Coach Whisenhunt's Saturday Practice Report



(on Delanie Walker returning to practice)

He's got to meet with the doctor between now and the game to pass it, so we'll see. It's still up in the air. He was limited today. **

(on Delanie Walker's concussion protocol)

He meets with an independent neurologist. That's the final stage of it. **

(on Delanie Walker practicing for the first time this week)

Once again, when he's in that, there are strict guidelines for it, and he's worked through each stage of it, so it's good to see him out here on the field working.

(on an extra day of practice being beneficial)

No question that can help. **

(on other injuries)

Everybody practiced in a limited fashion today, so they'll all be questionable. **

(on if Monday Night Football is still a big deal for him)

It's a lot of fun. It's exciting. The worst part's waiting for it to get there. It's a little bit like Christmas. You know, how it seems to take forever for Christmas to actually get there. The game, it takes forever for it to actually get there. What's today, Saturday? It's weird, because it's Friday for us, and you're like, we've still got two and a half days until the game. It's exciting. It's a lot of fun. It's the only game on, so you have a tendency to get jacked up for it. **

(on if he learned early on to treat Monday Night Football as just another game)

When I was playing, it was the only thing. It was a little different then. Now, it's still a big stage. It is another game, but let's face it, every week, the way these games are going, I'm not talking about just for those, I'm talking about with everybody, there's so much attention with every game. Every game's a big game.

(on if the Titans have a stronger rivalry with the Steelers than any other non-division game)

From having been around this before, I'd say this rivalry goes back to the AFC Central, when they were both in the same division and playing each other a couple times a year. I think that's a natural thing, plus the proximity of the two teams. It seems like the Titans and the Steelers play just about every year. Somehow that finds a way to work out. It's interesting. **

(on if he expects to see a lot of Steelers fans in the stadium)

There will be some there. After we win six Super Bowls, I expect to see a bunch of our stuff in the stands, too. **

(on who will return kickoffs if Leon Washington is unable to play)

We've got Bishop (Sankey) that could do it. We have some other guys that we can put in there to do it. We feel like Dexter (McCluster) can do it. Hopefully we'll have enough. **

(on if Bishop Sankey is the second option for kickoff returns)

We'll see where we are from an injury standpoint going in. A lot of it's going to depend on Dexter (McCluster), but Bishop (Sankey) is definitely a guy that's done it that has a good feel for it.

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