Coach Whisenhunt's Friday Practice Report



(On the injury report)

It's the same as yesterday. I think Wesley (Woodyard) will change to full, but everybody else has stayed the same.

(On how injured players will be designated Sunday)

They'll all be probable except Jason (McCourty), which will be questionable.

(On Jason McCourty practicing in individual drills)

He's done a little bit. I guess Sunday we'll know more. We'll get a real test for it Sunday. I don't know. I appreciate the way he's working at it.

(On bringing players back from injuries)

This is the first time we've worked together in handling this thing, so I'm sure we'll put a lot of time in it between now and then, talking about it, seeing how Jason (McCourty) feels and go from there. We'll know more Sunday.

(On how Marvin Lewis coaches the Bengals)

I've known Marvin (Lewis) for a long time, played against the Bengals for a long time. They're a good football team. They've always fought, always been competitive. You always have to be prepared for them. I don't really see it as being any different. They've played good football.

(On preparing for Bengals CB Adam Jones as a returner and his lack of fair catches)

Contrary to what you guys think, we do prepare for some of those things. I think the only thing that really you get out of that is understanding that he's going to look to make those catches, so you have to be aware of those situations. You know he's going to try to return it. You respect the guy. That's what he does, and he does a good job with that.

(On Brett Kern's knuckle punts)

Usually those are the plus territory punts. I'm hopeful that we'll actually get to go into the plus territory this week instead of punting, get into the red zone. We'll see. Brett (Kern), he's done a good job punting, so maybe he can throw one on them, I don't know.

(On Bengals WR A.J. Green)

He's a good football player. We've prepared all week like he's going to play.

(On Bengals HB Jeremy Hill's performance this season)

He looks good. He was a good player coming out of LSU. He's one of the guys we liked. Knowing from what I've seen, I don't know their schemes, but he looks like he's playing for them and doing a good job.

(On preparing for Bengals WR Mohamed Sanu)

You never know when one of those things is going to come, so you've got to be prepared for it. He does a good job. He's been very effective with those, so you have to be sure you play your defense as best you can and understand those situations. They're hard to defend.

(On Bengals QB Andy Dalton getting rid of the ball quickly)

They've played good football. It's good protection, he gets the ball out quickly, they've made a lot of plays, so it's a combination of things.

(On getting sacks and turnovers against the Bengals)

If we get one of each, that would be better than what they've had against them so far. That would be a good place to start.

(On the progress of the receivers this week)

They're going into a physical game. This defensive secondary plays physical with the receivers. They've got to understand, they've got to be disciplined in their routes, they've got to battle for the ball when it comes their way at times. Nothing different than what you have to do every Sunday in the NFL. We just didn't play the way we wanted to last week. This is a chance for us to get on the field again and see if we can do a little better.

(On Justin Hunter's performance this season)

Justin (Hunter) is a talented young receiver, and I think that's part of it, is being young. He's made strides since he's been with us, and I think he'll continue to do that. That's all part of the process of growing up in the NFL.

(On players improving from last week)

After the way we played last week offensively, at times we did some good things in the game, let's don't lose sight of that, but that's fair to say for all of them. Nobody was happy with what we did. This is an opportunity to try to do better. We know that we're going against a good, physical football team, and we've got to go out there and play with more intensity than we played last week.

(On Bengals HB Giovani Bernard)

You've probably seen the highlight from last year where he goes and runs it all the way back across the field and scores. He's a versatile guy. He can do a lot of different things, and he does them well. He's been a really good addition to their offense, and I'm sure that's a big part of the reason why they've been having success this year. He can do a lot of different things.

(On changes from the Bengals' new coordinators)

There are always differences when those things change. There are still some things that they do, because they did a lot of things well. They've added their own different things.

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