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Titans-Colts Postgame Quotes


Head Coach Mike Mularkey

Opening Statement:

"Alright, a couple injuries: (Phillip) Supernaw is in the concussion protocol and Taylor Lewan, I don't know all the details until we get an MRI and get him checked out. It is a knee, I just don't know how serious it is right now. Hopefully not too serious, he is playing well for us."

How big was it to not have those two guys in there?

"We trust Dennis Kelly to make the block. (Phillip) Supernaw would not have been in on the play anyhow, but fourth-and-1 you have to talk about it and you really need to make a first down on that play. Somehow, someway, you have to find a way to get that yard."


Do you feel your team came out flat today when they jumped out to the 21-0 lead?**

"You could say that. When you don't make a first down on third down and they score the first three times they get the football, you could say that. They did some good things, they had some good things that we were not prepared for. Obviously, they had time to prepare for us. You can't come into their place and spot them 21 points. We did and we had a chance to come back in the second half and the way our guys came back, I give them a lot of credit but we can't do that against teams in this stadium, you can't do that. That's part of this process, we have to learn how to win these games and not get behind but, we know we can come from behind with anybody."

Why do slow starts seem to be a reoccurring trend in some of these games?

"I wish I could tell you. Maybe, they got an extra week, maybe they are going to throw the house at you because they know what's coming. They are going to give the top 15 plays, whatever they script. That is the best they've got. Defensively, they knew that this was a physical offense coming in. I give them credit. We did not play good that first couple series. We were outplayed, I'd say we were outcoached until we all settled down and got back into a groove and I give our guys credit. No one panicked, no coach panicked, which would have been easy to do and which has happened in the past but it has not happened here this year."

Third-and-long got you. I think there were four times they converted third-and-10 or longer, that's got to be…

"Yeah, that is a distance where small percentage should be completed and we were in a lot of third-and-longs because all those penalties put us in third-and-longs and that is hard to overcome."

It seemed like chunk plays hurt you a lot, especially in the first half, what were the causes of some of those breakdowns?

"A couple designs, basically a flea-flicker reverse with (Andrew) Luck, we had it covered, the back leaked out of the back and I'm not sure if they designed it that way, but that's how it unfolded and you get a big chuck on that play. Well designed, good scheme, I mean I think Chuck (Pagano) is a good coordinator and he is a good schemer, good play-caller and good coordinator."

What is supposed to happen on a fake punt?

"We should have, (Valentino) Blake is supposed to get outside and I wish he would have tried to stay outside. The worst thing is when you are turning it back to where everybody is and you have no chance on that. He has got to stay outside. That is totally designed to go outside."

He turned around on that and downs a punt. Clearly did not know whether you were receiving it or kicking it.

"He came to me and said he made a mistake. He made a mistake."

He made the same mistake last week. Can you have someone on special teams struggling like that?

"That was not the case. That was not the case. There were a lot of bodies around us. I am not going to give him an excuse, there is not an excuse, but he is one of our better special team's players and I know his mug shot is up on every special teams plan when they play us. You better be aware of where he is."

Second-and-9 on your final drive, the catch looked close on the replay…

"I was right there; I was right there. He was out."

In the fourth down with Andrew Luck to T.Y. Hilton, Perrish Cox is right there, does he have to make a play on that ball?

"I'd say yeah. I mean everybody in here in the stadium, on our sideline, thought that was a pick. It went from a pick to a touchdown."

Did you consider challenging the spot on the fourth-and-1?

"I did. Upstairs they said, again we are thinking we are going to have to try and save some timeouts. I did consider it, but upstairs it was not confirmed that he got it. It still felt like it was short."

How much does this hurt, considering how much you put into this game and then what it means for the AFC South?

"I think we are still in the race. We may still have these guys another time. There are a lot of teams piled up right now in the middle of the South. They all hurt. I can't distinguish one over another, they all hurt. It hurts because we are trying. This is part of the process, learn to get over the hump. We are trying to get over to the winning side. We are learning to win the games, on the road, that we should win. These players will respond like I know they will."

