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Coach Munchak's Thursday Camp Report



(on who is starting at quarterback on Saturday against Seattle)

We're going to start Matt (Hasselbeck), start him out with the first group and play him that 12 to 15 play range. Just kind of see how the game goes, hopefully two successful drives, get him at least that much work, then bring Jake (Locker) in and probably finish the half with Jake (Locker), depending on plays. If it gets to be a lot of plays, we might pull him sooner, but we'd like to see him finish the half. Then we'll go with Rusty (Smith) the third quarter.

(on the factors in the decision)

Like I said yesterday, it wasn't a big decision. I think Matt (Hasselbeck) deserves the start. If it means anything, it's his hometown and where he's played. He was a starter last year, so I think he should be the first one out of the box with the ball in his hand. Like I said, they're both going to play the same, just like other positions, but that was kind of an easy thought going in that we'd let Matt (Hasselbeck) start and go with Jake (Locker) second.

(on if Jake Locker will be playing with the second offensive line)

It will probably be a combination of some depending on the plays. (Steve) Hutchinson could be out along with say, (Michael) Roos, but you'd have the other three guys in there. Fernando (Velasco) is probably going to play longer than the other guys because obviously he needs some more work than the other guys. David Stewart will be the same way, there's a good chance he could be out, or it could be Leroy (Harris) and Fernando (Velasco) still in. So it'll just depend. It might be one series with him, with Jake (Locker), depending on how it goes, and then he'd have the next guys. Same with the receivers, you're hoping, depending on the reps, of having that first group with him for maybe one series and then start making changes at the other positions depending on plays.

(on what he's looking for from Jake Locker)

Just managing the game, and more experience managing that and handling game-like situations. Hopefully we'll get those, you never know how preseasons are going to go with the opportunities. Hopefully we're running well and doing some things that are working, we can keep some drives going and get a six or seven play drive. Just to watch him manage the game, his decision-making. I don't expect it to be very complicated as far as having to make a lot of adjustments. You never know how someone is going to play in preseason, so we'll wait and see on that. I think just having success moving the ball for him and for the whole team.

(on if he expects to start Jake Locker the following week)

I hadn't thought past this weekend. We're just going to kind of see how this weekend goes and go from there.

(on what other players won't make the trip to Seattle)

Just guys who haven't been practicing are pretty much the guys that won't be going. (David) Stewart looked pretty good, he got through practice today so he should be fine. Leroy (Harris) didn't practice today, he rested his knee, but we assume he'll be fine to play. So all those guys will be there and we assume they're playing. On defense, just the guys like Dave Ball won't make the trip, he won't play obviously. Markelle Martin, who hasn't been practicing, the five or six guys that have been out for a while won't play.

(on fines for players publicizing their fines)

I don't know that there is one.

(on what he thought of the way Kenny Britt handled the fine situation)

When you fine someone, it's a private matter. That's why we don't talk about these things. It's between the club and the player and it pretty much stays that way. It's simple. The guys know the rules and if they don't follow them, then there is no gray in them. There are consequences and that's it. So we leave it at that and move on.

(on if there is concern Kenny Britt doesn't understand the rules)

These are all different, separate issues. I am just commenting on the one. I didn't talk to him about it (again). We have had plenty of talks. This is something that happened a couple days ago. We dealt with it and have moved on.

(on whether Kenny Britt's behavior is now more of a team issue as opposed to a league issue)

It was and we dealt with it. We moved on. That's all there is to it. We don't dial out. We don't talk to media about it. If something bad happens internally, we deal with it. There are consequences and that's it.

(on the guidelines for players using social media)

I think they are universal like the whole league is. Use common sense. You have to be smart when you are talking to the press. We tell them and the league tells them, 'Is this something they should know? Is this something they shouldn't know?' It's like they are standing right here (in front of you).

(on why Kenny Britt did not attend his therapy session)

I don't want to get into any details. The bottom line is he didn't follow some rules. There are consequences and that's it.

(on is there a fine for sending out internal things onto social media)

No, I will not fine him at this point. Nothing has been done for me to fine him.

(on if social media is more of a nightmare for teams)

It can be obviously, but you have to be smart. It could be good, it could be bad. It is a matter of how you use it. Talking to you guys is the same way. It could be a positive thing but if I say the wrong thing it would be very negative. I think you have to be smart with what you say and realize anything you say you will be held to it and there are consequences for what he said and you have to be ready to deal with that; not just Kenny (Britt) but anybody. He brought attention to something that didn't need to be talked about but he did and it's time to move forward.

(on if it has gotten through to him (Kenny Britt) yet)

I can't determine what any of these guys will do or what gets through to them.  I wish I could. Unfortunately this is an incident that happened and that is about the end of it.

(on if he feels like Kenny Britt should be reprimanded)

I did not read anything he wrote, I know he commented on how he felt. We left it at that. If we feel something else needs to be done then we will handle it.

(on how many times has he been fined by the team)

I don't know. That is a private matter. I am not going to sit here and talk about guys being fined. That is not what I am standing here for. He commented on it so I commented on it; that is it. We are not going to discuss who got fined or why they got fined. That is why it is private and we are not going to discuss it.

(on the approach where guys get fined with no questions asked)

It is a common sense approach. I think that is what most coaches do. I am not doing things that are different than anybody else. The league has rules and the CBA agrees with players on the amount and the things they can be fined for. There is a book that you can go through and read on different topics. So guys know the rules and if you break the rules, no matter who you are, there are consequences for breaking the rules and we go from there.

(on how many touches for Kendall Wright on Saturday)

He'll probably play close to a half, I imagine, depending on if it's a normal half, like 30 snaps or something. If he's getting a lot of plays, then we may pull him out sooner. But I'm sure we'll keep him in the game roughly around that amount of time and just be smart. If some reason he isn't fit to play the half, then we'll obviously pull him out sooner. He just needs to get in football shape and keep playing, get used to the offense and go out there and make some plays.

(on Matt Hasselbeck's reaction to starting on Saturday)

I haven't talked to him. Chris (Palmer) and Dowell (Loggains) have talked to him. He's been around this plenty of times. I don't think he's surprised either way. Like I said, we didn't make a big deal about it. I think he's psyched to go back home and hopefully play well.

(on whether Bobby Petrino is visiting)

No. A lot of our coaches during the offseason spend a lot time with other coaches from other staffs, whether it be college, pro, or ex-coaches to get ideas, talk to, and to pick each others brain. I think he's spent time with one of our coaches. He wasn't here. I think he spent one-on-one with one of our coaches.

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