Titans Cheerleaders Visit Troops at Naval Base in Curacao



Titans cheerleaders pose with U.S. troops during their military tour in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles through Armed Forces Entertainment.
NASHVILLE, Tenn. --** Titans Cheerleaders, including sisters, Alyson and Stefanie, recently traveled to Curacao, Netherlands Antilles to visit some of our U.S. troops. The ladies were part of a military tour through the Armed Forces Entertainment, and were accompanied by Houston Texan Cheerleaders Andrea and Ariana, a Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleader, Tomoko, as well as two Comedians, Jay Davis and Theo Von.


Upon landing at Curacao International Airport, the cheerleaders met their military contacts and other members of their tour.  They received a proper military orientation on the naval base and enjoyed dinner at the Rif Fort, which overlooked the Caribbean Sea.

The next morning, Alyson and Stefanie explored the naval base and met several military personnel. On base, they toured two aircrafts, including AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System) and a refueling plane. The ladies learned that the AWACS planes are strictly for radar signaling and can detect friendly or enemy aircrafts from hundreds of miles away. These planes are also used for surveillance from the air.

In addition to learning about aircrafts, the cheerleaders rode in a fire truck and learned how to operate the water systems on board. Dressed in firefighter gear, they also experienced shooting water from the truck and managing firefighter tools. 

"Experiencing the life of a military firefighter was interesting and incredibly fun," Allyson said. " It was like living out a childhood dream!"

 After touring the base, the cheerleaders had lunch with several Air Force and Navy men and women. They listened to the stories and experiences of each service member.  The ladies offered camaraderie and support to all the airmen and sailors at the lunch.

That afternoon, the group had a few hours to travel around the island; all the entertainers visited Watamula blow hole, a beautiful scene located on a cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea – only accessible via unpaved roads. Later in the evening, the cheerleaders were a part of a military show, which included the comedians, all the NFL cheerleaders and a local band called "Happy Peanuts." The evening was concluded with a fireworks show on the beach.  Hundereds of people, both locals and service men and women, enjoyed the entertainment provided by the group.  

Stefanie summed it up, "Our trip was unforgettable. It was such an honor to visit the men and women that fight for our country every day."

This month's visit to Curacao is the fifth military tour of which the Titans Cheerleaders have taken part in the last year.  The Titans and their Cheerleaders are proud to support our United States Armed Forces.

Alyson Singh contributed to this report.

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