Camp Chronicles: 3 Ways Harry Douglas Prepares for Game Day


One: The Word

I could tell you three things I do to prepare myself for game day, but honestly, my routine starts long before Sunday morning.  

The first thing I do every morning – before I brush my teeth, before I think about routes, and x's and o's – I read the scriptures that my mom sends me.  Whether I have my Bible with me, or I look them up on my phone, I read the godly message from my mom every day.  

See, my mom is a religious woman, and she's been sending me daily scriptures since college.  I look forward to seeing those messages in the morning, and I feel lost without them.  There's been times where she's been a little late, and I have to text her to make sure everything is alright.   

That's important to me, it's something I do every day, period.  I'm a momma's boy, and she's never been wrong, so I always listen to her.  

Two: Music

Music, that's number two.  

After I read my word, I bump my music.  My music gets me right.  It's funny, because I listen to the hardcore rap music while I'm in the hotel, but as soon as I get into the locker room, I listen to the Sunday church service that my pastor back home sends me.

If that wasn't enough of a change of pace, right before I go on the field, I listen to classical music.  You do things a little differently when you've been in the league eight years.  When you're young – you're hype, but you don't realize that you use so much energy that way.  I listen to classical music to calm me down, mellow me out, and put me on an even playing field.  I just put it on Pandora, set it on Beethoven, and let it play on out.

Three: Routine

If you couldn't tell by now -- I'm a routine guy, so everything I do has to be the same.  It could just be me, but I believe routine is important to developing a rhythm.  I eat the same breakfast, I do the same things, and honestly, I feel out of sync if I miss a step.  

I broke routine once in Atlanta.  Every Friday, I used to go to a certain restaurant, and for some reason that Friday I didn't go.  I had a decent game, but I could tell something was a little off, and I wouldn't be surprised if my pre-game meal had something to do with it.

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