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Huddle Around: Fans Share NFL Draft Memories in Titans Mailbag


NASHVILLE – The NFL Draft in Nashville drew a whopping 600,000 fans over the weekend.

I asked for feedback from your experiences, and many of you delivered.

In today's Titans mailbag, fans share their memories of the 2019 NFL Draft…

Jake Lyman from Blacksburg, Virginia
My family and I traveled from Virginia Tech down to Nashville for the draft and it was an amazing experience. I was able to meet Marcus, Taylor, Adoree, and KB, and we were able to stand up front for night two in the drafted fan zone. I'd love to come back. Any chance Nashville gets the draft again soon?

Bobby Fricks from Knoxville, Tennessee
I traveled to the draft from Knoxville, TN because I could not sit at home and watch history- I needed to be a part of it. The draft atmosphere alone was completely breathtaking. To me, it felt like Disney World for NFL fans. The entire production of Thursday alone (my only night) exceeded anything I could have imagined. I am proud to be a season ticket holder and proud of how Nashville stepped up to the plate in the biggest way possible.

Matt Krantz from Lexington, Kentucky
Highlight was my 9 year old son's face Saturday when I showed him text saying we had been "drafted". Next hour or so we just stood there amazed in the inner circle so close to the stage taking it all in. Nashville did a great job making my son feel special, really hope we get to do it again in the not so distant future! Titan Up!!

Austin Lewis from Jackson, Tennessee
After attending the 2015 NFL Draft in Chicago (I was in Grant Park on Thursday and in Roosevelt Auditorium on Friday), I wasn't confident we could match the atmosphere in Chicago. I was wrong. Dead wrong. Nashville surpassed the atmosphere and energy and quite frankly, it wasn't even close. To everyone in the Titans organization, the city of Nashville, the Sports Council, NFL, and other organizations who played a role in bringing the draft to Nashville, thank you. Thank you for putting on the best draft in NFL history. Thank you for raising the bar on what it means to host the draft. Thank you for turning the draft into a three day advertisement for Nashville.
A note regarding the Titans draft : J-Rob did another fantastic job working the draft and signing free agents that fill holes on the rosters. It seems this is more than a job to him. It seems like it is his personal mission to bring the Lombardi trophy back to his home state. As a fan, this is huge and will only help to grow the fan base in the region.
Keep it up and go Titans!

Kyle Authenreith from Mt. Juliet, Tennessee
What an unbelievable weekend in Nashville. I had so many friends from out of town text me about the atmosphere in Nashville. I grew up in Indianapolis, which prides itself on being excellent at hosting events like this, and Nashville put them to shame. Nashville HAS to be put on rotation to host this event. So, with that being said, how long until people pony up the money for a new stadium so that we can host a Super Bowl?

Beau Baker from Westminster, Colorado
I traveled from Denver Colorado to Nashville for the draft all 3 days. I actually went to Philadelphia for it when they hosted it there to. Far and wide I knew early on that the comparison was not close the energy, The feeling, the mass of people was second to none and I knew it would kill the record previous drafts had.
Being able to get the autographs from Marcus Mariota, Kevin Byard, Logan Ryan, etc. was an amazing experience for a fan out in Denver. Told every player I got the chance to meet that I would make sure to be front row when the Titans travel to Denver.
Autographs aside the draft lived up to miss Amy Adams Strunk's word "Nashville knows how to throw a party" I didn't see one person not having a good time I know it made an impression on everyone that traveled.

Preston Williamson from Nashville, Tennessee
I am a fellow Nashvillian and huge Titans fan so it was a given for me to attend the draft this past weekend. I had a blast and I am so happy the NFL decided to host the draft in Nashville because it showed light on us here in Nashville and how awesome our city is. Not only did Nashville move in the spotlight but the Titans fans also got some attention. Overall, I had a great time and loved the atmosphere on Bbroadway. Titan Up⚔️💙

Jacob Michael from Beaver Dam, Kentucky
I traveled 4 hours to watch round 1, got there 3 hours before it started to get a good spot to watch and the closest I could get was a block away right behind the ESPN stage.

Shiva Chatkara from Sacramento, California
Came from California. I was very impressed with this Draft. Draft was a great event for all ages. Everyone cheered for their teams with no drama and got a long that's hard with (600K) people. The bar scene on Broadway was fun filled with live music everywhere you went. They also had live telecasts from sports networks, the NFL Experience which had appearances by players and many things to do as well as exhibits to see. Overall just a good time.

Kristin Kelley from Dallas, Texas
Traveled from Dallas to Nashville for the draft. Was overall impressed; thought Thursday would be really challenging to get around, but the layout of the activities, security checks and rooftop options that were open to the public made it a great experience. Nashville should be proud, it was a tremendous event. Attended the marathon next day too- really fun to see so many running in their team jerseys/gear. Made it extra fun. Looking forward to the season ahead, Titan Up!

