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Postgame Quotes: Titans vs. Ravens





(opening statement)

Nothing to really report serious wise with injuries, everybody finished the game. Obviously, we'll see more tomorrow when the guys get in here, get in the building. Physical game like we thought it was going to be. Good football team in that other locker room, very good football team. Found a way to win too, when we had to make plays we made some plays, and that's what good teams do to win.

(on if winning is the bottom line even if it's not pretty)

I would say it's the bottom line, wouldn't you? Winning, the bottom line. That's what you go out there for three hours and pound each others brains in for, is who's going to win in the end, no matter how it happens. The bottom line is winning, finding a way to win.

(on the team's offensive drive after QB Marcus Mariota's interception)

Well, the best thing we did, pretty sure, was our second and third conversions on third down. We didn't have any others besides that. That was important, we converted two third downs to keep that drive alive. We've got to do a better job on third down, there's no question. It's not good enough, and we will.

(on if throwing an interception was a 'gut check' for Marcus Mariota)

If he's throws a pick, he's going to come back and throw balls. He's not flustered. He doesn't let things like that affect him, that's one thing about him. It never has. He's always responded to a pick with positive plays afterwards.

(on TE Delanie Walker contributing despite being in pain)

I'm sure he's in pain, bone bruises are very painful. He's a tough guy. I think he managed, and we managed him well the whole week to get him prepared to play in this game.

(on Marcus Mariota getting 'caught in traffic' prior to throwing a touchdown pass to WR Eric Decker)

He did. I'm not sure how (Eric) Decker got to where he got to, but I'm glad he was there. Trying to throw it back to Jonnu (Smith), and Jonnu looked like a ping pong (ball) in there being bounced around, couldn't get him out. (Eric) Decker just made a good play, it was smart. Knew the design of the play, knew where Marcus (Mariota) was looking and went back and made a play for us, and that's what we have to have.

(on converting in the red zone and that being a point of emphasis during the bye week)

That was a point of emphasis, yeah. Converting third downs down there helps to do that. That was important, we hit some plays down there.

(on how Marcus Mariota taking a big hit early the game fired the team up and the importance of them not taking any penalties)

Yeah, our guys understand. That was one key we talked about last night - these are two really evenly matched teams. The team that makes the fewest mistakes is probably going to be the winner when it all comes down to it. We just didn't want to make some poor decisions and get penalties that were unnecessary. I like the way our guys responded, it was smart by them.

(on if there should have been a flag on the hit early in the game on Marcus Mariota)

Probably not, after seeing it in replay. I think that's something that needs to be addressed at some point, maybe in the offseason, when defenders know the ball's gone. Still have the ability to tackle the quarterback. When he's moving like that he's not protected under the pocket rules, so what he did was basically legal.

(on if S Kevin Byard is 'in the zone')

He's in the right zone, right where he's supposed to drop. I think the first one, Logan Ryan had something to do with that as well, as far as coverage. Kevin (Byard), he's making the plays all over the place.

(on the offense being opportunistic converting on the interception and shanked punt)

Yeah, we haven't done that. We score on both of those, that's what we have to do consistently, and we have not done that at all. It was good to see we responded and did it. Shank punt, ball typically doesn't roll our way all the time, that was one for us.

(on if winning close games helps the team build confidence)

I think so, I believe so. I believe we feel like we can win them. We have been a number – I wish it wasn't that way all the time. But, I know our guys know we can win them.

(on the how the defense played on the fourth-and-one stop)

Big, obviously. Game-changing, really game-changing. The last drive that they put together was really the best drive they had against our defense. I thought our defense, third down, red zone, short yardage, is playing really good football, and they have been. It's been four weeks in a row. They're giving us a chance to win.

(on what went into the process of declining the offensive holding penalty in the third quarter)

Well, pregame watching them kick field goals from 50 yards or more was difficult for both kickers, the wind. I didn't want to give them another down to convert to a first down, which I know it would be third-and-long, but that gives them another down to keep the drive alive. I was going to kill the drive and hopefully that distance, and the wind played a factor.

