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Cheerleader Spotlight: Stephanie A.


Our next 2010 Cheerleader Spotlight shines on veteran, Stephanie A., nicknamed, "Super Steph," over the years.  Stephanie A. is a Belmont University graduate, a wife, a mother, works full time, and is a SUPER Titans Cheerleader.  Read more to find out about Stephanie's life off the field.

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You took a few years off from TTC, then you had a baby; what was the deciding factor on your return to TTC?I took a few years off and within that time frame, I moved to Los Angeles where I worked on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, graduated from Belmont, and then married my husband who is a GRAMMY nominated musician. After we had our baby in July of 2009, I realized how much I missed dance and performing. Until I "retired" from TTC in 2005, I had been involved with dance since the age of 3, and being a Titans cheerleader was/is one of the most amazing experiences and honors. Needless to say, I missed it! I also missed the girls, the atmosphere, game days, etc. and really, what better motivation to get back in pre-baby shape?

What workout regime did you have to get back in shape for cheerleading after having a baby?I had Reese, my daughter, in July of 2009. Auditions were the following April, so I had a little less than 9 months to get not only into shape, but Titans Cheerleader shape-a daunting task for a new mommy for sure! To say I "worked out" is an understatement! I definitely had a long way to go so I basically put myself into "training" as opposed to just working out.  I started out slowly and built up my stamina through strength training and cardio, cardio, and more cardio! Regaining muscle strength was pretty difficult and something I still really work towards. The biggest part of my regime was making sure I was eating a healthy, balanced, and "clean" diet. My husband even got on board too, and now he's in better shape than he was in college!

What are your favorite parts of game day?There are so many things! Getting ready pre-game and hanging out with all the girls, the rush of running out of the tunnel, and the eruption of the stadium crowd after a touchdown are just some of my top picks. Game day in and of itself is one of the most unique and amazing experiences of a lifetime. I definitely have stories and special memories from every game!

How did you get the TTC inspired nickname, Super Steph?Ha! I still can't believe this name actually stuck. My first year, we had 3 girls named Stephanie on the squad, and we were all rookies. In an ice breaker game at out first squad get-together, we were all asked to come up with an adjective to describe ourselves that begins with the first letter of our name. I was at the end of line, and all I could come up with at that point was "super"- yeah, I know, not so original, but it was the best I had. From then on, I was Super Steph, so everyone could remember which Stephanie I was! Ironically, we have three girls this year with the name Stephanie, so the nickname is still in good use!

Where in the world have you not traveled, but can't wait to visit?I've been to New York before, but only for a day! I would absolutely love to visit New York City around the holidays and soak up the atmosphere and shopping (of course).

What is your favorite thing about Titans football?I love how the organization really owns Nashville as its home. The Titans franchise does an amazing job of realizing that Nashville really is a small town at heart, and it's refreshing to see how in touch and involved the players, staff, and cheerleaders are with the community and its efforts.

What is your favorite charity/cause and why?The Salvation Army Angel Tree is definitely on the top of my list every year. Christmas is my absolute favorite time, and I've been fortunate enough to grow up in a very blessed environment where Christmas is always so special and exciting. I love knowing that I can have an impact, small as it may be, in making a few children feel special and share in the holiday spirit. 

How do you challenge yourself?I've always been one that doesn't settle, and needs to have something I'm working towards. Auditioning for TTC this year was my latest challenge-an on going one for sure! These days, being a mommy, a full-time career woman, wife to a touring musician, and TTC leaves me with little time to even sleep. Being able to balance all of these makes me feel pretty accomplished and blessed to say the least, but my next goal is achieving a higher educational degree and pursuing my career further- a goal I hope to accomplish within the next few years.

Name five people you would invite to your celebrity dinner party.Sandra Bullock- who doesn't love her?
Oprah- an icon
Ellen Degeneres- hilarious and a genuinely nice person
Justin Timberlake- no explanation necessary
Will Ferrell- no one's movies make me laugh more

This would be an odd dinner party, but a fun one for sure!

What is your beauty secret?Confidence. It exudes both inner and outer beauty and isn't something you need to purchase, yet can make you stand out in any crowd.

Describe your career aspirations.I really want to go back to school and pursue my Master's degree in Business Administration. I graduated from Belmont University with an emphasis in Music Business and Entertainment, so I definitely see myself venturing back into the industry one day, possibly within business management.

What advice do you have for a young lady that may be thinking about trying out for TTC?The best advice I can give is to be committed, and by committed, I mean in all facets of your lifestyle. It's commitment of your time to practices, appearances, and game days. It's commitment to health- looking great in a uniform and being physically fit. It's commitment to your community and having the want to become an ambassador for it. And it's the commitment of how you represent yourself as a person- TTC represents the best NFL franchise and has an outstanding image to uphold. Time management is key, organization is a must, and enthusiasm for your community are all important factors.


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