Cheerleader Spotlight: Yalea


By Sonette Brown, Titans Online

It's a quarter through the season and our spotlight shines on second-year veteran, Yalea. Yalea is a high school chemistry teacher by day and is originally from Michigan. Read more to find out what's next for this ambitious young woman.

This is your second year as a TTC. What made you decide to try out again?

I really loved being a part of a team made up of strong women who all excel in their individual fields. Also, I loved representing the Titans in the community; you really get the best of both worlds…community service and performing on game day!

Being a high school chemistry teacher, how do your students respond to the fact that you are a TTC?

They think it's "cool" (using their words).  They always come in after games and say, "Hey I saw you on TV," or "Can you get Chris Johnson to come in?" My students also thought the typical stereotype that cheerleaders aren't that smart, so I think them seeing me in this position is uplifting and gives them motivation to constantly try to achieve everything they want in life.

What is the best part of being a TTC?

The best part of being a TTC would be the interaction with the Nashville community.  I love getting out there doing appearances and meeting new people.  Just to see the love of the Titans organization is incredibly worthwhile.

What major goal have you met in life? What major goal have you set for yourself, but have yet to achieve?

A major goal that I've achieved was to be well educated to at least a Masters level; now, I have two Masters Degrees.

A goal I have yet to achieve would be to go to medical school. I've always wanted to be a doctor ever since I was little, so that might be my next journey.

When you surf the web, what are your favorite sites to visit?

I love to shop, so I usually go to to see the different styles that are in. Also, I'm really into craft projects so Pinterest is my new obsession. There are just so many different things to try out that you would never think of.

Describe a day in the life of Yalea.

I try to get a morning workout in before I go to school. It either consists of running or weight training and of course a healthy breakfast to start the day. I get to school about an hour early because I usually have to prep lab activities or make copies for the day. After school, I go to another high school where I coach varsity cheerleading. Then, I usually head to our practice facility to get a quick warm-up workout in before practice from 7:45-9:45 p.m. When I get home I get some grading done and eat a quick dinner. It's a pretty jam-packed day, but I love every minute of it.

Chicken or Beef?


Treadmill or Running outside?

Running outside

Eating at home or at restaurants?

Eating at home

Yoga or Pilates?

Yoga … it is a great stress reliever.

Heels or Flats?


Summer or Winter?


Does the audition process get easier after the first time? What did you take from the first audition as a learning process for the second audition?

In my opinion the audition process just gets more familiar never easier. If it's easy, then you probably aren't trying hard enough! From the first audition to my second, I've learned that you need to bring your personality to the stage and just have fun with it. When you bring your personality with you on stage you have a "wow" factor and nothing can hold you back!=

What is your favorite thing to do in Nashville?

I love to go around to the different little shops and boutiques we have here.  It's a great vibe and there is always music in the air.

If you could play any position on the Titans, what position would you play?

I definitely would play wide receiver! My senior year of high school I played powderpuff and dominated at that position!

Favorite Titans play thus far?

I have to say it was when we recently played the Detroit Lions. Our Titans played great and before the half when Jared Cook caught a 61-yard TD pass would have to be my favorite.

What advice would you give to young people who have their sights set on professional sports or dancing professionally?

I would say to get involved in everything you can. Take any class that will help with technique or in sports any sort of conditioning classes. You can always do something to make yourself better and never give up!


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