Coach Mularkey's Monday Practice Transcript




(on the challenges the team faces regrouping after this weekend)

This is not looking back, not looking forward, not looking at what any other people have done, we're looking at what we have to do, and we have to win a division game on the road, and that's all we're focused on. Nothing else will be talked about other than that all week.

(on the team's success at home this season)

Next question.

(on getting success at home to carry over on the road)

Next question.

(on the league confirming that the refs placed the ball at the wrong spot after the Steelers fumble in the first half)

They said that during the game, that they had made a mistake with the spot.

(on what he believes the consequence for poor officiating should be)

You just want to see people held accountable as coaches and players are every Sunday. What happened after the fact? I know they're graded just like we are, and want to know what happens when you make a mistake like that. That could've been the difference in the game, giving them a field goal at the time. I just want everybody held accountable.

(on if the refs penalty of not getting playoff games isn't akin to winning or losing a game)

I've got to be very careful, unfortunately that's the way it is, that's the situation. Can't talk about it like I'd like to.

(on how the Colts look now compared to how they looked in Week 6)

There's a couple changes personnel wise, not a whole lot different. Not a whole lot different than the past. They're still playing at a high level, they've lost a couple of close games since we played them. Just a couple of personnel changes.

(on if quarterback Marcus Mariota having more on his plate this year has hurt him)

I don't think so. If anything it's more in the run game than anything. It's been getting us in a better play, or checking to the same play on the other side. It's nothing more, he's probably got more of that than anything in the passing game.

(on him saying in the past that Marcus Mariota has a lot on his plate)

More in the run game.

(on if the next step is to give Marcus Mariota more in the pass game)

No, I think right now it's plenty. Every week we go through the game plan before the call sheet together and we always go through anything he's uncomfortable with or does not want to call, us to call, we take it out, we scratch it off the call sheet. What he's comfortable with and confident with is what's on the call sheet and what we go with.

(on how often Marcus Mariota is flipping it from run to pass, or vice versa)

Not as much as you think. A few a game.

(on how the team is doing health wise)

Pretty good, I think we are pretty good, pretty healthy. For this time of the year, I think we're doing pretty well.

(on if Marcus Mariota has been impacted by the team's ability to run the ball)

No, I don't think so. That hasn't been the case. We're still attempting to run it, if you look, we didn't have very many snaps this last game, it was still pretty balanced. No, I don't think it's impacted him at all.

(on if they have done anything differently up front schematically to make the run game more effective)

Well, I can say this: we left a lot of yards on the field. I hate going back to this last game, I would really prefer to move on to the Colts, but we left some things on the field. Our guys know it and we've got to do a better job, especially up front.

(on how he prepares players who haven't made the playoffs or won a division title before to do so)

I think they're experiencing some pretty big games as we've gone along here. I think we've got a good locker room that surrounds them with a bunch of guys that have been. I think they understand the magnitudes of the games, where we're at right now with our record and our schedule. I think they know, and you can talk to them all you want, they've got to come in here every day ready to work and the veterans have a big part in playing that role and getting ready for these games.**

(on if the offensive line has played up to his expectations)

Well, I think we could run the ball better. We've played a lot of good defenses, I don't want to take that away from them. We have played some stout guys, all the way to this last one. I'd like to, obviously, be better, especially when you're not up to where you were a year ago, you've always got to say that.

(on why they offensive line hasn't played up to the level that they did last year)

Yeah, defenses we're playing, fronts, lot more bodies up there.

(on the key to limiting explosive wide receivers like T.Y. Hilton)

Cover them.

(on wide receiver Harry Douglas)

Harry (Douglas) practiced today. Harry is coming off the injured reserve list, so it was good to have him practice. He looked good.

(on the options with Harry Douglas moving forward)

You have three weeks. He could be activated for this game. You give him a chance to get him acclimated back in, see where he's at physically. He's been working, he's been really diligent about the way he's come back from his injuries.

(on if there is room for Harry Douglas on the 53-man roster if the other receivers are healthy)

Obviously, we'd have to find a spot somewhere. We've got a number of spots that we have some special teams strictly come into play. Again, that will be a discussion as we move along.

(on if he's seen 'fresh legs' out of Harry Douglas)

I do, yeah, I do. He's got a lot of energy. Harry (Douglas) has already got a lot of energy. Coming back, it was good to see teammates welcome him back and have him out there throwing the ball around.

(on if there is a timetable for outside linebacker Aaron Wallace's return off of IR)

Not yet, no. In discussion.

(on what Harry Douglas has meant to the team when recovering from injury)

He's a great leader. He's great in the locker room, great in that receiver's room. He's like a coach in that receiver's room, coach on the field, they trust him, he's been great on the sideline during games. He's got a lot of experience behind him in a lot of different roles. He does things the right way, he's a guy to follow.

(on if he's seen 'the fire' in the players' eyes)

I'll say yes to that, absolutely.

(on if there has been anything specific that has shown the fire in the players' eyes)

No, I can just tell you that they understand that and what we have to do. looks back at the all-time series with the Indianapolis Colts. (AP Photos)

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