Cheerleader Spotlight: Jena


At the midway point in our season, our Cheerleading spotlight shines on 3rd year veteran, Jena, an accountant by day and McMinnville native.  Read her answers below as Jena reveals some interesting details about her life.

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When you initially tried out for the TTC, you didn't make the squad; however, you came back the next year and made it.  Why did you decide to try out again and what advice were you given to step your game up for the 2nd tryout?I decided toward the end of college that I was just going to concentrate on my education, so I hadn't danced in a little over 2 years when I tried out my first year. I had no idea what to expect or what they were looking for in a cheerleader. I realized that I was lacking the confidence in myself as a dancer that all the other girls had.

I've been a huge football fan since I was old enough to understand the sport. It is something that my dad and I have always shared together. After seeing the cheerleaders on TV when the Titans first moved to Nashville in 1999, I told my parents that I would one day cheer on the NFL sidelines. I am a very goal driven individual and wasn't going to let this stop me from my dream of being an NFL Cheerleader. I worked extremely hard on my confidence and dancing during the entire next year and was a totally different person when I came out the second time around. This is why I always tell the girls that don't make the team to keep working hard and give it another shot because it worked for me.

What is your favorite Titans memory? What is your favorite memory as a Titans Cheerleader?

My favorite Titans memory to date would have to be the Music City Miracle in the 1999-2000 playoffs that led us to victory over the Bills with only 16 seconds left in the game.

Over the past 3 years as a Titans Cheerleader, I have accumulated numerous fond memories including running out on the field for the very first time to over 70,000 screaming fans. I recently volunteered with 4 of our rookie cheerleaders to participate in a Fun Run raising money for Childhood Cancer Research. Everyone was given 40 minutes to finish as many miles as possible and before the race I told myself that if children can be strong enough to survive cancer, I can push myself to win this race. I have always enjoyed running but have never won a race until this day where I ran 5 miles in the 40 minute time frame. There are not enough words to describe how I felt afterwards.

Name three words that best describe you:

Funny, caring, and outgoing

What qualities do you look for in an ideal mate?

My ideal mate has to be family oriented, religious, caring, funny, love sports, be career driven, educated, physically fit, spontaneous, and a country boy with blue eyes!

What is your favorite comfort food?

Peanut butter or Red Velvet Cheesecake

What is your philosophy on life?

These 2 quotes sum it up for me:

"When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent, love, or want left inside me and I could say, I used everything you gave me."

"If you quit today, you will quit every day for the rest of your life."

What is a typical workout for you? What is your favorite exercise?

My workouts begin with an hour long boot camp class with Chris Regan at D1 Sports Training at 6am before work. After work, I head straight to our practice facility where I do 30 minutes of cardio before our 2 hour practices. I try to do hot yoga once a week to help with my flexibility and I also like to do abs and arms at home while watching television.

I used to hate doing pull ups but now it is one of my favorite exercises.

Which do you prefer, Chocolate or Vanilla?  


Ice Cream or Yogurt?

Ice Cream

Vacationing in the islands or vacationing in the mountains?  

Vacationing in the islands but being the country girl that I am I would also enjoy fishing and hiking in the mountains

Treadmill or Elliptical?  


Mexican or Chinese food?

Working out alone or group workouts?  

Both - It all depends on my mood that day

What is your favorite restaurant in Nashville?

Cantina Laredo and Virago

What do you love most about Titans fans?

How loyal they are to our organization no matter what kind of season we are having and how loud they get on game day.

Describe your career aspirations.

I graduated with an undergraduate degree in Accounting and currently work as a Staff Accountant so I would like to go back to school to complete my master's degree.

I have always wanted to open my own bakery as well!


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