Coach Whisenhunt's Monday Press Conference



(on injury updates)

Blidi (Wreh-Wilson) does have a concussion, so he is in the protocol for that. Other than that, we had a couple of nicks, but I don't have any more information on it. We'll know a little bit more Wednesday as far as that goes. As far as Ropati (Pitoitua) and Taylor Thompson, who didn't play, we'll see more about them on Wednesday, as well.

(on following concussion protocol)

They have guidelines for that. They'll proceed along those guidelines.

(on expectations for Jake Locker this week)

He's further along. Hopefully we'll see Wednesday that he'll be able to practice and see where that is.

(on Jake Locker remaining the starting quarterback)

Has it been said differently?

(on Charlie Whitehurst's performance against the Colts)

Charlie (Whitehurst) did alright. As you would expect, he was a little bit rusty in a couple of things, but Charlie made some good throws. He did a good job of, I know this is going to be hard for you to believe, running the offense, because that really wasn't a great offensive performance yesterday. The mechanics of doing that, he was comfortable and operated it. If he were to have to play this week, I think he would even be better at it. The huddle, calls at the line, checking plays, those kinds of things.

(on Jake Locker's recovery progress over the weekend)

He has, but my only concern is if he got it hit on something during the game and it would bother him, then you'd lose his effectiveness. We just wanted to make sure he's past that hurdle. He didn't throw today. I think he'll continue with treatment. He was very close Sunday, and we'll see. I would anticipate that he'll practice Wednesday.

(on Jake Locker lobbying to play against the Colts)

Sure he did. You guys know Jake (Locker), you've been around him. What would you expect? When you're going through this process for the first time with a player like Jake, there's a lot of information about Jake, about how tough he is and how he'll play through things. It really doesn't do any good if he can't be effective. I know he's a tough guy, but at some point you've got to tell it exactly the way you feel, because we've got to make an assessment based on how we're going forward. I hope we've crossed that bridge with Jake, and he understands that. He wants to play. That's the competitor in him. We didn't feel like he was ready to play Sunday from that standpoint.

(on Jake Locker using a week off as a way to reset)

You would think so. I hope so, but sometimes it's better to stay in the fray. That's the way you get better.

(on whether the wide receivers are meeting their expectations)

I think we're having growing pains on this team in a lot of spots. You've got to stay the course with the expectations, and you've got to be clear about how you expect it to be done. We've got some young guys, some young receivers on this team that have a chance to be pretty good. I think in order for us to be more consistent and more effective on offense, we've got to be a lot more disciplined in what we're trying to get done. I believe they understand that. We're still early in this process. I wish that we were further along, but it is a process, and we'll make progress on it.

(on the team's growing pains)

The new system, everything. Let's face it, the NFL didn't do us any favors with our schedule starting out. We played four pretty good teams, three of them on the road, and it was difficult. That, coupled with the fact (there are) new systems, new ways of doing things, we've had some not so good games. I'm stating the obvious, of course. We're going to get it going in the right direction. I have every confidence in that.

(on how he has done has a play-caller)

One of the things that we looked at today is streamlining a little bit of it. Simplifying some of the things, not having as much volume. I think that will give us a chance to play faster and a chance to be more effective. It's the little details that we're making mistakes on. Whether it's the right split on a route, whether it's the right depth, and I'm just speaking of receivers. This is in a number of areas. If we can get more reps on it in practice, maybe that will help us be better in the game.

(on developing the identity of the offense)

You'd like to be versatile. We have been able to effectively run the ball, even though we haven't run it as much. That's a little bit of a way the games have been going. You'd like to be able to be a mix of run, play action, being able to go some no-huddle, as well as getting some shots down the field. We just haven't been able to put it all together. I think we saw a little bit of it in Kansas City. Once again, it's not where we want it to be. None of us are happy about that, but we feel like it's going to get there.

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