(on the timeout before the extra point attempt)

We were going to get a penalty, the clock was on one. Playing into the wind factor, I didn't want to push us back five more yards with the wind, the way it was swirling. That was an important (point after touchdown). We've got to do a better job, we were over there too much celebrating and not getting lined up like we're supposed to.

(on if the direction to LB Daren Bates on the attempted onside kick was to not to touch the ball unless it went 10 yards)

If it's not a hard-line shot stay away from it, which he should've done better than he did at the end there.

(on if the offense play where CB Adoree' Jackson ran the ball was executed as planned)

Yeah, it did. We thought it'd be an explosive play, liked it when we put it in, looked good in practice. Reasons for why it wasn't called again, that's for us to know why we didn't, there were, but it was a big play on his part.

(on if there is a possibility of experimenting with Adoree' Jackson offensively moving forward)

There's a possibility. One (rush) for 20 (yards), I think that's a pretty good start.

(on if the team should've been more alert to the Ravens fake punt)

Yeah, he (Jerry Rosburg) has been there. Their coordinator has been there a long time, he's very good. If you watch the play, it was a really bad push off on it. I don't know why we didn't get it called. It was well-executed by them, but it should have been a penalty that they did not call.

(on if they tweaked things offensively during the bye week)

We got some healthier guys back, starting with the quarterback, and obviously Corey (Davis) is back. We're healthier, DeMarco (Murray). No, we didn't really tweak many things. We did change some things in the run game that we saw they struggled with, even a couple years back, to see if we could hit them with it.

(on what he saw from WR Corey Davis today)

Made a play. He had a chance to make another play, I think he needed to make that other play. I already told him that. For the most part, for his first game back, I was pretty pleased with the way he played.

(on how Corey Davis did conditioning-wise)

He looked good. I did not see him, he was in and out of the huddle. I didn't see that being a factor for him.

(on if the arm that RB DeMarco Murray injured was on the same side as his shoulder injury earlier in the season)


(on if DeMarco Murray's health at this stage is concerning to him)

I'll probably be more concerned tomorrow, but he went right back in. I knew the play had a chance. If they went into man coverage, to go to him. He's one of the toughest guys I've been around easily, playing and coaching. He's going to play if he can play and he can be effective.

(on if he feels like the team is in a good place halfway through the season)

Wish we had more wins and less losses. I think we're good for right now at the halfway point. We're just trying to win team one at a time, and this was an important win against a good football team that just had a big win, a real big win a week ago. It was important to get this one.

(on the team showing resiliency late in the game and what that's going to mean down the road)

I think they know what we're capable of doing. I think that's been this team's identity for really, the year and a half that we've been together. We've shown that we can be resilient and win close games, win tight games, beat good teams. There's no question that we still have a lot of work to do, there's no question about that in a lot of areas. If we can find a way at whatever time that is in the game to make a play to win the game, that's all that matters.

(on what wasn't working for the team offensively in the third quarter)

The third downs. I will say this, we took a couple of shots on third-and-short to try and create some more explosive plays, to try and get the offense going. They didn't pan out.

(on what prompted the team picking up the tempo in the third quarter)

Against the Ravens, that's been a successful way to move the ball on them.

(on how close he thinks the offense is to where they want to be)

We're close.

(on getting Eric Decker more involved)

He's as involved as anybody else on our offense. It just so happens on some of those plays his number is called and coverages dictate whether we throw it to him. Everybody on every play has a chance to make a play. There are some plays, obviously, we want to hit Delanie (Walker) down the middle. That was a huge play for us on that drive, on that last drive. (Eric) Decker's got plenty of opportunities.

(on getting a fast start)

Three weeks in a row we've scored on the opening drives, I'm hoping that's a fast start. We want to score a touchdown, but there are no goal boards. The only goal we have is to score every time we touch the ball, that's the goal, and if we do that, then all those things you'd see up there in green and pretty on boards, they'd all be up there. We don't need that to see how we're doing, we just need to score.

(on what he's learned from the defense the last four games)

Pretty hard to run the ball against. That's a good team running the football. It gets tougher, as they drive down, it gets tougher on opponents as they move the ball.

(on if he had an opportunity to spend time with the Titans alumni that returned for today's homecoming game)

Not today as much yesterday. I did get to spend some time with them when they were over at the practice. It was great, I'm glad they're back. It's the biggest number of alumni we've had since I've been here. It's great to have them back. We appreciate all that they've done for our organization and we want them around.

