Titans Cheerleaders Complete Their Own Version of Training Camp



Titans cheerleaders take a rain break during a recent "Fitness Friday" held in Nashville, Tenn.
NASHVILLE, Tenn. --** The Tennessee Titans cheerleaders recently finished their 2010 training camp in June, physically preparing themselves for the upcoming season.

In addition to team rehearsal Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the seven rookie cheerleaders practiced every Saturday in June, working on sideline dance routines and building relationships for a successful season.

The rookies were taught by the four veteran captains, including Brooke, Julia, Natalie, and Shauna. The leadership of the captains helped the rookies understand the importance of representing the Tennessee Titans organization.

Throughout training camp, the entire squad practiced dance routines that will be performed at the home games this year, beginning with the preseason home opener against Arizona Aug. 23 on ESPN's Monday Night Football.

The cheerleaders not only learned dances, but also prepared for their two tests which included a written exam and fitness test.

On June 25th, the Titans cheerleaders participated in Fitness Friday, which consisted of a timed mile, shuttle run, endurance drills, v-ups, and step up tests. The cheerleaders who successfully completed this portion of training camp received a special commemorative tank top.

"It definitely is a challenge both physically and mentally," veteran cheerleader Shauna said. "The exercises are difficult and you definitely want to stop, but we all succeeded with each others' help and motivation."

The cheerleaders will enjoy a two-week break prior to resuming practices in mid-July.

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