Postcards from Hawaii: Valerie, Day 3 at Pro Bowl


Today, we also visited some children at the Shriner's Hospital.  They were so excited; however, I think the adults may have been more enthusiastic than the kids!

Everyone is so nice.  I have been hugged more times than I can count!  Hawaii is truly a happy place!

Our security is amazing, but it's taking some getting used to.  They are on top of everything, but I'm still not comfortable being followed/escorted all the time-even to the bathroom! We are definitely in good hands. We also went shopping for our Pro Bowl rings today.  All the Cheerleaders were thrilled to pick them out.  While we were out, I picked out some things for my teammates.  I hope they like what I bring back!
Day 1 in Hawaii
Day 2 in Hawaii
Day 3 in Hawaii

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