Tennessee Titans Cheerleader Spotlight: Chasity

As the season opens, our spotlight shines on four-year veteran, Chasity. 

Chasity has been away from the team for several seasons, but made her way back to the Titans this year.  Read more to find out what she's been doing and why she's decided to return.

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Meet Chasity and the rest of the 2013 Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders!

You are returning to the Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders after a few years…how long were you gone, what have you been doing and what made you decide to come back?While I was on a pro cheerleading "hiatus" for six years, I got married and had two beautiful daughters. That took up plenty of my time!

How do you juggle motherhood and being a wife with the rigorous schedule of the TTCs?Fortunately, I have a very supportive family. My husband has a very demanding job and helps as much as possible, but I have a large family who are local and are always willing to help. I also have the best of friends that often offer to help as well. 

How did you prepare for auditions this year that differed from auditions years ago?When I tried out in 2004, I felt like I was competing against the other ladies auditioning. This year, I felt like I was competing against the ladies auditioning, but more against myself. I have been out of the professional cheerleading scene for six years. I have had two babies and a life completely different than it was when I was last on the team in the 2006 season. I knew that I had to prove to myself, as well as others, that I am still capable of cheering. 

Favorite Titans Moment ever?We were invited to be a part of the Oprah show during the 2004 season.  She filmed the "World's Biggest Baby Shower" at Fort Campbell and invited the Titans Cheerleaders to distribute all the gifts to the expectant mothers.  It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet Oprah and be on-set with Cindy Crawford and Kenny Chesney that day.

Aside from dancing, what is your ideal job?Being a mother to the two cutest munchkins ever!

What is the one thing people would never believe you accomplished?Probably trying back out for the Titans Cheerleading team after marriage and two babies. 

Who is your dance icon an why?Titans director of cheerleading Stacie Kinder and native Nashvillian Nick Bass (currently touring with Justin Timberlake). They are both relentless, talented, and know how to make things happen. I admire people like that.




What is your favorite part of game day?Stepping out on the field while the crowd above you goes crazy. That feeling is indescribable!

Which would you rather:Chicken or Turkey? That is a toss up
Treadmill or running outside? Running outside

Spicy food or mild food? Mild food

Cardio or weight lifting? Both!
Spray tan or tan in the sun?Spray tan; I have already had skin cancer and must be very careful in the sun.

What is your favorite guilty pleasure?Reality TV

What do you do during the offseason?Travel! As often as I can.

What advice do you have to other moms that feel like they can't dance professionally because of their "mommy duties?"You can do anything you put your mind, heart and soul into doing. Let the people who say you can't inspire you more and never value the opinion of those you don't respect.

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