Titans CB Logan Ryan Thanks Browns For Efforts to Punish Fan, Says He Still Respects the "Dawg Pound"


NASHVILLE – Titans cornerback Logan Ryan loves dogs, and contrary to popular opinion, he doesn't hate the "Dawg Pound" in Cleveland.

A seventh-year pro, Ryan appreciates the passion from the opposing team's fan base despite the actions of the Browns fan who threw beer on him and his teammates near the end of Sunday's game.

"He is not a representation – that's one fan," Ryan said on Wednesday. "He doesn't represent their entire fan base, just like one football player who gets arrested doesn't represent the NFL. I am not going to judge a whole fan base on that.

"I got a lot of good feedback, a lot of positive feedback from Browns fans. So I support the Dawg Pound, and hopefully the Dawg Pound supports my foundation that does a lot for dogs as well."

On Tuesday, the Browns announced they were working with NFL security to discipline the fan who intentionally doused Ryan and several of his teammates with beer on Sunday. In a statement, the Browns said they believe they've identified the fan, who will be banned indefinitely from the stadium for "unacceptable behavior."

On Wednesday, however, the Browns updated their statement and said their investigation "remains ongong."

Ryan, who had an interception and a sack in the game, said he appreciates the way the Browns handled the situation. But that was before the Browns admitted they had not "explicitly identified the individual involved."

"I am happy about it," Ryan said. "I respect the process, and everybody did their job and that is the best possible outcome. Obviously not everybody is going to pour beer in peoples' faces, but that fan decided to do it and he is not allowed in that stadium any more and I think that is fair. It is much better than me getting an assault charge or it going a different way. So, I thank the Browns organization for that."

The incident happened after Malcolm Butler's interception return for a touchdown in the final minutes of Tennessee's 43-13 win over the Browns on Sunday at First Energy Stadium in Cleveland. Butler jumped to the top of the wall behind the end zone, and several of his teammates joined him. A Titans fan in the area patted Butler on the helmet as his teammates jumped on his back.

Then a Browns fan began dousing the players with beer.

When Ryan jumped up to join in, the unidentified fan, outfitted in a Baker Mayfield jersey, initially flinched and stopped. He then proceeded to hurl beer in the face of Ryan, who didn't react.

When a video of the incident was posted on Monday, Ryan responded to voice his concerns, making the NFLPA aware of the situation. As of Wednesday, the video had over 1.7 million views.

"I jumped up there as he was splashing my teammates and then he splashed me," Ryan said. "The (beer) hit my face. I didn't react because I felt like I was defenseless – I am not allowed to react. I know touching a fan would be a costly fine to me and my family and I am not allowed to. So that's why I didn't react. I am happy it was handled like it was. I don't think there's any situation in life I would allow a man to throw a beer in my face and me not react, unless it's on a football field."

Ryan and his wife, Ashley, help animals – dogs and cats – through their work with the Ryan Animal Rescue Foundation, which "is dedicated to supporting the animal community with financial and educational resources."

The foundation partners with animal welfare organizations around the world promoting adoption, offering grants and education to better the lives of animals.

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