What was your message after the game?

"The slow start against a team at home, 21 to nothing, tough to overcome. We did, we started to come back and in the second half all phases were better. We had a chance, still had some things. The penalties killed us on some of those drives to give us a chance. We made a lot of mistakes that we couldn't overcome. In the second half, we still had a chance to come back."

What is the frustration level like? Is there something about the Colts?

"You know what, until we beat them, we will consider that conversation. It is not about the streak; it is not about here. Somebody asked me about their helmets, it's not about that. It is none of that. This is a team that played better than we did today, that coached better than we did today."


Quarterback Marcus Mariota**

How much did the slow start ultimately come back to bite this team?

"You know what, we can't start the way that we did. If we want to be the team that we want to be, slow starts like that cannot happen. I have to do a better job of putting guys in better situations and allowing us the opportunity to start better."

Why do these slow starts happen? It's something that's kind of happened to you guys a few times so far this season.

"It really just starts with me. I can do a better job of communicating. Helping those guys out front and making sure we're all on the same page. I want to get better at that."

Is it lacking energy early team wise?

"No, not at all. It just comes down to execution and really just being on the same page. A lot of times we're hurting ourselves putting us in third-and-long and getting penalties that put us in tougher situations. Those are the things that can be cleaned up and it starts with me."

Disappointing that after a string of playing well you guys are still capable of reverting to that and not executing well?

"Yeah, you have to give a lot of credit to the Colts defense. They did a good job of executing our game plan, made plays when they needed it and if we want to be where we want to be we have to step up in certain situations and make plays. That's got to be the expectation."

Do you feel like you have survived the slow start, it was 21-17 and 24-17 late, what was the feeling in the fourth quarter where this game was headed?

"As long as we have these guys in the locker room I believe no matter what the deficit is that we have an opportunity to win. Moving forward obviously we have to start faster, but it doesn't matter what the score is because we're going to have an opportunity to win at the end."

Obviously this is a tough loss in the division, what's the mindset have to be leaving here today?

"Move on to the next one. It doesn't change our mentality, win or lose, we have to get ready for the next one and that one's coming up quick."

Even when you got going in the second half some of those drives to tie the game, penalties seemed to be the undoing at the end. How frustrating was that?

"It is frustrating. Those are self-inflicted wounds. Those are things that we can address and we can prevent and I have to do a better job of handling those."

Touchdown throw to Tajae Sharpe, it looked like he sprung free pretty quickly on that. Can you talk through that?

"It was a look that we had prepared for in practice all week. We thought we had an opportunity maybe in a third-and-short situation to take a shot and they came out with the look and Tajae did a great job of digging and running to the spot that we had talked about and he made a great play."

This was looked at, even by some of the guys we talked to in the locker room, as a chance to make a statement in the division coming in and ending the streak. I know no one likes to talk about that, but just kind of the feeling afterwards of not getting that done and where it puts you?

"Any time you lose it sucks. That's the nature of this business you have to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move on to the next one and that's what we have to do. We're in the thick of things. We just have to find a way to put a few of these together and when we can, when we're able to do that this team can go to places where we want to go."

You're still trying to figure out how to get there though at this point?

"Yeah and I think that's part of a growing process handling certain situations, handling games like this. Again, that's part of our growing process, but we have to find ways to do better and put some of these together so that when the season comes to an end we'll be where we want to be."

You had a fourth-and-1 conversion on a pass on that one play and the other fourth-and-one you ran the football. I know you probably want the ball in your hand, but with this team's identity is that an automatic for you guys that this is the right call?

"Yeah, in that situation I believe in those guys up front. I believe in DeMarco (Murray) and we'll get that. Hats off to the Colts defense they made a play there, but I would never take that away from those guys because I know they can do that and they can make that play."

How big of a moment is it for you guys in how you respond to this one?