(on if he's ever coached a safety that has had a two-game stretch like Kevin Byard has)

No. That's five interceptions, that's never been done in this franchise's history. No, I have not done that, not seen that before.**



(on the team recording a touchdown of its own after the Ravens scored)

Yeah, it was a huge drive.  I think being able to convert third downs, scoring in the red zone was huge.  Got to give a lot of credit to the receivers and the backs.  They found separation.  Derrick (Henry) was able to convert on third down to give everyone a little bit.  TE Delanie (Walker) made a big play down the middle and then Deck (Eric Decker) to be heads up to make that play at the end to finish it off was huge.

(on WR Eric Decker making the play)

I think it was a vet savvy move.  I think he felt Jonnu (Smith) getting held up and found a way.  Saw me going back to my left and made a play.  That situation is huge.  When you have a guy that understands that, understands ways to get open and we can definitely build off of that.

(on how big the sense of relief is with red zone success today)

We know we can do it.  It's just coming down to executing.  It was nice to do it.  It was nice to go out there, make some plays, cash in on a turnover.  I think it's something to build off of but, you know, that's the expectation.  That's how we should be playing.

(on having Corey Davis back in the lineup)

I think it was very important.  When you have a guy that makes plays on the football like he does, it helps everybody out, gets everybody open.  He made a couple of great plays for us today.  Again, when you are able to do that, when you are able to win one-on-one and find ways to make big plays, it'll help us out.

(on taking the shot in the game, should there have been a penalty called and the team's reaction to the hit)

It's part of football.  It's a privilege to play with these guys.  To see their reaction, it means a lot to me personally.  Again, I just want to go out there and make a play for those guys. When you have a culture, when you have a locker room like that, that's built on playing for each other, winning games and stuff like that come a whole lot easier.

(on what he said in the huddle after the interception made it a 16-13 game)

Just take it one play at a time.  Nothing more than what we've been doing.  We were moving the ball well. Just go down there and score, make it a two possession game and give our defense an opportunity to win it.

(on his ability to weather a storm on the field and the team adapting the same mindset)

When guys don't hang on a bad play, when you are able to push it away and move on and make a play later on in the game, it says a lot about this team.  It says a lot about the character of these guys.  When you have a team like that that focuses on each other and focuses on the positive rather than the negative, you find ways to pull these games off.

(on the team finding ways to win close games)

I think it's not going to happen, like you said.  You're not going to win games by 20 points every week.  When you can pull these tough ones out, especially against a good team like Baltimore, it builds confidence.  It builds momentum.  It builds what's going to be needed in December.  I thought this was a big win and we're looking forward to next week.

(on if he likes the team's position heading into the second half of the season)

For sure.  I think we can play a whole lot better, especially myself.  Looking on the game, if we can convert third downs, find rhythm, stop turning the ball over, we can be really good.  We'll get back to the film.  We'll find a way to improve and just get ready for the next one.

(on having Delanie Walker out there today and what it meant to him and the team)

I thought it was very brave of him.  When you're able to go out there and play not at 100 percent and make plays like he did today, it says a lot about who you are.  We're very fortunate to have someone like that in this locker room that cares solely about this team and I think we all can learn a little bit from that guy.

(on once the game became a defensive struggle, playing with the lead instead of behind)

The mindset doesn't change.  You've got to continue to be aggressive. You don't want to be passive. You don't want to be conservative.  I thought we did a good job of keeping the pedal down and finding ways to score.  I think that last drive at the end was pivotal and if we're able to do that and score points at the end, when we need it, it's going to be huge. 

(on the group visiting from Saint Louis High today )

It was actually pretty cool.  My high school teammate played for the Ravens, Kamalei Correa.  It was nice to have a lot of people in town, a lot of people who have supported me throughout my career, also his career.  It's cool when you have an opportunity to play against somebody you've known for a long time. It was a really fun experience.

