Colts QB Andrew Luck on Titans: "We Know They're Going to Bring It"



(on the first few weeks of the regular season)

We obviously didn't start the season like we wanted to. Lost to Denver at Denver, lost to Philly at home, and didn't play well enough to win. We made our mistakes in critical moments, and that's what hurt us in those games, then managed to get right back on track this past week at Jacksonville. It's something we needed to do. It was definitely a sense of urgency in the building, and that sense of urgency carries into this weekend. We need to get rolling. It's always tough when you play Tennessee, especially the division game. **

(on how he has been able to come back from large deficits in games)

I think it's Coach (Chuck) Pagano's mindset and the way that the team is built. I think anytime, obviously if we're coming back we haven't been playing well at some point in the game to dig a hole, but I think guys don't stop playing. They play hard. They play hard for 60 minutes. I know any time we've come back there have been big plays by the defense and big plays by special teams, big plays by offense. I don't know if there's one secret answer to that, but I do think guys just play hard no matter the score or the situation. **

(on how he has grown as a quarterback since his rookie season)

I'd like to think I'm better. The experience definitely helps, game experience, understanding defenses, the speed of the game, the situational football, third down, red zone, but I do feel like I have more of a mastery of what's going on on offense and a much better understanding of what defenses are trying to do and how we're built to attack defenses.

(on what Colts WR Reggie Wayne and C A.Q. Shipley bring to the offense)

Reggie (Wayne) obviously, I hope is a future Hall of Famer. Everything he does is first class. He's a pro. I know I learned so much from him my rookie year. To have him back and rolling is huge. He's such a steady presence and a great football player. He's sort of the epitome, I think, of what the Colts are. He's the winner. For A.Q. (Shipley) to come back on I think a Monday or Sunday and to be starting a week later an NFL season on Sunday Night Football is a bit crazy, I guess, but that's the NFL for you. I think it speaks to how much of a pro he is. I think it really helped that we played together our rookie year in a bunch of games and managed to win some games. We sort of already had that familiarity level. He did a great job of assimilating and learning the offense and doing everything right because he is a pro. **

(on preparing for the Titans switching from a 4-3 to a 3-4)

I think you can use it a little if you want to watch guys, if you want to just watch technique, a little bit in some personnel, but it's definitely not as worthwhile as the games this year that they've played in the preseason. Going back to what Coach (Ray) Horton has done in the past, I think, has more bearing on how we're preparing.

(on the Titans defense)

I think they're ranked fifth in the NFL in total defense. They do a heck of a job. Obviously, I don't think they've played as well as they wanted to the past couple of games, but you watch the film and it's a bunch of good, good players. (Jason) McCourty is a premier, premier corner. They've got great guys all in the secondary. Jurrell Casey is a monster and guys that can rush the passer. We understand them, and we have our hands full. We know, we're talking in the locker room, anytime you're playing in a division game, you're playing Tennessee, you know it's going to be a dog fight. We know they're going to bring it. We know we'll bring it, and we know it's going to be tough. **

(on Reggie Wayne as an established receiver to throw to in his rookie season)

He was huge. To learn from, to learn how to be a pro, and then he's sort of a, 'Oh man, all hell's breaking loose, where's Reggie (Wayne)?" sometimes. He was sort of a comfort blanket, and he does such a great job at getting open in critical, critical situations.

(on Colts RBs Trent Richardson and Ahmad Bradshaw)

It's going really, really well. I think they're starting to hit their stride. O-line's doing a heck of a job. They both run so hard and are very dynamic, can catch the ball, can block and do a lot of things. Really, really fun guys to play with. **

(on Trent Richardson's turnovers)

I think a couple of turnovers here and there, but full confidence in him, and he does a great job in practice. He's a heck of a back. **

(on keeping up with Cardinals QB Drew Stanton)

We've been texting back and forth. He was so beneficial to me as a rookie. I'm indebted to him for sure for helping me so much. I was really excited to see him play. We had the game on on the flight this past weekend back home. Obviously, a bunch of guys know him from his time here. Super stoked for him. Super, super excited.

(on his relationship with Colts QB Matt Hasselbeck)

There's so much to take from Matt (Hasselbeck). I think he's a great person, an unbelievable guy, funny personality. I think it's one of those things where you learn something new from him every day. There's so much football that he has been a part of and life in general. He's truly a teammate, great locker room guy, great mentor. I feel very fortunate to get to play with him.

(on Colts WR T.Y. Hilton)

Dynamic, fast, explosive, truly a playmaker, and really I think is turning into a very well-rounded receiver. Very, very good football player.

(on Colts TE Dwayne Allen returning)

Huge. Again, a dynamic guy that can do a lot of things. To have him and (Coby) Fleener and Jack Doyle, our tights, I think all three do such a good job.

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