Postcards from Hawaii: Valerie, Day 1 at Pro Bowl

The flight was LONG!  However, it was nice to see a familiar face.  Kyle Vanden Bosch and his family were on the same flight.  I also had the opportunity to meet Lauren from the Buccaneers, Kristy from the Falcons, and Jenny from the Dolphins.

We were able to enjoy the traditional experience of the presentation of the lei upon being greeted at the airport.  In fact, a little girl placed the lei over our heads.  It was so precious!

The fans are amazing.  We were already signing autographs in the airport!  We arrived to the hotel and were greeted by a camera crew!  It is wonderful that e2k documents our journey throughout the week, although it's a little like being on a reality show!  We even had to "stage" a scene of looking at the beautiful scenery out of our balcony! 

I met my sweet roommate from the Falcons, Kathy, but I haven't had time yet to put my toes in the water!  Maybe tomorrow!

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