(on how fun it was to get CB Adroree' Jackson on offense and how long it had been in the works)

It was really cool.  I thought the coaches did a good job of scheming that one out.  When you have a guy like him, whenever he touches the football, he's got an opportunity to score.   He made a big play and really kind of got the drive going, ending with a field goal.  It'd be fun to kind of add some more wrinkles to it and see what we can do.  He's such a dynamic player that it's fun to watch him get the ball.

(on if the AFC South is ripe for the taking at this moment due to so many injuries)

You never want to see guys go down.  For us, we've just got to focus on what we can take care of.  We don't control what the other teams in our division do.  We just control what goes on here.  If we continue to take it one game at a time, continue to play for each other, we'll find a way to be where we want to be in December.



(on team's offensive performance to gain the win)

I felt like we moved the ball pretty well, but we had some series where went three-and-out. We just kept on the grind. We may start off slow, but we finish strong.

(on if it was a win displaying team's character)

Most definitely, I said this earlier you know when we play certain teams, we play teams that usually have a saying that if they are good, we kind of play to their level. When we play teams that come in and they are supposed to be beasts, we play like beasts. I think today you have seen that.

(on how important it was to come out after the bye week and gain a third straight victory)

I think it is a confidence builder for our team. To have a bye, then come out here and play as strong as we did, it is going to go a long way.

(on having a tight race in the AFC South)

It is very exciting. It is good to see our division being strong as they are right now. It makes tough football, physical football. It makes us play a little better, so I am excited about that.


(on coming off the bye week to gain the win)

You always worry coming out of the bye starting slow and seeing that you are back into it. I think this team did a good job of playing our game and coming out with a win. I think that is what we have proved this year, we just win. It hasn't always looked pretty, the last couple haven't been pretty, but it is about getting the W.

(on Marcus Mariota taking the lead on the final scoring drive)

Marcus (Mariota) is not a talker, he just took control of it. He had a couple of plays where he did a good job of having checks he could call. He checked a couple of times and hit a back once or twice, so just having a good awareness of the game plan and where we could have the best opportunities to succeed. I know he had a swing pass that he checked us into for DeMarco (Murray) for 10. That was real good in that drive, had some good runs.



(on how it felt returning to game action)

It felt good, get out there and actually participate and do whatever I can to help this team out and get a W. It felt real good.

(on making his first catch in the game)

It felt real good, got all the jitters out. Now, I am just playing ball.

(on having a crucial scoring drive after Baltimore had cut lead to a field goal)

It was real important. You know we started off pretty good and then kind of slowed it down a little bit. We have got to stay consistent. Our defense was doing really well out there, they helped us out a lot. It felt good.

(on if it took a while to get up to game speed)

No I felt good. I felt good the whole game.


(on being in another closely-contested game that came down to the wire)

I do recommend making it easier on ourselves. Any time you can make it easier, it is a better route to go. But at the end of the day, as long as we are putting W's on the board, our defense did a great job of getting the ball back to us. They have been doing a great job of that all year. We just got to do a better job of keeping them off the field.

(on developing offensive consistency as a key in making a championship team)

Any championship team that you see, consistency is always there. We are not where we want to be offensively, but we are making it happen. Like I said, our defense is doing a great job in getting the ball back for us and continuing to try to let us do what we do offensively. Special teams have been doing a great job as well. Offensively, we just got to pick it up. We will get there. The big thing is we got a W today and hopefully next week and the week after that.


(on team's ability to regain a two-score lead after Baltimore pulled to within a field goal)

You have got to be relentless. I don't think it matters how you start, but how you finish. It was a couple of sluggish drives by us offensively. We got to get better, make sure all 11 guys are on the same page, but we got the win and that is all that matters. Come tomorrow we got to watch film and go back to the drawing board.

(on weathering the storm and fighting through the third quarter)

You can say that, that is just the ebbs and flows of the game. Every NFL game you are going to have that in a close game where you don't score on every possession. Obviously, that is our goal, but those guys get paid on the other side. They are pretty good defensively. So, we just got to continue to hone in and every guy has to do their job. We preached that this last week. We just have to find ways to get the ball in the end zone.


(on the Titans defense showing improvement as the season goes on)

I'm very proud of the guys I line up with.  We're just a hungry bunch of guys.  A hungry group that just wants to improve each and every day and we showcase it on Sundays, as well.  I've told you guys (media) that ever since that Houston game, we do not want that to happen again.  So we look ourselves in the mirror and let's start getting the job done.  Guys are lining up and really kicking tail.

