Cheerleader Spotlight: Felicia


Titans fans, meet Felicia, a third year veteran who is back on the team this year after a three year stay in Denver.  We're thrilled she's come back and hope you enjoy getting to know her a little better!

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]( did you realize you wanted to be a TTC and how has being a TTC changed you as an individual?

After performing at the 2004 Music City Bowl, I fell in love with performing at the Titans Stadium: 'The Coliseum' which was the name at the time. It was the first time I danced in front of 69,000 screaming fans. I auditioned for TTC the day after I graduated from college.  Being a TTC has heightened my sense of service in the community. It still feels amazing to wake up early on a Saturday and volunteer for a charity event.

You cheered previously and took a break for a couple of seasons. Upon returning, what were you most nervous about? 

The one thing I was nervous about was being able to pick up on the material quickly because after you have been out of the practice of learning, it can be a little tricky to learn a one minute routine on the fly. During my break from cheerleading, I moved to Denver where I coached a college dance team.  I was in the habit of teaching and creating material but not learning routines as much. I started taking hip hop classes a few months prior to TTC auditions to help. After our first few practices, I felt like I had never left.

Five words to describe your personality:

genuine, thoughtful, quirky, charming, artistic

What is your favorite part of being a TTC?

I have to say my favorite part of being a TTC is interacting with our terrific fans. From events in the community to game day, it's always refreshing and rewarding to see the fans get excited about the Titans, and they always treat the TTC with respect and admiration.

What misconception (if any) about being a TTC did you have before trying out and what have you learned since?

I almost didn't try out because I heard NFL Cheerleaders didn't really 'dance' per say. I had never been to an NFL game, but I had the perception that it was like traditional cheerleading with stunting and tumbling. I started out as a Cheerleader and gymnast but transitioned to dance my senior year of high school after realizing I cheered mainly to be able to dance during those small sections in the routines. I danced all through college.  I was excited to discover TTC was comprised of gymnasts, cheerleaders, as well as strong dancers.

Name something you would only do once in your lifetime.

I grew up as a teen in Germany and always wanted to backpack across Europe. It's something I'd do just once.

If you could live in a different time period, what time period would that be?

That's easy! It would be the 70s. Big hair, glitz, and off-the-wall fashion are things that come to mind. I've always been intrigued with 70s glamour from Charlie's Angels to Studio 54. I've seen pictures of my Mom in her all white, bell bottom suits and she looks so chic. I secretly like watching those Time Life 70s music programs because I love the music as much as the crazy looking outfits. My favorite 70s flick is Saturday Night Fever!

What is your favorite moment in Titans history?

My favorite moment was in 2008 when we finished 1st in the AFC South. Although I was living in Denver at the time, I was very proud and let any Broncos fans out there know about my team back home.

If you played football, what position would you want to play?

Well, during a very exciting and injury filled powder puff game in high school, I was chosen to play corner back…because I was quick. If I had to choose, I would be the running back so I could do a little dance in the end zone after I score.

Something most people don't know about you:

Most people don't know that I was born with my left foot turned inward, and it had to be reset with a hard cast when I was two. When I cheered in high school, I did a left leg liberty and that left ankle would always pop and crack as I was stunting and it would startle my teammates.  It's cool to know I overcame that obstacle early on in my life, and I've been dancing hard ever since!

What do you do in your free time?

I enjoy d.i.y. projects! I'm pretty crafty I have to say... I can reupholster an ottoman, make jewelry from unusual materials and sew a skirt out of a shirt. I like planning events and decorating too. I love taking hip hop classes and bike riding for cardio.  I also like to cook but I enjoy tweaking the recipe to make it original. I don't watch a lot of TV, but I do enjoy laugh-out-loud, odd shows like The Office and investigative shows like CSI and Criminal Minds.

Favorite current Titans player? Favorite Titans player of all time?

Will Witherspoon. Eddie George. They are nice, personable guys plus Eddie DJs, and I think that's pretty cool.


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