Julia's Pro Bowl Blog: Game Rehearsal


What a day!!!!

We started out by going to Aloha Stadium for Ohana Day, which means "family day." The stadium is open to the public and the fans get to watch the players practice and the cheerleaders perform.

We've been simulating how the game is going to be tomorrow; however, we get to play games on the field and get to be a little bit more interactive with the fans.

Lots of kids were there to learn about "NFL Play 60" and they even got to run out with the cheerleaders for player intros. The NFL network had a lot of great coverage of the day, if you want to check it out.

After lunch we got ready to have a closed rehearsal for our pregame show. It takes an incredible amount of work to put together a show of this magnitude. They have over 1,400 dances on the field and the show is so well put together. It was exciting dancing with the GooGoo Dolls live!! They sounded so good in person, it gave me chills to listen!

After being in the sun for eight hours, we had 30 minutes in our hotel room to freshen up and then had a full night of appearances. Each of our four lines split up and went all over Waikiki Beach. My line group went to the Sponsor VIP party for all the NFL sponsors.

After we performed and signed autographs, we went to our next appearance at Wolfgangs and met some of the top NFL executives.

There was a Block Party throughout the evening that drew a crowd of 60,000 fans. We had the opportunity to dance on a few stages for all the fans. We ended the night around 11:00, so after our wrap-up meeting I headed straight for bed!

Until next time!


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