"Huge. Huge. Knowing the guys in the locker room and the character of this team, we've done a great job of bouncing back and we're going to have an opportunity this upcoming Sunday."


Defensive Tackle Jurrell Casey**

What is it about these guys that you guys just can't seem to solve?

"They gave us their best shot at it in the first half and they put up 21 points and we came out and stopped them in the second half. It's just that we let them get up on us too fast and they did a consistent job of making their plays and capitalizing on our mistakes and we couldn't take the lead from the guys."

Was it a flat thing defensively coming out or did they surprise you with some stuff?

"No, actually, they got a what? A penalty on J Mac (Jason McCourty), put them down there for an easy score. Then you have the penalty by P (Perrish Cox) down there, get them down there, just dumb plays on our behalf and letting them make plays. They got the guys on that trick play to get set up down there. It's not like they just drove the ball down on us. We've got to make sure and capitalize and not let them make big plays on us and that is what they were able to do."

What was the frustration level, just not being able to get over the hump against these guys?

"Very frustrating, especially for a guy like me who has been playing against the Colts for the last six years and probably got one win over these guys, it sucks. It hurts deeply inside especially for me personally having to lose to (Andrew) Luck again, especially like I always talk about, going back to college days, it is time for me to get over the hump like you said and beat this dude and me and my team are going to keep on fighting and try and get the job done."  * *


Cornerback Perrish Cox**

You probably make that play in the end zone nine out of ten times, were you surprised that he got through you?

"I wasn't surprised, that was a frustrating one. Playing with a cast on my right hand, I have been thinking about that all week going into the game. It is frustration more than anything because it kind of took away from the things that I could be doing just like the last third down. Normally I can get my hands on him and he was out the pocket you can push him down, you can do a couple things in the play once that happens but it kind of took away. Not to make no excuses or anything like that, but we have to start like how we started the second half."

Third and long killed you guys, I think it was four times third and ten or longer out there.

"Like I was just saying, Andrew Luck is a good quarterback. He is going to be one of the great ones and we let him out of the pocket. He is opening up options for his receivers and for himself and that is the thing we have to cover better on the back end and the quarterback in the pocket and we didn't start doing that until the second half and it showed and by that time it is too late."

What is the mindset got to be leaving here?

"Stay positive. Stay positive, don't get too frustrated, don't do anything dumb and don't listen to the outside. If you listen to the outside world, it can kind of come between us. As long as we stay together, we know what we got and we know we can play with any team in this league."

Safety Rashad Johnson

Think you can still win the AFC South?

"Yes, anything is possible."

Games like this and situations like this, figuring out how to win games is, that just the difference between the teams that are that good and teams that are still trying to figure out how to be that good?

"Definitely. It comes down to the last two minutes of each game to see who is going to win the game. That is a part of the NFL. I would still say that we are a good team, we matchup with the good teams that do go out and win, we just haven't gotten the football gods on our side."

You said that you still think you can win the AFC South, but how much harder did you make it on yourselves today?

"I think we made it a lot harder, I don't really know how that really works, I don't pay attention. I just try and go out there and execute and play every game, so hopefully we still have a pretty good chance if we go out there and fight."

Wide Receiver Kendall Wright

How come they have your number this way? Eleven in a row, that is a giant number.

"I am not even looking at the 11 (games) in a row. With the team we have now they have beat us two times. I am not looking at the 11. They beat us twice. I don't really think they have our number, we started this game slow and you can't give an offense and a team like that a 21-point lead."

You have to beat them in order to get over the hump, is there any scenario where you get where you are going where you don't beat them?

"It'll happen. We've got to beat everybody to get over the hump, we just have to win games and keep winning them. It is not about the Colts. It is about us, so we just got to go out there and keep playing, keep grinding."