(on the Titans coming out strong, following a bye week)

We saw all that football being played, and we're sitting there rested up.  That's in our favor.  You always get that you'll come back from being off, all rusty and stuff.  But no. The way we practice, there is no rust.  We're just going to go out there and make plays and do what we can to win ball games.  


(on the Titans defense shutting down Baltimore's offense for most of the ballgame today)

That's the level we are playing at.  We know that Baltimore has a really good defense, and a really good secondary, and we took it upon ourselves to outplay them, and show people the Titans secondary, and show people the Titans defense.  We've been playing at a pretty high level, and practicing at a higher level, so we aren't surprised.

(on his defensive play, tipping the ball, which set up Kevin Byard's first interception.)

Earlier in the game, they had run the same play and I was in the corner.  I was on the inside when they ran it again for the second time.  I kind of left my guy, and made a play trying to break it up and the ball tipped up, and "magnet hands" Kevin Byard reaped the reward. But I'm happy.  Whatever it takes and whoever has success, I'm all for it as long as the team is doing well and we're winning. 

(on the improved play of the Titans defense)

We talk that it is a marathon.  We are not going to panic, not ride the rollercoaster of the media sometimes. We are going to keep going to work and keep believing in each other, and this is a defense we believe in, and it is starting to show.  Obviously, there are some improvements to be made.  We are pretty mad about giving up that late touchdown to Baltimore at the end.  We can communicate a little better and I can play a little better, which is something to work on for next week.


(on his improved play in the secondary and the improving Titans defense)

Just playing hard, and get to the ball.  I don't really think I'm doing anything special.  Quarterbacks keep trying me, and I'm hoping it keeps happening.  The more picks I get, the more they will keep trying me.  I always say, any time you get the opportunity to make a play, you've got to make it every time and I haven't been dropping them.

I don't think that since I've been here since late last season, to win three straight games this time of year, you want to be able to keep stacking wins, and finish off the rest of our AFC North opponents, and win our division, and that will take us into the playoffs.  Like I said, we are not doing anything special.  We are just taking it upon ourselves to say 'we're going to play Titans football.' We are going to play the defense.  No matter what they call, we've got to go out and make plays and that's what we've been doing.

(on Titans defense holding the lead during the game)

We knew that going into the game, to trust in the process.  We understand that the offense is not always going to start out fast, but we know as a defense, if they give us 10 points, we have to hold them (Ravens offense).  And that was our mentality the whole game.  We gave up the touchdown towards the end, but the offense was there when we needed them and got a touchdown, and the defense was able to finish the game.


(on the Titans offense scoring when needed, and the Titans defense preserving the lead)

Putting more points on the board put the game that much more out of reach.  That's the key to every game.  Get a turnover, the offense putting points on the board, and it makes the game a lot easier. As you see, it got a little bit easier when we got turnovers, and offense put points on the board.  Love to see that all game long.  The offense got it done when we needed it the most.  That's what it is all about.  Playing complimentary football. We needed the offense to do something big at the end, and they got it done.  Got to be proud of them for getting it done.

(on getting a win after their bye week to set the tone for the rest of the season)

It's huge.  Real big.  You want to come out strong, out of the gate.  Especially against guys who think you will be a little sluggish coming out of the bye.  But it showed up today, that guys responded.  They obviously did things on the break and throughout the week.  Great preparation.  It's just the mindset that November and December is going to be good for this team.  This win will build us and keep us going, let us know that we have a second half, and we are ready and prepared to do it.


(opening statement)

I appreciate you guys being here. Obviously, a tough loss. Our guys competed and fought. I like the way we competed right until the end, obviously, but we've got to come up on the top side of that. We weren't about to do it. The contested catch turnovers hurt us. The short punt obviously gave them a couple of short fields in the first half. The drive in the second half, and we weren't able to do enough to overcome that offensively. 

(on the unnecessary roughness call on OLB Za'Dairus Smith)

I thought he shouldn't've done it. It wasn't that kind of a situation. I don't know if it was a little – I don't know how hard it was or anything like that. That's not for me to judge, really. It's unnecessary to even try to do that in that situation. I just wish he hadn't done it.

