Titans Fans Get "Trip of a Lifetime" for Playoff Win Over Patriots, Thanks to Receiver Corey Davis


NASHVILLE – Chase Duffey grew up in Nashville, a fan of the Titans since he was a little boy.

Leading up to the team's playoff game in Foxborough, Mass., against the Patriots, Duffey and a buddy were itching to go. But they didn't have tickets, and they were reluctant to book a flight without them.

So Duffey came up with the crazy idea of sending a direct message on social media to Titans receiver Corey Davis, asking a guy he'd never met for a big favor.

And then something really crazy happened: Davis replied, 'Gotchu homie.'

A follow-up message by Davis read: '2 tickets will call under ya name.'

Duffey, 24, could hardly believe it. He booked a flight with former high school and college classmate, Jack Wagster, and on Saturday night they were at Gillette Stadium for the Titans' 20-13 win over the Patriots.

"I was freaking out," Duffey said when he read the replies from Davis. "I told my parents, 'This has a chance to be the trip of a lifetime, and it turned out to be after we saw the Titans take down the Patriots. I have Corey to thank for making it all happen."

In the locker room on Tuesday, Davis smiled when asked about it.

"I usually try and do it one time a year to help out some fans," Davis said. "He had asked me and I thought, 'Hey, why not? He said he had a way there, but he didn't have tickets. So, I just tried to hook them up. It sounds like he had fun, so that's good to see. I'm glad it worked out."

Duffey said his parents were skeptical about the whole thing.

Why would an NFL player commit to giving away free tickets to some he'd never met? It sounded too good to be true. Davis said on Tuesday he regularly gets ticket requests from fans, but he's not able to give them away because he gives them to family members and personal friends.

But for Saturday's game, he had two available.

Before heading to Foxborough, Duffey said he called the Titans tickets office to see if he could find out whether the tickets would actually be there waiting for him. He was told Davis had in fact put the request in, and they'd be there.

Duffey and Wagster, who went to Montgomery Bell Academy and Auburn University together, flew to Providence, Rhode Island, on Saturday morning, went to the game on Saturday night, and they then caught a 6.a.m flight back to Nashville on Sunday morning.

"It was a quick trip," Duffey said. "Last minute, but it was very cool."

To show their appreciation, Duffey and Wagster made a donation to Metropolitan Family Services, a charity that provides economic, educational and emotional support to families near Davis' hometown of Wheaton, Illinois. On social media, they encouraged their followers to do the same.

"It was an unbelievable experience how it all came together and I'm very appreciative of Corey and his generosity," Duffey said. "He went out of his way to do an incredibly nice deed for a random fan, and I can't thank him enough.

"The spotlight should be on Corey for this incredibly nice thing that he has done. It was an amazing experience."

Davis said he was glad to help.

"After the game he (sent me a message) and thanked me and told me he had a good time," Davis said. "I'm glad he enjoyed it. It was a good night."

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