Head Coach Chuck Pagano

Opening Statement:

"Great win. No injuries to report which is a great thing. We knew it was going to take all 60 minutes. I loved the way that the guys responded. I loved the way that we started the ball game. We came out and put 21 quick points on the board and the defense was outstanding. They did a great job in the run game, the run defense did. They held (DeMarco) Murray in check and did a great job on Delanie Walker. Outstanding job. A great stop obviously at the end of the game. Offensively, we give up the disappointing things where we gave up a touchdown right before the half and then we came out and sputtered around. Credit Tennessee, that is a damn good football team and they have a lot of good players and they did a great job. We feel fortunate to get out of here with the win. We had opportunities, special teams, Pat (McAfee) did a great job and kicks the ball unbelievable. They did a great job when they tried to fake punt on fourth down and short. We gave our offense great field position, but you have to take advantage of that. We had an opportunity at midfield to put points on the board and answer the points that they got right at the half and we didn't do that. It is hard to win games in the National Football League. You guys know that, our guys know that. When you have opportunities to put people away you have to put them away. We found a way again to win a football game. We found a way on third down in the two-minute deal, four-minute offense again. Andrew (Luck) coming through and extended the play and finding T.Y. (Hilton) and getting us on a knee again. The best football play is the kneel down – would love to end them all that way. We are going to have to put this one behind us rather quickly. There is no 24-hour rule when you have another ball game in four short days. We will enjoy this for a couple hours then go right to work and get ready for a Thanksgiving game against a great team in the Steelers."

Have you worked on the short kickoffs at all?

"Yeah, the mortar kicks? Yeah. Pat (McAfee), he can put that ball anywhere. The way that we line up and the success that we have had on the onside kicks forces teams to put eight or nine men up close to the ball. When they do that you basically have one guy deep and (Marc) Mariani, their returner, and so we felt like Pat has the ability to place that ball wherever we want to place it. He can kick it out every single time and we can give them a 25-yard line drive start, but we don't want to do that. There is a huge difference with this football team when they start inside their own 20 compared to outside their 20 as far as touchdown percentage so that was the whole mindset there. Those guys did a great job. I think we may have had one get out on us, one that got returned to their sideline, but overall they did a great job with it."

How do account for the hiccups in the second half after starting fast?

"We hit a lull. There wasn't a whole lot of energy or a whole lot of anything going on. There were a couple plays that could've brought us right back. There were a couple huge plays that we could've made that we didn't make. You guys know which ones I'm talking about. I think if you make those plays then you get rolling again. We just needed to find a way to make a play here and there and defensively they made a couple plays there and got some critical stops in the second half, none bigger than the fourth down stop. Feel fortunate."

What is the significance for winning two games in a row for you guys?

"Huge. We haven't done it. It has been a long time. Every team is different; every season is different. You have a lot of young guys on this football team and you have to learn how to win and you have to learn how to be consistent and how to stack wins and handle success and all those kinds of things. We are growing on the run; we are as healthy as we have been. We just have to find a way to keep the momentum going. It is going to be damn hard but we will prepare and be ready to go by Thursday."

Did you lay off the gas and play it safe? Is that what happened?

"No, I think give them some credit. They made some plays, they put some pressure on our quarterback. We gave up a couple sacks and probably too many pressures and we will work on that, we'll look at that and we have to be better there. That is a damn good defense so I think it is a combination and then again we had some opportunities to make some plays and we shot ourselves in the foot here and there. If you are just watching and you are saying they got up 21 and we will go in a shell and quit playing football, no, that is not what we did. They played a little bit better, credit them, they played a little bit better during that stretch and we didn't execute as well."

Quarterback Andrew Luck

Can you address finishing the game and doing enough to get a win?

"Yeah, the start was great, obviously. We need to learn how to sustain that start. We have a chance to put a team away per say, put a good team away, we have to. Teams are too good in this league to not be ruthless. I know we made enough plays in the end what a great defensive stop on that fourth down and then T.Y. (Hilton) finds himself always in the big situations making those plays. A good team effort. We have to move on very quickly."

