Titans Cheerleader Rookie Spotlight: Tristin


This week's Titans cheerleader spotlight shines on Tristin, a newcomer to Nashville who attended the University of Alabama and currently works in the sales industry.

Hometown: Helena, TN

College: The University of Alabama (Roll Tide!)

Occupation: Sales Professional

Pets: I have the cutest Yorkie puppy named Simba

Favorite Place in Nashville: I'm fairly new to Nashville and my favorite place that I've been so far is 55 South in Franklin, TN. I'm a big fan of brunch food and theirs is really great!

Spirit Animal: My spirit animal would be an otter—they're one of my favorite animals! They love to swim and be in groups all the time. Otters can be cuddly and sweet, but a lot of people don't know that they can also be dangerous and mean if they're messed with. I feel like I relate to that a lot!

Favorite Concert: CMA Fest 2018 at Nissan Stadium with my rookie sister Mo.

Secret Fan: I can't believe I'm admitting this to people: Justin Bieber. He was the first concert I've ever been to and I still jam to some of his old songs every now and then.

Unique Fact: I was named after Brad Pitt's character in the movie Tristan and Isolde. My mom says it's because she loves boy names for girls, but I think it was because Brad Pitt is her celebrity crush!

Favorite Quote: "Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right." -Henry Ford

Biggest Influence in Your Life: My parents!

Favorite Nerdy Hobby: In my spare time I make a lot of to-do lists. I feel like it's easier to get things done when I have it all written down and I enjoy crossing things off my list—its weirdly accomplishing.

Oldest Item In Your Refrigerator: I have a carton of eggs in my fridge that is too old for me to admit to anyone. I always buy a dozen eggs even though I know I won't use them all before it expires.

Strange Phobia: I'm incredibly scared of cockroaches, to the point that I will strongly consider moving if I find one in my apartment.

Favorite TTC Moment: My favorite moment was actually right before I became a Titans Cheerleader. At finals, I remember being so nervous backstage before my group came out to perform the audition routine. But, when I ran out onto that stage I immediately saw all of my friends and family that came to Nashville just to support me. It was a surreal moment and after that my nerves went away and I was able to have fun doing what I love on that stage. It's a moment that I won't ever forget!

Why Do You Cheer: Dance has been a part of my life since my mom put me in studio classes at 4 years old. I've always enjoyed dancing at studios, in competitions and being a part of dance teams while growing up. I've met so many amazing friends and I've been able to experience a lot of my favorite memories through dancing. Cheering for the Tennessee Titans gives me so much joy and it's an absolute dream to be a part of this organization!

This week's Titans cheerleader spotlight shines on Tristin, a newcomer to Nashville who attended the University of Alabama and currently works in the sales industry.

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