Postcards from Alaska: Tandra Interacts with Students at Fort Greely


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Good Morning!! It is so refreshing waking up to so much snow!  We all bundled up, preparing to take on the challenge of Alaska's notorious weather!  Today, we traveled a couple hours away to Fort Greely. 

We first went to the recreational area, where they had a bowling alley and restaurant inside!  It was a really amazing place.  We had several kids and troops come to visit us.  We signed autographs and took pictures with everyone.  They were all so welcoming!

We then went to Fort Greely's middle school.  The kids were having a pep rally and we were the host!  We had different activities for them to choose from.  On one half of the room, the students were playing flag football and learning some football drills!  On the other half of the room, we had a mini cheer clinic. 

We first watched the performance of their middle school cheerleading team.  They did so well and I could tell they had such a huge passion for cheerleading.   Next, we taught the girls cheerleading motions and played a quick game of "Simon Says" using the motions we taught.  Afterwards, we let all the kids get pictures and signed autographs.  They were ecstatic!  It is always a rewarding feeling knowing you made a child smile! 

We then drove two hours back to base.  We made a couple of stops on the mountaintops to capture the stunning views Alaska offered! We all freshened up and met back up to head to a nice dinner at a place called Lavelle's.  We all really bonded and got to learn all kinds of things about one another.  Everyone is so inspiring in many different ways.  I felt truly honored being with this group of amazing people.

Can't wait to have more adventures to share with you guys.  Alaska already seems amazing!!!


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