Postcards from Hawaii: Valerie, Day 6 at Pro Bowl

We went to the stadiium for Ohana day, which means family day.  We did player intros for the AFC players.  I had a chance to say a quick hello to Rob Bironas, Albert Haynesworth, and Kyle Vanden Bosch.  We also performed our pregame routine.  The young fans were great!  It was a huge kids day out there and they were going crazy for us.  We signed some more autographs and took tons of pictures.

We had some time to go to the traditional flea market.  It was fun shopping with everyone.

We also performed our skits for each other during our break.  It was incredibly funny! 

We headed back to the stadium this afternoon to practice the halftime show with all the performers.  It was awesome to see everyone else perform with us.  Pyro was everywhere with people flying through the air and bouncing on trampolines. 

After rehearsal, we were able to hang out for a couple of hours of much needed down time.  Next, we headed to the Pro Bowl Block Party.  This event was incredible.  50,000 people were estimated to be there; it was huge!  My line group, AFC 1, includes Summer from the Chargers, Krystal, from the Colts, Crystal from the Texans, Crystal from the Jaguars, and Lindsay from the Chiefs.  We all performed on stage as they introduced us and did a Q and A session with each of the Cheerleaders.

I did about three interviews today.  One should be on NFL Network so look for me!  We had to do some spontaneous interviews as well.  My group was sent to the "players stage" where it was only interviews with the fans.  We were all a bit overwhelmed not knowing what we would be asked while on-stage.  However, when we got on stage, we each to the microphone and represented!  Crystal from the Texans is a recording artist, so she sang for the huge sea of fans!  She did a phenomenal job, but you won't see me doing that!  Instead, I turned the tables on the crowd, and I asked them some trivia questions!  I asked how many NFL teams have Cheerleaders..that simple question sure did stump the fans!

I also ran into T-Rac today and even found some more enthusiastic Titans fans!  Wow, all that in just one day!  Imagine what tomorrow will bring!
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