Titans Cheerleaders Wrap up Photoshoot at Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort

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Hello Titans fans! We are currently on the bus headed back to Nashville and we all can't believe the trip is over. Our director just had everyone share their favorite memory from the trip and they included everything from riding bikes around the Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort to our amazing photo shoots on the beach. For most people, this was the first time they had their hair and makeup professionally done much less had a professional photo shoot take place on the beach.

Some of our rookies mentioned their favorite event during the trip was the rookie scavenger hunt which took place last night. We gave the rookies clues that incorporated a tip they will need to know for the year, combined with a clue that would lead them to their next clue. Veterans were stationed at different restaurants or stores around the resort and the rookies had to use their clues to finish the scavenger hunt. The rookies worked together, but somehow they skipped two of the stops on the scavenger hunt, leaving four veterans just sitting and waiting on them for way too long! As "punishment," we made the rookies come up with a short dance and sing the song while they danced. We thought it was really clever when they did the electric slide while singing happy birthday!

From there, the rookies were given an envelope containing a card with a note from their big sis and a picture of their big sis as a baby. Using the picture and clues we had given them during the week, they had to guess their big sis. Six of the eight got theirs right!

The night ended with team building. The veterans performed skits teaching the rookies important lessons to prepare them for the year. The skits were hilarious and we learned Shauna, Chocez, Ashley S. and Ashley A., as well as Melanie are great actresses!

Overall, we all had such a great time and are leaving Destin feeling more like one team. It's hard to believe we all made the team less than a month ago and our intensive training camp starts on Tuesday. The month of June will involve fives days a week of practice, including our fitness Fridays when we have extensive fitness conditioning. All of the hard work will bring us closer together as we prepare for the season.

I can't wait until we take the field for the first time as one team. It gives me goose bumps thinking about what an accomplishment it will be for all of us, especially the rookies.

I'll keep you updated on our summer training so, be sure to check out my blog.

Until then,


Lindsey R.

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