First two game winning streak of the season, do you get a little momentum going into a short week and a really big game?

"Yeah, winning is nice going into the short week, absolutely. It's a quick turn around and I think it helps you on that turn around, winning mentally in some shape or form. We know it's going to be tough Thursday; we know it's going to be a lot of fun playing on Thanksgiving. Isn't that cool? I think it's probably every little boy's dream to play a real game on Thanksgiving. Quick turnaround and we know we have our hands full."

On the interception, were you hit?

"It was a bad throw. Two things, bad decision, bad throw and those together lead to bad plays."

How about that decision, what do you call that play? The wildcat flanker pass?

"If I told you, I'd have to kill you and it wasn't how we drew it up. Was supposed to obviously go deep to T.Y. (Hilton) and the second outlet was Donte (Moncrief). Frank (Gore) has I think an uncanny ability to play football and react to things the right way and he just reacted well and somehow my eyes found him. I was sort of looking to throw it away honestly and he just happened to be there and did a great job."

Are plays like that fun?

"When it goes the right way, yeah it's fun. When it doesn't, no."

When are you going to catch a pass?

"I don't know."

Not in the playbook?


Did you guys have that in the playbook and decided to bring it out this week or was that something that you just put in?

"That was put in this week."

Did you get a chance to catch up with Peyton Manning?

"Yeah, I had a chance to talk to him before the game and I admire him very much. I remember being a kid and my dad would always talk about being Archie's (Manning) backup in Houston and driving Cooper (Manning) and Peyton (Manning) around and buy hamburgers or something or whatever the backup quarterbacks did in the 80's. I remember I got to go to their camp as a kid and I've always admired Peyton and the whole family very much. Even more so living in Indianapolis, professionally around the city so I had a chance to catch up. And what a neat deal for the fans and for all those players. As a current player, it's hard to sort of sit back and appreciate what they did but when you see a Lombardi trophy on the field with the team around it, that's neat and that's what we aspire to be."

Did the presence of the 2006 team have any impact on your team?

"No, I don't think so. Gary Brackett talked to us yesterday after our mock game and he is such a great guy and always around in a sense. Maybe a little I should say. You never want to go up and embarrass yourself in front of one of the all-time great Colts teams, so maybe there was a little edge from that matter."

You've always known Peyton as a competitor in this league. Is today the first time you've been together for the same franchise?

"That's an interesting way to put it. Peyton (Manning) is arguably the greatest quarterback ever, for the horseshoe, for Denver, for whoever. It's Peyton Manning. Grew up, he was my favorite player, he was my sister's favorite player, our favorite players. It's certainly nice to see him. I honestly forgot the first part of your question."

Do you feel like you were on the same team for once?

"Yeah, sure. You see him wearing a horse shoe jersey, absolutely. This goes back to when I was in middle school at the Manning passing academy camp. That family and him have been nothing but kind and generous to me, the whole family. I'll always appreciate that."

Towards the end there with the defense on the field, do you become a fan a little bit?

"Absolutely, I think that's one of the unique things about football. You're sitting on the sideline and part of you feels like you're in the second row waving the towel cheering them on. What a great stop. What a gritty fourth down stop by the defense to win the game, they really did.

In terms of this being a team win, what were your observations?

"This is the way I truly feel; every win is a team win. Every loss is a team loss. We feed off each other. Some games it might be the defense picking up the slack, some the offense, some special teams, and what great special teams play today, but it's always a team win, it always is."

Wide Receiver T.Y. Hilton

What did that start do for your football team, scoring touchdowns on the first three drives?

"It was great. We should have been 4-for-4. You know, we did a good job on the third downs. For us, it felt good going out there and putting up points."

How much did the 2006 Super Bowl team being here this weekend have an effect on you?

"It did. Our mindset is we want to be that team. For us to be that team, we have to go out there and perform, which we did."

How have the struggles of this team fueled you these last few weeks?

