Titans Cheerleaders take second trip to Ft. Lewis, WA


Mindy, Shauna, Heather, and Lindsey R. pose with soldiers wearing their Titans Santa hats.
NASHVILLE, TN, Jan. 29, 2008--This holiday season, the Titans Cheerleaders stayed busy with games and appearances around the area. One appearance that held a special meaning for everyone involved took place in December, when the ladies visited Washington's Ft. Lewis military base, just outside of Seattle. They left Nashville on December 14 th and stayed at the base through December 16 th. Though they were only there for three days, the ladies had a jam-packed schedule in which they tried to fit in as many activities possible.
The cheerleaders who travelled to Ft. Lewis were Mindy, Lindsey R., Heather and Shauna. Upon arriving at the base, Lindsey R. said, "I think people would be surprised to realize it's literally a town within a town. Everything you need you can find on base." They went straight to the shopping center on the base, where they walked around and signed autographs. Lindsey R. noticed that as soon as they walked in, heads turned and people began smiling. "My heart just filled with warm feelings because adding enjoyment to their lives is the least we could do for all they've sacrificed," said Lindsey R.

Shauna, Mindy, Heather, and Lindsey R. go to the firing range on base.
After leaving the shopping center, the Cheerleaders were able to try out the helicopter training simulator and gun training programs and were able to meet more of the soldiers who worked in this particular area. They shot guns that were the exact size and weight as those that are used by the soldiers. The ladies had a good time engaging in the simulators and the military personnel noted how well they did. Mindy said, "We did VERY well on the gun simulation. They said it was one of the best they've seen, (for a first time group!)," which was exciting for all to hear.

The second day of the trip was just as busy and exciting. The Cheerleaders attended an on-base flag football game where they were able to cheer their team to victory. They also spent much of the morning at the PX (military post exchange) where they took pictures and signed autographs. Mindy said that there so many people there that line never disappeared. Of signing autographs and meeting the soldiers, she said "we gave special Christmas/Holiday cards to soldiers in uniform who went through the line.  Each member of the squad had filled out a special card for a soldier before we left and it was gratifying to be able to give these soldiers a personal letter of thanks for their service."

Shauna, and Heather sign autographs for the soldiers while at Ft. Lewis.
Overall, the trip to Ft. Lewis was exciting for everyone involved. The ladies believe that opportunities like these are a great reason for being a cheerleader, as they are both rewarding for themselves as well as the soldiers. The Titans Cheerleaders thank our military and keep them in their thoughts always.

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