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Coach Mularkey's Friday Practice Transcript



(on an injury update)

Everybody's full. No limitations on anybody.

(on if all players will be available on Sunday)

Unless they do something this weekend before that game, we should be fine.

(on if Quinton Spain is ready to start)

Yeah, he worked all week with the starters. He'll be in there starting Sunday.

(on how Quinton Spain looked in practice this week)*


(on if he and Brian Schwenke differ in size and strength)

That—bigger, a little bit stronger. There's not a ton of difference. I mean, I haven't probably done a good job of giving (Brian) Schwenke credit for the job he did. He did an unbelievable job. He stepped in there and (helped) us not miss anything, but Quinton (Spain) gives a little more girth in there. An injury's not going to take someone's job that started, but we know we can go with Schwenke if we have to.

(on the value of having a player like Brian Schwenke who can fill in at any interior offensive line position)

Very (valuable). Not common in the NFL these days with the O-line to have guys that can come in and play that you don't have to make some adjustments, whether it's eliminating plays or you adding help in protections. It's rare. This is a first for me in a long time.

(on how an opposing player showing up on the injury report mid-week alters preparation)

Everybody's aware of it. That happens sometimes, even on Sunday. That list comes out of inactives that you really weren't (expecting). You adjust. You may have to find a different number to identify. You're not going to do a wholesale change on the game plan if that happens at any time.

(on the importance of getting off to a fast start against the Colts)*

I'll say this, we always want to start fast, but I don't get up in front of them and say start fast because then if you don't, it's a negative and you're creating negatives. They all know we need to. That's every week you want to score, but it's not something I'm going to put on a monitor.

(on how giving the team Monday off impacted the week of practice)

Probably one of our better weeks. Probably one of our better Wednesday's. Typically, especially after your first victory Monday, that Wednesday is usually a little bit of pulling teeth. It wasn't even near it. I mean, you talk about the team came back ready to practice, ready to prepare. We had a really good week of work. I just said that to Robbie (Bohren) as we walked over here—probably one of our better weeks and Wednesday started it.

(on the origination of playing "Celebration" by Kool and the Gang)

That's just a song we like. That's just a song that's kind of fun for the team. They like it. Kona Ice was playing it the first time Kona Ice showed up, which was, I thought, a little ironic because we already liked the song. So when they showed up, we just thought it was a little mysterious that that song would be blaring off their truck when we already like it as a team. It's just a good song.

(on if he ever danced to "Celebration" when he was a player at Florida)

I'm sure I did at some point. If we keep going, I may do it again here.

(on if he is glad YouTube did not exist when he was a college player)

No doubt. I'm thankful for a lot of things that weren't back then. looks back at the all-time series with the Indianapolis Colts. (AP Photos)

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