"We just want to play, like I said early on. There are a lot of close games we thought we could have won. But you know the ball just didn't go our way. Right now, we have to keep chomping at the bit."

Inside Linebacker D'Qwell Jackson

The only way to advance is to start stacking wins. And this is your first winning streak - as small as it is – of the season.

"I'll take it. I'll take it. It was bittersweet two weeks ago. You win in Lambeau (Field) then you go into a bye week. It's important that you get back on track very early. I thought our offense did a phenomenal job coming out generating points. It made it easier for the defense to open up the playbook. So, it's great to get a win. Great to keep that momentum. And we're dealing with a short week. We've got Thanksgiving coming up. So, it's another challenge in itself, but we're more than confident. We're going to enjoy this for a couple hours and get right back to Pittsburgh, because we all know the last few times we've faced Pittsburgh it's been embarrassing."

This game is all about momentum. It seemed like that missed field goal really swung these over to you.

"That's the way this game goes. Things are going well. I hate to say you have to expect things because you have to expect ebbs and flows by the game. Things don't go your way for 60 minutes. When they don't, you've got to be ready to withstand the pressure. Do your job. Get up, stop the bleeding. Whatever you want to call it. But I thought we did a great job of slowly but surely stacking those stops on defense and creating more opportunities for our offense."

You've always preached patience. After this slow start, how thrilled are you with where you guys are in the standings at this point?

"Every win our confidence grows and grows. And to get one in the division, we're one step closer to controlling our division. We just have to – we just have to keep coming to work with our hard hat on, preparing as well as we always have and you know what just fight. Just fight for 60 minutes. We've got a good football team here. No one wanted the start that we've had, but we're starting to slow things down a bit. Start to slowly but surely stack those wins. And that's what it's all about."

Center Ryan Kelly

A lot of tweaks in the playbook today including that throwback to Frank Gore, that had to be a lot of fun?

"Yeah. We can't give you guys the whole playbook. There's always something new in the NFL, there's always a new defense, a new challenge. To keep defenses and defensive coordinators on their toes, I think we have the best coordinator in the league and best coaching staff in the league. No matter what they call, it's our job and responsibility to execute them the best we can."

It's your first winning streak in the NFL, how does it feel?

"Yeah. We have a big one this week coming up. This is a huge win for our program, huge win for our team. We just have to get focused. We're going to enjoy this for not very long with the Thursday night game coming up, and it's going to be a special one here so looking forward to that."

Defensive Tackle David Parry

What did do you today to get it done?

"We were just playing with high effort. You know, when everybody is doing their job, good things seem to happen so all the guys were out there having each other's backs and that's what happened."

A lot was made about the two-headed monster of Marcus Mariota and DeMarco Murray. What did you see on film or what were you able to execute to nullify what they could do, and what we saw them do last week?

"They're a hell of a tandem. We knew that all 11 hats were going to have to get to the ball, whether it was a pass or a run. We were able to study film, prepare all week and come out and execute today."

We knew what this team needed to do. You often say 'one week at a time', but this gets you right back in the AFC South race, doesn't it?

"Like you said, one game at a time. We wanted to make sure we didn't have a letdown coming off that bye week. So now you know, the momentum is rolling and we are going to try and carry it into Thursday."

Kicker Adam Vinatieri

All good things must come to an end. Your streak is now done at 44 consecutive field goals made. You started a new one. Remark on the success you were able to have with that streak.

"I'm blessed that I have a bunch of guys around me that work hard to help make sure that I get an opportunity to kick out there. Pat (McAfee) and Matt (Overton) do a fantastic job, and the other nine guys up front are blocking their butts off to make that happen. Ball was flying good for a long time. I had a little hiccup right there, and I guess we're one in a row now."

How surprised are you that you're still kicking?

"I kind of always take them one day at a time. And it just seems the days and the years have gone by. But I'm blessed to be able to be pretty healthy and be in the locker room with a bunch of young guys that keep me motivated and keep me focused on trying to do the right things and stay healthy and fit. I never thought when I first started that I'd play 21 years plus or whatever. I've just been very blessed and very happy that I'm still out here doing it."

