Postcards from Hawaii: Valerie, Day 2 at Pro Bowl

We learned that not only will we be performing at pregame, but we will also dance at halftime with the band, "Lifehouse."

We have already learned both routines and performed at our first appearance today.  I have to say that every muscle in my body aches.  Everyone was feeling the pain today!
We went to the annual NFL luau welcome party where T-Rac managed to track me down.  I think he just wanted to meet the other ladies, actually!  The entertainment was great-hula dancers are AWESOME!  I met some huge Titans fans while I was at the party. The e2k staff is wonderful and inspirational.  It's great to be surrounded by amazing, talented, and powerful women.  I wish all my teammates could be here to experience this journey.  The people of Hawaii are so nice and generous, but I still haven't adjusted to the time I'd better get to sleep!  Good bye for now!
Day 1 in Hawaii
Day 2 in Hawaii

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