Destination Sandestin: Cheerleaders hit beach for photo shoot

Several cheerleaders had their photos taken in front of the waterfall at the luxurious Westwinds Hotel.

DESTIN, FL, May 27 ,2008 — Let me begin by saying if you thought our first day here at Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort was exciting, wait until you hear about today's adventure!

It all started this morning when group 1 had to get up at 3am to get their hair and make-up in place for the first photo shoot on the beach. After the ladies were finished there, we jumped on the golf cart en route to the beach in order to make it in time for sunrise. Once we knocked out the first shoot, it was time to get group 2 ready for their midday waterfall shoot. Again, we hopped in the golf cart to get to our destination, but this time was a little different. Needless to say, in the middle of our ride the golf cart broke down in the middle of the road, leaving us only one option -- to PUSH!

Once we were no longer blocking the road, and the Cheerleaders were out of harm's way, I found an alternate way to get the ladies to their shoot safely as I stayed behind to wait for Steve Berk, the Titans Director of Security to come to the rescue!

I soon arrived to the shoot to watch our cheerleaders take some of the greatest photos I have ever witnessed. Once that shoot was complete, we had a few hours of free time. Some of us spent it shopping, eating, or just relaxing. By now it was time for group 3 to get ready for their sunset beach shoot.

The shoot went just as smoothly as the rest, but to our surprise, just as the sun crossed the horizon, fireworks began exploding in the early night sky.  What a bonus!  That shoot definitely topped of the day!

After we finished the last shots, we packed up and headed to the Lucky Snapper for dinner where we were greeted with great food and fabulous service. The cheerleaders then took over the dance floor and even Meghann and Whitney got on the stage to sing! On the bus ride home, we realized that through dinner and the party afterward, we had certainly grown closer as a team. It's been a 20-hour day, so we're off to get some beauty sleep before another day of hair, make-up and photos!

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