(on whether there is a criteria for it being fourth down and going for it)

Yeah, we were like fourth and inches on both of those. I think like fourth and an inch is probably one you want to go for. In those two areas you've got a good chance to get those. I thought we got them both. In my mind, clearly, we got them both.  

(on whether he would go for it on fourth and inches again)

I think every situation kind of stands on its own. You really don't try to let that influence you too much unless I just don't think we can get it. I felt like we could get it. Linebacker ran through, we should've blocked him. But I felt Buck (Javorius Allen) did a great job, and it happens a lot of time as a good back. It was his second effort there and his knee never hit the ground, his hip never hit the ground, he got it. Could you have kicked a field goal there in hindsight because we didn't get it, the spot? Yeah, it would've been better, I guess, looking back on it. But, I was proud of the guy for getting a first down.

(on if he always feels like it's possible to convert fourth and inches)

Sure. You do always feel like you can get it. You look at the analytics a lot of time, and the analytics will tell you to go for it on your own 20 at fourth-and-inches. We don't do that too often, but when you look at the numbers and those kind of things, those are kind of like, analytically speaking, no brainers. Now, we don't just go by that. We look at that and we try to factor that stuff in, so it's pretty in-depth how that stuff is looked at. It's not off the cuff. As a head coach, you've got to go with your gut and do what you think is right, and it just felt like right there we needed 10. Fourth and an inch to go, down and have a chance to get the ball in the red zone and score a touchdown, and have an easier field goal at worst. We had a lot of time left. We had a better chance if we get a few more yards at worst, and then at best we go get the touchdown right now. So, that was the kind of thinking on both of them. I think we would've probably gone for the fourth down there inside the one if we hadn't scored on third down there at the end, just because I think we had a better chance of scoring fourth-and-one from the one because we needed a touchdown. But, then getting the ball on the onside kick and scoring the touchdown, so that's another one we probably would've gone for.

(on whether it muddles things having a kicker like Justin Tucker who can kick it that far)

It does. That was the tough end too, just so you know. That was a tough end down there. The kicks that were blowing balls around down there pretty good. If we were going the other way, a longer field goal. I wish we had been going the other way, because I would've felt better about the long field goal to win the game if we would've got the onside kick. That was a tough wind to make kicks into.

(on playing better offensively in the second half)

We just got to do more in the first half. We're not doing two things, we're not sustaining drives so we're not giving ourselves a chance to make enough opportunities to make plays, and we're not making plays downfield. The turnovers – obviously, the one in the first half on the post. Contested catch turnovers have hurt us. We can't have contested catch turnovers, interceptions. It's cost us games. The punt where the wind gusted up on Sam (Koch) put them in scoring position so they (the Titans) got their points through those two short fields, basically, and then they had the long drive in the fourth quarter, which our defense is not happy with themselves about. That's how the game played out.

(on the impact of the illegal formation penalty that forced the Ravens to re-punt the ball and led to punter Sam Koch's shanked punt)

That was big, that gave them points. That was just as bad as a turnover.

(on if this is a good time for a bye week)

We've been beat up all year so this will be a good chance to hopefully get healthy and get some guys back. We were hoping to win this game and gain some momentum going into the bye week and come out healthy, but it doesn't change anything. It just means we got to win one more game in the second half than we would have had, had we won this game. We've got to get on a roll. We have a chance to get healthy – relatively speaking, the guys who aren't on IR, and get on a roll.

(on Ravens tackle Ronnie Stanley's health)

I don't have an update on that. I'm not sure, I haven't spoken yet with the trainer about that.

(on if there was an emphasis to get Ravens wide receiver Breshad Perriman the ball)

I don't know if there was an emphasis. I think he came up in the progressions and Joe (Flacco) is going to find the right guys in the progressions. We want to get guys involved. We want to get Breshad (Perriman) involved, we want to get Mike (Wallace) involved, we got (Jeremy) Maclin involved quite a bit and we want to do that.