Julie Austin from Smyrna, Tennessee
I knew it would be great because of my experiences at Stanley Cup viewing parties. This was so over the top and more than I could have ever dreamed. I came with my 16 year old son all three days. That was not my original plan. Every day was different in content and vibe. The total excitement and vibe of Thursday night is hard to put into words. The build up during the day was a feeling unlike any other.
On Friday, we were able to get closer to the stage and spend some time on the pedestrian bridge. The video boards on the bridge and the color changing of the bridges, the stadium and the Schermerhorn was quite a spectacle.
My son said many times that this was the best three days of his life. Every aspect exceeded expectations by leaps and bounds. We spent a good deal of time at the NFL Experience and that was amazing. The crystal helmets, the experiences, the interactive games, the local food vendors.... the NFL thought of everything
As a lady and a mom, I want the powers to be to know that the security was top notch. The lines moved quickly and I never felt unsafe. The traffic was always moving and parking was accessible. It wasn't free, but I didn't expect it to be. I'm so proud of my city.

Shawn Smith from Phoenix, Arizona
It was awesome. The people were great, well organized and easy to get around. The honky tonks were great but having the free concerts was such an awesome bonus. Overall, great weekend.

Slade Dale from Cookeville, Tennessee
Being a Titans STH from just down the road in COOKEVILLE, TN, I was beyond excited to hear the draft was coming to Nashville. I had no idea what to expect but by all means this event blew all expectations out of the water. I attended the NHL all star event a few years back and this outdid it by far. All the fans were courteous and everything was so well thought out. Here's to hoping the draft is back in Nashville in the near future!

Brittany Hansen from Gallatin, Tennessee
Hi Jim! I live in Gallatin, but work in Downtown Nashville. As probably most people were, I was kind of dreading the NFL Draft being downtown, but was kind of excited about it too as I am a draft nerd. Always have been. My brother drive down from Huntsville, AL on Thursday, and him and I and a few friends attended the first round on Thursday night and could not have had a better time. It was super cool to be a part of what was going on. I think that if I had been sitting at home and watching on TV, I would have have had serious envy on missing out. We ended up at the Official NFL Party at Barlines (we were on the guest list) and when we were leaving ran into Eddie George who was super cool and couldn't have been nicer to us. On Friday, my brother and I took our kids down to the NFL Experience stuff at Nissan and it was equally as amazing. Our boys had a GREAT time and the adults did too. We then took them to see the first part of the second round on Broadway and they loved it. All in all, it was an absolutely AMAZING experience and I am so glad that we were able to have it. We made so many great memories, and I am so thankful. Way to go, Nashville!

Stephaine Kirtley from Nashville, Tennessee
I was there Jim. Words can't explain how amazing this years Draft was. The crowds of people, my goodness. So happy I was able to attend. Memories to last a lifetime. Thankful! Can't wait for our Tennessee Titans to take the field this season. #TitanUp

Johnathan Kirby from Salem, Virginia
Hey Jim, season ticket member that came in for the draft and Jimmy Buffett concert and the best part of the draft was definitely that there was something for everyone. From the bars, the NFL Experience, the fans from all over, former players from multiple teams floating around available to the fans it was all incredible. Day 1 we made the drafted fan zone and toughed out the rain, day 2 I was on the General Jackson for the season ticket member event and day 3 went to a honky tonk before the concert and fans weren't close to going home. None of this would have been any better except our team was very incorporated from meet and greets, TV appearances and other events. Great job by the City and everyone involved and definitely thanks to JRob, Coach V, Amy and scouts that got the most out of our picks with 6 great players, thanks for the coverage and Titan Up!

Thomas Harris from Jacksonville, Florida
I'm from Nashville, Tennessee but Currently live Jacksonville, Florida. I came home which is (Nashville still is in my heart) for NFL draft. I'm In amazement of what took place and prideful to so to see my hometown show the world what Nashville about. But my question to you Jim, after what happen this weekend, what can the Titans do to make significant upgrades to Nissan Stadium and or put the Titans and Nashville in more of a bigger chance at bigger events. Yes, the obvious answer is Winning, no question about it. How about an Opening Day Kickoff College Football Classic with to good teams and the Titans sponsor it? Something to generate more revenue for upgrades?

Erin Curry from Pulaski, Tennessee
I drove in from Pulaski, TN for General Jackson party on Wednesday and stayed until Friday morning. Then back on Saturday for Jimmy Buffet. I had a blast! The highlight to me was how seamlessly everything seemed to go. I never had to stand in line long for beer or bathroom (major positive of being a female football fan). I loved that wearing a Titans jersey made you an automatic tour guide - I gave several recommendations or directions. My favorite honky tonk was The Valentine. Very proud of Nashville and Titans organization. #TitanUp

Joe Hatcher from Nashville, Tennessee
I'm a native Nashvillian and sports fan of 43 years and this was by far and away the most amazing thing I've ever seen in middle TN! Not to mention I've never seen that many sports fans of any kind in one place at the same time! well put together, seamless & clean.

Have a great week everyone!

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