Super Bowl XLI Reunion Player Availability at Halftime

Former Colts Linebacker Gary Brackett

Did you address the team last night?

"Yeah, we had an opportunity to speak to the team yesterday and talk about how special 2006 was and how much everyone meant to everyone. Special time, special team. It is great to be back and celebrating with everybody."

Former Colts Quarterback Peyton Manning

Peyton, how does it feel to be a carpool dad?

"It is good, it is great actually. That was probably the best part, everybody had families. Jeff (Saturday) talked to the group last night as well, it is not just the players, there were a lot of families that were a part of this championship team and all the teams. It is good and like Gary (Brackett) said, it has been really special. We had a chance just now to gather up one last time because everybody is flying out right now and will be traveling tomorrow and we said let's do it again in 10 more years. That is the plan. Last night was special, a lot of great stories going down memory lane. We really appreciate the Colts and Mr. (Jim) Irsay for flying everybody in, that is not normal. He sent every player two plane tickets, hotel rooms in downtown Indianapolis, that is not normal. Coaches, trainers, everybody was there. Hunter Smith was the MVP last night, he turned into a roast of Bill Polian. His comments were special, he said Bill couldn't cut him so he was going to go off. Grateful to be here and grateful to be back amongst the fans again. That was really special because they were a huge part of it as well."

Former Colts Wide Receiver Reggie Wayne

Reggie, could you guys suit up and give one scoring drive today?

"Well, they are doing alright so we don't need to do much, so far so good. But if they need me…"

It seems like you were running up and down the sidelines like old times, could you contain yourself?

"It is what I always did. I always went to that corner and they've always supported me and the Colts and I just wanted to give it to them. They are special. That is what makes it special, that is what you miss. We played games and did all that stuff, but the fans and the support that they have always given us, that is what makes this even more special."

Have you guys ever been a part of a game like that AFC Championship game against the Patriots and what jumps out from that night?

Reggie Wayne:

"For me it was when the ball went up in the air."

Peyton Manning:

"Slow motion. There were five Patriots right around Reggie (Wayne) and it just came right down to Reggie."

Reggie Wayne:

"I'm glad I got it because I would've been in Eagle Creek floating somewhere."

Peyton Manning:

"We talked about it a lot last night. It is always tougher to have a first half like that when you are not playing well and you are down. It is tougher to be at home, you would rather be on the road because they are booing you to start the game on the road and they are booing you throughout the whole game. Fans weren't happy, we weren't happy out of that first half, but I remember Tony Dungy at halftime, he outlined it. He said it was a big field goal right before the half. The pass interference on you (Reggie Wayne) should've been a touchdown but we got over that. He said we were going to go down and score and go for two (points). He just kind of outlined it and we went out and did it and it was the best."

Peyton, you bent your fingernail back in that game. Was there ever a moment where you thought you were not going to finish the game?

"Well, I ended up having to treat it throughout the Super Bowl so I did have some pain and some irritation there. I just didn't want to go out there if I couldn't throw and just throw a bunch of incompletions and what not, but luckily I got where I could at least, the ball had always been wobbly when I throw but it was a little more wobbly after this bad finger."

Former Colts Center Jeff Saturday

"That dude was not coming out for a fingernail, you know what I mean? For real, he isn't coming out."

Peyton Manning:

"Yeah, came back, hit Reggie (Wayne), hit (Bryan) Fletcher on a couple big plays."

Gary Brackett:

"Jeff (Saturday) had a big touchdown."

Peyton Manning:

"Jeff (Saturday) talked about, we had this conversation in the huddle about what to do. Marvin (Harrison) was the one that suggested we ought to run the ball which everyone was like, 'Did Marvin Harrison really say that we don't want to throw it we want to run the ball instead?' It was a perfect call because New England was thinking pass and everybody had a great block, Jeff had a great block, and Jo(seph) Addai went in."