(on Breshad Perriman's drops and if those are the plays he needs to make to take the next step)

Absolutely, receivers have to make plays. When the ball is thrown to you downfield, you have to make plays and (Breshad Perriman) knows that and he made a few plays for us on the sideline.


(on the play of the Ravens offense)

Well, hey, we get down there and we either have to run it in or be able to take a shot and get it in. They were playing a lot of shell defense on us early on, and I'll have to go back and watch the film there and see exactly what some of the issues were. But, we weren't able to sustain drives long enough, obviously, early in the game, and there were probably a few reasons for that.

(on his first interception of the game)

I mean, come on. You guys probably saw more than I did. I knew what coverage they were in. They were in quarters over there. We had a guy going through the middle and we had Breshad (Perriman) running the post-corner-post. I mean, from there, you guys probably saw more than I did.

(on what the offense needs to do to become more efficient)

We need to be better. It's as simple as that.

(on his second interception of the game)

When I look back at the game, you know, and look at my decisions, that was one I'd want back. I was trying to give him a chance there, and probably trying to press forward too much in the type of game we were in, and that's when you get yourself in trouble.

(on how he felt physically)

I felt good.

(on where the Ravens stand heading into their bye week)

Well, listen, we had already put ourselves in a position to have to win a lot of games down the stretch. And, even though this was a big one, we're really in no different position coming down the stretch. We have seven games left and we have a lot of opportunities to win football games. We just got to keep our head down. I've been in this league long enough; you know anything can happen coming down the stretch. Things can start clicking for you, but we need to win football games and we need to make it happen on our side of the ball. We need to go out there and have some energy and really start bringing the fight to us a little bit.

(on developing consistency with the different offensive line combinations)

Hey, it's part of the game, man. You have injuries; you have a couple different personnel groups. Those guys are out there battling. They're fighting as much as they can, and you got to give a lot of credit to them. Even Ronnie (Stanley) today, obviously, I don't know what was wrong with him, but he was a little banged up there on that one play and he fought his ass off to get back out there and fight. You have to respect the hell out of those guys for doing that.

(on what the Ravens need to do offensively to be better in the second half of the season)

We need to do things, obviously, a little bit better. You can't play too much worse than we've been playing, and we've obviously still been in a lot of football games. We're not going to get everything corrected overnight, but we are making progress and we got a lot of guys that want to do it and we just got to keep our heads down and keep doing that and have faith that, you know, we're going to come out of this thing. We have players that want to be good and want to do the right things, and when you have that then you always have a shot.

(on the failed fourth down attempt late in the game)

We've all watched a lot of football games, and we know how important points are in general. And that's the decision that has to be made and we had a lot of faith in our guys going and getting that first down. Now, it would have been on us still, if we got it, to go put it in the end zone. All of that, that whole situation is on our shoulders as an offense. We decide to go for it; we got to get it.

(on the goals for the bye week)

Listen, the bye week is an opportunity to get rested and take a couple days to get sharp and clean up some things, self-scout yourselves a little bit and see the things we've done good over the course of the first nine weeks and, obviously, the things we need to get better at.


(on the Titans fourth-quarter touchdown drive)

Three mental errors is exactly what it was. I missed (Derrick) Henry on the third-down conversion that he got. We had the peel on the flare pass that they threw to (DeMarco) Murray. They threw a good pass on the seam route to the tight end, so I just happened to look the wrong way. They made the right plays at the right time and we messed up at the wrong time. That's pretty much what happened on that last drive.

(on whether or not the Ravens defense feels pressure to play great with the offense not scoring many points)

There's no room for error no matter if we're up 35 points or down 35 points. That's just how we pride ourselves on our defense. We played good defense, but you know if we got that stop we would have played great defense. Sometimes, that's the difference in the game and whether or not you win or lose. And we want to be great all the time, and we can't have those kinds of errors at points like that, no matter what position we're in.

(on the adjustments the Ravens defense made in the second half)

It wasn't too much. You know, we did a pretty good job stopping the run in the first half. We did a good job containing the quarterback for the most part. You know, it's the NFL and teams are going to hit plays here and there. We just tried to keep the momentum. They got the early turnover coming out the second half, so we just tried to make an emphasis that we had to stop them from scoring. We did a pretty good job of that until that last drive. We just shot ourselves in the foot. Like I said, we had those couple of mental errors on that one drive and we were going pretty good most of the game. So, we just have to try to finish off the game and stay in contact.


