Conference Call: Chargers Coach Norv Turner



(on how much San Diego prepares for Kenny Britt in game planning for Sunday)

We're familiar with him, and he's obviously a big-play receiver. You have to be aware of where he's at all the time.  The number one thing we have to do is prepare for what the Titans do offensively and then once we get a handle on what they do, then you zero in on individuals that they are trying to get the ball to and put in a position to make plays.

(on whether a wide receiver that hasn't worked with a quarterback before can step in and make an impact)

You are talking about a real unique player and then you are talking about, at that position, I don't think you have to be able to handle every adjustment, everything that is going to happen.  Obviously, you can take a guy and use him.  We have done it ourselves.  You take a guy and give him an opportunity on certain things and practice those things and you give him a handful of things to do and then mix it up.

(on if Chris Johnson is still a key threat)

Obviously, when you start on defense, you start with certain guys and in my mind you start with the running game.  You have to be effective stopping the run.  We are very aware of how explosive Chris (Johnson) is and what he is capable of doing.  We have seen it first-hand.  We just have to be ready to do a great job against him.  You have to stop him at the point.  You have to make sure he doesn't get outside and then as we know, he had the great cutback, misdirection, change of direction run against us when we played here a couple of years ago.  Everyone has to be aware of where he is at and we have to do a great job of tackling.

(on his impressions of Jake Locker in his first start)

I'm very familiar with him having watched him a lot in college and then coming out.  He is just an explosive player and he can make plays on the move; he can make plays in the pocket.  I thought he was poised.  I thought he did a nice job.

(on preparing for two quarterbacks with Jake Locker's injury)

The biggest thing is we have to prepare for what they have done offensively and the system they have and the things they have done.  Obviously, if there is a change at quarterback we have to do our best to know the things that are going to be emphasized depending on which quarterback is in the game.

(on his impressions of Ryan Mouton on film)

He is an outstanding player.  Defensively, they have outstanding scheme and they do a good job of giving you different looks.  (Ryan) Mouton is just another guy that can make plays.

(on how much Quentin Jammer's injury will affect him)

We don't know that right now.  Hopefully it won't affect him.  Hopefully he is going to go out and be able to be full speed and go.  As we were telling him, he doesn't catch a ball well anyway.  We hope that he gets a chance to get his hands on the ball.  He feels good today.  Hopefully he will make normal progress and be fine playing.

(on if Quentin Jammer's injury creates a concern in the secondary)

Jammer got a game ball from our game on Monday Night and I told him he played like he was 23 years old.  He really played well.  I would expect him to play the same in this game.

(on the play of Takeo Spikes and Jarret Johnson)

Our defensive front did a nice job.  We are going to continue to get a lot better because we are new to each other, but I like what our defensive front is doing.  It starts with Takeo (Spikes) and then all of those outside linebackers did a nice job of contributing.

(on his familiarity with Chris Palmer and the strengths of his approach)

I think what you watch is the scheme and what people do.  I think offensively Tennessee does a great job of utilizing their personnel.  They give you a lot of things to think about defensively.  They mix up the personnel groupings and the formations.  I just think you have to be smart defensively, you have to be balanced and you have to be prepared for all the different looks they give.

(on the comfort level with having an established quarterback and offensive system)

It is great.  Philip (Rivers), he really played well the other night.  He really managed the game extremely well.  We have a lot of new parts offensively.  We had a rookie at left tackle.  We had a new fullback and two new receivers.  We had some new people playing.  The running backs, some of them are new to what we are doing.  I think Philip did a great job along with doing his part of helping those guys get lined up, managing it and helping them with their comfort level.  It just goes so further beyond what you see on tape.  I think Philip was outstanding in the starter and it is a comfort to have a veteran quarterback.

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