Titans Cheerleaders Visit American Troops in Japan


NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Titans Cheerleaders Yalea and Heidi recently traveled to Japan to entertain and visit with U.S. military members stationed at Camp Zama and Osaka. 

During their six-day tour, managed by ProTour Productions, the ladies had the opportunity to experience Japanese culture, while simultaneously bringing the troops and their families a little bit of America to keep their spirits lifted high during football season.

Titans Cheerleaders recently traveled to Japan to entertain and visit with American troops stationed at Camp Zama and Osaka. (Photos: Pro Tour Productions)

The cheerleaders spent time with service members during meals and various events throughout the week. They also taught a cheer and dance clinic to children living on American military bases, and enjoyed a meet-and-greet with young Japanese women aspiring to become NFL Cheerleaders.

"I come from a military family, and I understand the daily sacrifices military personnel and their families make on a daily basis to serve this country," Heidi said. "Having the chance to travel to Japan and personally thank the troops stationed there meant a lot to me. I felt so welcomed by everyone at Camp Zama, and I hope that we were able to bring our troops a little taste of home."

It marked the fourth visit for Titans Cheerleaders to American military bases in Japan.  Over the last three years, the cheerleaders have entertained American troops in Kuwait, Djibouti, Guam, Diego Garcia and Alaska, among other locations.

To see more pictures from their tour, follow Yalea and Heidi on Twitter at: @Yalea_TTC and @HeidiLWest .

Pro Tour Productions *is led by former Tampa Bay Buccaneers Director of Cheerleading, Sandy Charboneau.  Created in 2010, ProTour Productions has worked with various entertainers, including NFL players and cheerleaders, comedians and musicians, to raise morale for the U.S. Armed Forces on six continents through dozens of international tours. For more information, visit www.facebook.com/protourproductions.*

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