Titans Cheerleaders Make Second Visit to Fort Lewis


The Titans Cheerleaders are focused on bringing cheerful times to all on and off the field. During the weekend of January 6th, four Titans cheerleaders, Brooke, Melissa, Felicia, and Alyson, had the opportunity to travel to Fort Lewis, Washington to entertain the men and women in the military community. This trip marks the second time during the 2010 Titans season that the Cheerleaders visited Fort Lewis.  The Titans Cheerleaders have visited this base nearly ten times over the last several seasons.

The Titans cheerleaders traveled to the army base to raise the moral of the soldiers. Melissa said, "I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to visit Ft. Lewis, Washington. It was truly touching to meet so many soldiers and their families, and moreover, to have the chance to personally thank those brave individuals who fight for our nation. My experiences in Washington will never be forgotten." The cheerleaders had the ability to see firsthand the situations the soldiers must confront each day.

The cheerleaders went to the hospital and talked with injured or sick soldiers. Felicia explains how she felt being brought up in a military home, "The Ft. Lewis trip was so much fun, rewarding and by far my favorite trip to date as a Titans Cheerleader. As a former Army dependent of 23 years and the sister of two currently active duty members, it was very fulfilling to interact with all the children and military family members as I was reminded of being on their side as a kid." Having the cheerleaders on base allowed the soldiers and families to have a relief in their ever busy lives.

The cheerleaders received hands-on treatment in living what a day in the life of a soldier feels like. In one instance, the cheerleaders were trained on firing a weapon. Brooke says, "Ft. Lewis was an amazing experience. We had the chance to visit with soldiers who had been overseas serving our country and with families that have loved ones overseas right now. It's always nice to give back to the military since they sacrifice so much for our country!"

While the days continued with extreme happiness and fun, the cheerleaders had time set out just for autographing and meeting soliders and their families. Felicia says, "When I was just 14, The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders came to Germany one Summer to Rhein Main AFB and hosted a cheer clinic for the military community.  I still remember that feeling of excitement, so hopefully some of our Titans fans that we ran into in Washington and aspiring cheerleaders and dancers that we met will have some great memories to take with them, as well." To finish out the weekend, the cheerleaders even went bowling and on a dinner date with the soldiers in the Firehouse! The soldiers learned what life was like for a Titans Cheerleader over dinner while they all engaged in fun conversation.  Even during the off-season, the Titans Cheerleaders are still spreading Titans spirit!

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