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Titans Cheerleader Spotlight: Mari


Hometown: Nagoya, Japan

Tenure: 4th year

College: NSSU in Tokyo, Japan

Occupation: Dance Instructor & Preschool Teacher

Favorite Place in Nashville: John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge

Unique Fact: When I moved to Nashville from Japan, I only brought two suitcases!

Favorite TTC Memory: Thankfully, I have so many great memories from my 4 years as a TTC. If I had to pick one, I would say my favorite memory is when my parents and friends visited me all the way from Japan to see me cheer and perform on gameday. Before coming to the U.S., I spent all of my time preparing to become a TTC and they understood how hard it was. The process of getting a visa and moving to Nashville was also really difficult, so I was glad that they were able to see exactly what I had been working so hard to do! At that time, my dreams finally came true!

Favorite Quote: My favorite quote is "No Rain, No Rainbow." If I run into difficulty and must overcome a problem, these words always give me power and encouragement.

3 Things You Cannot Live Without On Gameday: Rice balls, iced café latte and red lipstick.

#1 Thing On Your Bucket List: Visit all 50 states.

Favorite Workout: Running! Running always makes me feel so refreshed.

Favorite Hobby: I love solo traveling and going on road trips. When I have time, I always explore the U.S. and other countries.

Favorite Food: Sushi, ramen, and yakiniku (Japanese style BBQ). Also, I like French fries and Nashville style BBQ.

How did you pass time during quarantine?

I have been teaching cheer and dance to those who live in Japan through Zoom, which makes me really happy! I cannot imagine the world without this technology now.

What are you most proud of?

My biggest dream was to become a Titans Cheerleader. I came to Nashville by myself even though I didn't know anybody else living here. But, finally, I made my dream come true! Now I have so many awesome friends here in Nashville and have had a great time as a Titans Cheerleader.

What topic could you give a 20-minute presentation on without any preparation?

How to move to the U.S. from another country. It is an amazing experience and will change your life 100 times for the better!

Why do you cheer?

All of my cheerleading experiences have made me very happy. Cheering fills my heart with joy!

What advice would you give to someone auditioning to become a Titans Cheerleader?

Keep chasing your dream! If you give up, you cannot make your dream come true. I believe everyone has a chance, so please never give up, believe in yourself and be positive. These things bring you happiness and make your dreams come true! I cannot wait to see you as a member of the TTC family in the near future. I believe the Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders are the BEST team in the world and that you will have greater experiences than you could ever imagine.

What charity are you most passionate about?

If I could start a charity, it would be focused on supporting special education!

This week's spotlight shines on TTC Mari! Mari is a fourth-year veteran originally from Nagoya, Japan. After training for 10 years, Mari moved to the U.S. with the goal of becoming a Tennessee Titans Cheerleader and fulfilled that dream in 2017!

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