Cheerleaders Visit Two Military Bases


Six Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders recently traveled to Fort Lewis in Washington and Fort Bliss in Texas to visit with active military members and their families. The vocal group Danger Love Saint (DLS), comprised of cheerleaders, Danielle, Brianne, Clair, and Jessi spent three days at Ft. Lewis learning firsthand the lifestyle of a member of our Armed Forces, while Brooke and Shauna visited Ft. Bliss to celebrate the opening of the largest shopping mall on a military base.


The trip to Ft. Lewis took place November 4-7, and it marked the tenth year in a row the Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders have visited a domestic military base. Danielle, Bri, Clair, and Jessi began their trip with a meet and greet with the men and women who serve our great country and their families. On the morning of Day 1 of their visit, the ladies took part in a "life in the military" simulation - a demonstration of how the soldiers react and take care of fellow soldiers who are hurt in the line of duty. "I was so impressed with the training that the soldiers get at the Medical Training Simulation Center at Fort Lewis," Bri said. "They are working hard to teach our troops how to save each other's lives in high stress situations. After watching them during some drills, I know for sure that I would trust my life with any one of those soldiers!"

The ladies followed this activity by hosting a fundraiser at the 542nd Maintenance Company motor pool. "We had such a great time hanging out with the troops! My favorite part was helping them raise money for their holiday parties," cheerleader Clair said. "Every Sergeant was auctioned to the highest bidder to have a pie thrown in his face by a fellow platoon member. The highest bidder actually nominated me to throw one of the pies into his sergeant's face!" Later, the cheerleaders took a tour of the base and watched the formation for the end of the day.

The next day was equally as busy. The four cheerleaders had the opportunity to shoot M16s and pistols! They were given a war simulation scenario where they learned how to use the weapons appropriately. The military encourages their civilian visitors, including the Titans Cheerleaders to participate fully in many of the same training situations as the troops in order to aid in understanding all that is included in becoming an armed services member.

After the ladies wrapped up their gun simulation, they traveled to the fire station. Bri claims, "The Fort Lewis Fire Station is full of the truest gentlemen! They cooked us a wonderful meal and let us run around in their fire suits while we drove around in the fire trucks! Those suits weigh as much as I do, so I am even more impressed with their hard work!"

"Hanging out at The Fort Lewis PX was a blast," Bri continued. "The soldiers and families are so kind and we really enjoyed meeting every one of them. We were blessed to be able to sing our patriotic medley for the fans there and sign autographs all day!"

Over the same weekend of November 4ht, Shauna and Brooke traveled to Ft. Bliss, Texas.  Ft. Bliss is the home to active and retired military families and now hosts the largest mall ever opened on a military base.  The Cheerleaders were among great company for the opening, including actress Alyssa Milano and dancers from the film Stomp the Yard, DJ Polly D from MTV's *Jersey Shore, *and former Pro Bowl cornerback Everson Walls. Brooke and Shauna met with everyone to celebrate the opening of the mall as well as signed autographs and took pictures. Additionally, Shauna, who is fluent in Spanish, met some Spanish-speaking Titans fans who reside in El Paso.

Brooke said, "Our military trip to El Paso was great. We visited with troops and families to help celebrate the opening of the new Exchange on base! I love giving back to military to show appreciation."

The trip to Texas was a celebration for all and the ladies even met some Tennesseans while in El Paso.  The Titans are proud supporters of the military throughout all aspects of the Organization and will continue giving back to our troops each year.  Community Service is an important part of being a Titans Cheerleader and working with those who serve and protect America made a great start to the holiday season for the ladies this year.

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