(on his second half interception)

We changed the momentum. We talked about it all of basically the second quarter and even in the third quarter. We kept getting stops and giving ourselves a chance, but we needed a play to switch momentum and change field position. We got that, and we capitalized and scored a touchdown, which is huge. It's a three point game with seven minutes to go, we didn't step up to the plate and get a stop. As much as we battled and gave ourselves a chance, when the game was on the line we didn't get a stop.

(on the defense being unable to get a stop on the Titans fourth quarter touchdown drive)

We couldn't afford to give up many points in the second half. We shut them out in the second half until that last drive. We had a couple chances to make some plays, but we didn't do it as a team. We aren't going to get down, we just have to get back to work. This bye week comes at a good time to get refreshed physically and just get better. No one is going to make changes for us, we have to go do it.

(on making a late-season run after the bye week)

You are never out of it until you are out of it. We are a confident group. Once we start clicking on all three phases, we are a tough team to beat. We just have to get to that point. We still believe in each other, it's a team game. Anyone can make a run, it happens every year. Why can't it be us? We have seven games to go. I feel like we have to win out and that is the goal. Let the run happen and let the story be about us and the magical run that we had. Why can't it be us? That's our focus right now.


(on what happened on the final fourth-and-one and not being able to convert)

We have to watch the film. Those things tend to happen pretty fast, so it's a matter of watching the film and seeing what happened, and making sure that if we are put in that situation again we have success.

(on what the offense needs to do to get things on track)

With the bye week, obviously get healthy. We have a lot of stuff to work on and get better with. It is just a matter of getting back to work.


(on giving up the touchdown on the Titans final offensive drive)

It's disappointing. You want to try and give your offense a chance to win the game or tie the game. We did the one thing you can't do – give up points. We played pretty solid up until that drive, I don't know what happened. It's just very unfortunate, it's disappointing.

(on the unnecessary roughness penalty that was called on the Ravens defense)

I didn't see it. Initially, the refs are going to protect the quarterbacks, except for ours of course. Even after that play we still had a chance to win the game. There are going to be plays like that, that you wish you could have back. Even with that happening we still had a chance to win. It's unfortunate. It's unfortunate to play one way one week, and then give up a touchdown in the fourth quarter. It's just unfortunate.

* (on if he has ever been on a Ravens team that has been so up and down through nine games)*

It's easy to say, 'No it's never happened.' But, I'm sure it has happened. We except to play lights out each week. It is (explicative) that it is happening now. I couldn't tell you what has happened in the past. We have a bye week and seven games left. We better get this (explicative) fixed or we are going to be on the outside looking in again.


(on the offense not being able to overcome mistakes)

We can (overcome mistakes), we just have to stay on it and believe in each other, and trust, and go out there and execute. Make plays when you get the opportunity.

(on if thought he picked up the first down on the fourth-and-one)

I got (the first down). But, refs have a job so it's not my place to question their calls.

(on what needs to change during the bye week)

We get a couple of guys back and we just need to go out here and execute. Play Ravens football. We have to look forward. We have a bye week to get healthy and get ready for our next opponent.


(on the offense struggling to overcome mistakes and turnovers)

Yeah, as you can see we had some plays that we left out there. Unfortunately, I had a mistake on a deep ball that they tipped up in the air. They were hard to overcome, but at the same time we have to find a way to do it. 

(on if he felt like he waited too long for the ball to drop on the interception on his deep ball)

Yeah, probably. Most likely. I should have went up, I have to go watch it on film. Definitely have to go get the ball at the highest point.

(on if he was glad to be more active in the game plan)

I just have to keep building and keep grinding. Hopefully keep the train running. It felt good to get targets and I just have to keep building from there.

(on if he knew the ball was coming to him on the deep ball that was intercepted)

I knew the ball was coming to me. It could have gone to Mac (Jeremy Maclin), but when I saw the coverage I knew the ball was coming to me.

The Tennessee Titans take on the Baltimore Ravens in Week 9 at Nissan Stadium. (Photos: Donn Jones, AP)

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