleveland and lost by a couple of touchdowns, the first of six straight losses. The Titans can't give one back on Sunday, especially since it's a division game.

Randy L from Bristow, Virginia
Am I the only one who noticed how painfully obvious the announcers, NFL "experts," and national media carried on about how the Browns lost and not much about how the Titans won on Sunday? It's fine because I don't mind flying beneath the radar...we've been doing it for years. PROUD to be a Titans fan!

Jim: Hey Randy. Players are cool with this. Delanie Walker had the quote of the day in the locker room after the game when speaking about the hype surrounding the Browns, and the lack of attention given to the Titans. "They were who we thought they were," Walker said of the Browns. "If you want to crown them, crown them. But they still have to play football. Hey, keep us under the radar. That's where we like to be. Thank you."

Kevin Jones from Columbia, Tennessee
Jim. I loved the aggressive play calling and the fact that the Titans didn't take their "foot off the gas" after getting ahead by two scores. Is this the type of mindset we can expect to keep seeing out of this team? They seem to be playing with a lot more passion and it makes me excited to see what this team can do.

Jim: I think so. Offensive coordinator Arthur Smith has guts, and he's confident his guys can make plays. But the defense deserves a lot of credit for showing a killer instinct – the guys were relentless in the second half, creating turnovers while repeatedly pressuring Baker Mayfield.

Sam Burton from York, United Kingdom
Morning Jim! More of a statement than a question. Despite not catching a single pass, I was really impressed with Corey Davis blocking against the Browns. Think Coach Vrabel picked up on it as well. Blocked impressively at the beginning of the 3rd Quarter to allow AJ Brown to run for 53 yards and likewise for the screen pass to Henry allowing him to go untouched into the endzone. Sometimes the little details like this are missed by fans but it sure stood out to me! His time will come this season I'm sure but the 'team first' spirit this group has seems to eclipse individual goals and achievements! Titan Up!

Jim: Hey Sam. Nice for you to notice from the UK! Vrabel gave Davis props for this during his presser on Monday, and it's cool to see you thought it stood out a well. Corey is not going to have many games this season when he doesn't have a catch. It might not happen again. But it was still good to see him make an impact in other areas.

Nathan Metzger from Paducah, Kentucky
Hey Jim. Just wanted to take the moment to shout out to C. Davis. He ensured Henry's screen pass was a TD instead of just a big play. His downfield blocking was the difference! Less social media campaigns, more blocking for your teammates! TITAN UP!

Jim: Hey Nathan. Another salute to Corey Davis. Nice.

Jimmy Dee from Battle Ground, Washington
It's amazing that the Titans had a rag-tag OL and they're without 2 of their best players (Taylor Lewan and Jefferey Simmons) and the game was played in the Brown's stadium. I will say that it looked like Marcus Mariota was a little hot & cold in the game. Then again, maybe QBs in general have some good periods mixed with periods that aren't so good in a game. What did you think of Marcus's play against the Browns? Did he have a long stretch of play during the game that wasn't so good or is that just my imagination?

Jim: Hey Jimmy Dee. I thought Marcus played well. Sure, he might've missed a few throws early, but he settled in and was great down the stretch. How good? Well, Mariota was 6-of-6 for 143 yards and three touchdowns as the Titans took over the game in the second half.

Vickie Roberts from Trenton, Kentucky
GREAT season opener for our Titans on Sunday! The 75-yard pass run for Derrick Henry was exciting and so good to see Derrick healthy and apparently back in playing form. My question for you is: Why was Derrick's touchdown under review for offensive interference when a flag had not been thrown? Could the touchdown have been reversed? Thanks Jim!

Jim: Hi Vickie. It could have been wiped out had the officials seen an offensive interference infraction on the play, but after review, all was good. That was the biggest play of the game in my mind.

Sue Reitmeyer from New Orleans, Louisiana
No question just a comment: The commercial with the dancing cows was the best commercial I have ever seen!! I wanted to get up and dance with them!!

Jim: Well Sue, I missed it. I'm going to have to have to take your word on this one!

Wayne Zimmerman from Newhall, California
Great victory, a lot more work to do but check a W on Week 1! I think every fan of the Titans loved last week's effort and with this site have grown to love each and every one of the people involved with the organization.
My question is: Will the fans in NISSAN stadium go from GOOD TO GREAT?
I am not able to go to Nashville from LA this week, but I am expecting the same love to scream out on that field come Sunday at 10:00 a.m. against the Colts. Bring it Titans Fans! We can't expect one part to go from Good to Great, it's a team effort. BE LOUD AND BE PROUD. After all, you can't even spell COLTS without the L! Let's help this COTS team earn that L, both on the field and in the stands!

Jim: Appreciate the passion Wayne. We'll see if Titans fans accept your challenge…

Have a great week everyone!

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