Jeff Saturday:

"We talked about, just from a team perspective, when everybody had an opportunity, everybody had met the goal they put in front of themselves and how rare that is for a team whenever it happens. It took all 53 guys. It was that type of day and that type of season. Whether it be (Bryan) Fletcher, you know, the ball popping up, defense making a stop. I mean, every guy, when the moment was at its largest, they met the expectations. That's the defining fact of that football team and what made it so special."

Reggie Wayne:

"Yeah, like they said, that team, nobody cared about any personal accolades. We just wanted to find a way to win and guys just relied on each other. Brother in arms, find a way to get it done, refuse to lose, that's what I always say about that season, about that team. We're family man, we love each other, we're family."

Peyton Manning:

Peyton, when you're in the moment, you're living in the moment and not really appreciating it as much as maybe some years added to it. Like Jim Irsay said, "Nobody will ever take it away from you." Does that make you appreciate it even more?

"No doubt, it's a great saying. They can never take it away, it's permanent. It's a bond unlike any other, this particular group. Last night couldn't have been more special. Coach (Tony) Dungy was here and he obviously had to do his NBC requirements today, but he was here and he spoke and Bill (Polian) spoke so we really did kind of have the band back together and hopefully do it in another 10 years. I think (Dwight) Freeney and (Robert) Mathis will be retired by then. (Adam) Vinatieri will still be playing. Hopefully we'll get Tom Moore and Jim Caldwell and Clyde Christensen and kind of get some of the guys who couldn't make it, Bob Sanders. It was really special, can't use that word enough for last night."

Peyton, have you decided what the hell you are going to do with yourself?

"I am kind of taking the fall to breathe and take a little pause and kind of enjoy being a football fan. I enjoyed watching the game and pull hard for the Giants obviously, enjoy watching Eli (Manning) play. I have been back to a number of Tennessee games so shockingly football has been a big part of my fall. I have been able to do some things that I haven't been able to do in 25 years in the fall so I think that is the best thing that I did. Tony Dungy gave me some good advice, he said, don't sign up for something right away, take a little time, take a little pause. Jeff (Saturday) and I have talked about it, Reggie (Wayne) and I have talked about it so I am really kind of enjoying it. People don't believe me, they say do you miss it, I mean I miss more than anything, the guys, you miss the guys and being around them every day, but I really don't miss being on the field because I kind of left it all out there. I did it for a long time but the relationships are the greatest part of my 18 years of playing pro ball. There is not a game or a throw that was the greatest part for me, it was the relationships and fortunately those are never taken away, those are permanent so I feel very fortunate."

To get back together with that same group of 53 men and to go out of that tunnel one last time, what did that mean to each and every one of you?

Jeff Saturday:

"It was incredible. Like I said, walking out there and hearing the fans and everyone standing back up and getting excited. The Reggie chant started away as we were walking out and that brings back those memories of Sunday afternoons and getting ready to go and as you are walking out and watching the guys who are playing right now and realizing how fortunate you were to be around these men and these relationships. Like Peyton (Manning) just said, it is rare man. Iit is a rare thing and to be able as fortunate as we were with a nucleus of guys that we were with for as long as we were with and together and to be able to celebrate this one, it doesn't get better."

Reggie Wayne:

"One thing walking out that tunnel you realize it is 53 guys that still think they can play. So that is what made it even more sweet, we felt like we could lace them out and go play."

Gary Brackett:

"52 (guys), because I am out. It is definitely special, definitely sweet like Peyton (Manning) said, hopefully we can do it in 10 more years."

Peyton, if I may, you look better in blue and white.

Peyton Manning:

"Thanks, it is has been awhile since I have put this one on."

Jeff Saturday:

"I will sign it for you."

The Tennessee Titans take on the Indianapolis Colts in Week 11 action at Lucas Oil Stadium. (Photos: Donn Jones, AP)

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