Titans Cheerleaders shoot Super Bowl promo with Trace Adkins

Titans Cheerleaders pose with country music star Trace Adkins during a promo that will air Super Bowl Sunday.

Tandra, Lindsey H., Kristina, Shauna, Whitney, Erica, Julia, and Kindle arrived at the Nashville Palace to begin the shoot at 9 a.m.  Each wore a different colored "Tough Guys" jersey representing players that have received the "Tough Guys" honor in seasons past. 

The shoot began outside in the drizzling rain with the ladies and Trace Adkins pulling up in a Chevrolet pick-up truck and dancing their way into the club to Adkins's hit single, "I Got My Game On." 

Tandra was the fortunate cheerleader chosen to walk the show's mascot, an English bull dog named Tater Tot, from the truck into the Palace for the scene.  Tater Tot may have actually out-weighed tiny Tandra by a few pounds!

From L to R: Lindsey H. Kristina, Kindle, Erica, Whitney, Shauna, Julia, and Tandra on-stage between takes.
Next, the ladies moved inside and on-stage to dance as Trace Adkins sang through his song numerous times. The director shot the scene from many different angles, highlighting different cheerleaders each time. 

The shoot finally wrapped at 4:30 that afternoon, but the Titans Cheerleaders showed no sign of fatigue; their smiles never faded.  Director Paul Canney and producer Kim Palmer both agreed. "The girls were terrific. Other cheerleading teams do not compare to the Titans," Canney said 

The experience was a great one for all the cheerleaders as well.  Says veteran Julia, "The time flew by; Trace was fantastic to work with, and the production was a class act."

The show will air on Super Bowl Sunday (Feb. 3rd) on FOX at 12:30 p.m., CT.  Be sure to tune in and catch our Titans Cheerleaders on national television!

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