Cowboys QB Tony Romo: Titans are "Playing Some Great Football"



(On the key to moving forward from the San Francisco game)

You really analyze the game tape and try to understand why certain things happened. You correct them, and you've got to come back and play better. We've got to play better because we've got a really, really good defense we saw from watching the tape of Tennessee. It will be a great test for us.

(On what he's seen on tape of the Titans defense)

They looked good. They move a lot defensively. I think you see a lot of slants on their front while there are different things that get people to be very active. I think you see good secondary play. Ninety-nine, Casey, is a very destructive player. They've got a lot of things going for them.

(On WR Dez Bryant)

I think Dez (Bryant) just has the ability to make plays outside and inside and just has that ability to do a lot of different stuff. It helps us just to have such a good part on our team.

(On TE Jason Witten)

He's a guy who's been able to play at such a high level for such a long time. You almost just take it for granted that that guy at that position, to be there every Sunday forever, and it's just a testament to his work ethic and how unbelievable he is. He's been as good a player as I've ever been around.

(On facing setbacks with the defense)

I don't think you get caught up in thinking about what you can't control. I think what I can control is what we do on the offensive side of the ball, and we've got to do better this week than we did last week. We started to use some things in the second half that gave us a little bit better chance, and I think we'll be better going forward.

(On his statistics against the AFC and NFC)

I have no idea. I'd be guessing, if I had anything in that regard, I think more than anything you just go play. I know the NFC's usually a lot of playing in my division, and usually our division's been pretty good over the years. That's always more games with them, so I don't know.

(On his health)

I feel good. I was very disappointed in just the way that we played early in that game last week, but coming off it, the one thing that I'm excited about moving forward is the health aspect of being able to come back and be able to continue to work on things and get better because you have that. I am excited about that, and I expect us to play better moving forward.

(On WR Terrance Williams stepping up)

Terrance (Williams) played a lot last year. He got a lot a lot of opportunities to play, so it feels not that dissimilar. Miles (Austin) was a great player for so long around here. He's a good friend, and hopefully he's doing great over there in Cleveland.

(On the importance on avoiding an 0-2 start)

We have to play our best football. This is a very important game. We understand that we're going on the road against a very, very good defense. I don't know if they're number one in the league, but they've got to be pretty darn close. It's going to be a great test for us. When you watch them on tape, they're playing some great football. It's going to be difficult, but we've got to go in there and do what we need to do and try to figure out a way to get a win.

(On his turnovers against the Titans in 2010)

We'll try and avoid that this time. I think that will help the outcome if you don't have any turnovers. I'm going to work hard to move the ball and get us in the end zone and figure out how to do that without making any mistakes.

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