Postcards from Hawaii: Valerie, Day 5 at Pro Bowl

AFC Line Group 1 (my group) went to the film festival and perfomed today, also.  It was nice to dance in front of phenomenal fans.  We were able to take some time to head to the beach later this afternoon, and of course, we had a photoshoot of our own! 

Everyone is very tired physically and mentally from the non-stop rehearsal and appearances, but we're thrilled to be here in Hawaii!  We are keeping each other pumped up and motivated.  One thing we've done to bond as our own team is to come up with our own team name, colors, and mascots for each individual line group.  Our group has a surprise in store for the others! We picked up our Pro Bowl rings today as well!  It is so exciting to be able to have something nice that we can wear to remember this incredible experience.  The Cheerleaders have already bonded with each other like we've known one another for years, not days. One of the Cheerlaeaders, Linda, from the Jets, has never danced with poms, so it's been interesting to hear her story.  Another sweet lady is Lindsay from Kansas City; she keeps getting "Aloha" mixed up with "ole!"  She has definately kept the group laughing.  I can't believe the week is more than half over; I've made such amazing friends.
Day 1 in Hawaii
Day 2 in Hawaii
Day 3 in Hawaii
Day 4 in Hawaii
Day 5 in Hawaii

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