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Coach Mularkey's Thursday Practice Transcript




* (on the team's injuries)*

The only thing to report is DeMarco (Murray) did not practice, everybody else was full participation. We'll have everybody, with the exception of DeMarco, for this game.

(on what his message is to the team before the game)

I've got one, I've got a good one. I've been waiting for it, and it'll be a good one, but that's for us.

(on if he'll throw any chairs)

That's not me.

(on if he's been satisfied with the way the players have put in work this week at practice)

Yeah, it's been a very good week, really good week. You're talking about how this is the first time these guys have been in that extended play and the tempo in practice. It's mid-season form with the speed and the focus.

(on if he agrees with the players saying that the Titans are a dangerous team to face)

I just don't think that we're intimidated by anybody. If that makes us dangerous, so be it. Nobody intimidates us.

(on if he feels like they have nothing to lose and if that adds to the team's looseness)

That's this team, that's the style. They're loose, they're very focused. Nothing should change. We're here for a reason, we got to here because of the way we approach the game. I don't see why we've got to change that.

(on what a win this weekend would mean for the franchise)

Based on where we've come in two years, I'd say it'd be very gratifying, no question about it. There's been a lot of hard work by a lot of people from the top down to get us back into this position that we're in. Just gratifying and I think very satisfying, for sure.

(on how the rookies played in Kansas City)

I think they've done well. We've had a lot of snaps by our rookies. You look at Adoree' (Jackson's) snaps, second in the league. We had a lot of guys play a lot of football, a lot of young guys. I say young guys, not just rookies, but the (Kevin) Byards and those guys. We've got a number of those guys, obviously they've had a big impact on us getting to this point. Going to need them even more than they know this game coming up here.

(on if there is any carryover from players playing in high-stakes games in college in terms of not being intimidated by opponents)

That's a question for them. Unfortunately, I never had that experience for me. I can't answer that for them, but I'd ask them.

(on if he can give a quick thought about the team playing in London next year)

Not really. Not unless it has anything to do with New England, probably won't give you much other than that.

(on the team getting national exposure and being on the rise and now getting to play a game in London)

This is a really important game here. Whatever it does for us in the future, we'll see. Total focus is on New England.

(on if it's unique for the Patriots to have three running backs that can be spread out)

They have a history of just plugging guys in no matter where they're at, so no, it's not surprising how effective they are with those guys. The system and how they operate it is unique, but it's got a history of working.

(on what's been so effective for the Patriots defensively in the red zone)

I've said it from the beginning of the week: they rarely make mistakes. There's not a guy out of place. They've been in the system for a while, starting with (Devin) McCourty back there. It's a good scheme. They're waiting for the opponent to make the mistakes, and that's typically what happens, especially when you get down close to the end zone.

(on if going no-huddle could put them in a bind against the Patriots)

I think whatever way you have to score points, you have to do that against this team. Is it going to influence you to change some things? Not as I stand here right now, I don't think so, but we've got a plan that we feel good about.

(on how much he's looked at what they'll face Saturday night from a weather standpoint)

It's been mixed reports the whole week. It's changed the whole week just like the weather does. It really won't matter, both teams will be in it. We've had the mix of it the whole week, so we should be ready to go.

Titans players take the field for Thursday's practice at Saint Thomas Sports Park. (Photos: Gary Glenn)

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