Titans Cheerleader Featured On MTV Show

NASHVILLE, TENN. – The Titans Cheerleaders will be featured on the MTV show, World of Jenks, this Monday, Nov. 1 at 9:00 pm CT.


"We are very excited to be featured on a national television show," said Titans Director of Cheerleaders Stacie Kinder.  "The show depicts the life of a Titans cheerleader and all the hard work that is put forth on a daily basis."

MTV contacted Kinder during the off-season about featuring the Titans Cheerleaders on an episode of World of Jenks.  After meeting with the show's producers and auditioning several of the current Titans Cheerleaders, the production crew flew to Nashville on April 29th.  In addition to living the life of a Titans Cheerleader, the MTV team witnessed the Nashville Flood and the amazing way the Nashville community came together during a crisis.

The documentary-style series is produced by Andrew Jenks, an award-winning American filmmaker.  The episode showcases the life of Jessi, a cheerleader for the Titans. A very accomplished dancer, Jessi recently gave up a blossoming career in Los Angeles to move to Nashville. Jessi introduced Jenks to her world and gave him a taste of what it takes to keep up with the demands on a cheerleaders' body and the attention that can often come with the uniform.

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