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NASHVILLE, Tenn. --** Tennessee Titans linebacker Keith Bulluck checked in with NFL Nation after practice for a live chat on Tuesday, Aug. 25, answering your questions on the Titans rookies, how the defense looks so far, and his favorite movies.


Hey everyone, we've got Keith Bulluck ready to go. We're going to get started a little early today.

Keith Bulluck, Tennessee Titans

Hi everyone. Glad to be with you today. Thanks for the questions, and let's get going.

Chris, Idaho

Being in camp everyday, what Titan's rookie has impressed you the most?

Keith Bulluck, Tennessee Titans

I think Javon Ringer has done well, and CB Ryan Mouton, who just got injured, was doing well. Kenny Britt, our first-rounder, and the TE Jared Cook is doing well. Gerald McRrath, too. All our rookies are out there working hard, but I would say those are the guys I see standing out.

James, Torrance, CA

Do you think your Linebackers can get a great rush up the middle again without Albert there to take up the double teams?

Keith Bulluck, Tennessee Titans

Our scheme isn't really a blitzing scheme, so our LBs aren't really part of the pass rush much. Haynesworth didn't necessarily impact our linebackers in that way, because we didn't pass rush up the middle. But much of that was because he was in the game in the first place, so that we were able to play that scheme.

Josh Martin, PA

Do you feel any pressure to prove to other teams, fans, media, etc. that the departure of Albert Haynesworth doesn't necessarily weaken or decrease the level of talent on the defensive side of your team?

Keith Bulluck, Tennessee Titans

I would say no, because we've had OTAs, minicamps, and about to complete training camp, and he hasn't been here since our last game in January. We pretty much moved on months ago without him, and haven't thougth twice about him not being here.

Jason , Los Angeles

Read you were working out in the off season up in the Santa Monica mountains. How did you like LA & how were the workouts?

Keith Bulluck, Tennessee Titans

Hey Jason. I've been working out in LA since about '99, when I was gettign ready for the combine. It's been part of my workouts for about 10 years now. It's a great city! The work in the mountains was excellent, and I want to add it to my regiment again next year ... plus those grueling workouts keep me out of Hollywood!!

Wesley Watts, Rock Hill, South Carolina

What's the biggest improvement the Titans have made defensively?

Keith Bulluck, Tennessee Titans

From what I've seen so far, since we haven't been game planning against teams right now, we've played pretty solid defense. The biggest improvement I've seen is that we're all on the same page as a defense. This is basically our third year together, minus one person, so we're returning 10 or 11 starters and I like the way that we're all on the same page at all times.

Nick Bjazevic, Calgary

Who is the most talented player you have ever played with?

Keith Bulluck, Tennessee Titans

Pacman Jones. His athletic ability, he's by far one of the best athletes I've been around. Athletes like him don't come around too often.

Darren , New York

What game this year are you looking foward to the most?

Keith Bulluck, Tennessee Titans

I'm looking forward to all of them, but I guess I'm most looking forward to the one I can see the clearest, and that's Pittsburgh.

Josh, NJ

BOLD PREDICTION: Titans go 13-3 again. Sound good to you?

Keith Bulluck, Tennessee Titans

Sounds good to me Josh. I'm not making any predictions though!

Jesse, Longview, Texas

Do you have any new Nicknames for Chris n' Lendale?

Keith Bulluck, Tennessee Titans

LOL. They have so many clever nicknames they come up with, I just stick with Ren & Stimpy.

Alberto, Mexico City

Keith, who's funnier Smash or Dash?

Keith Bulluck, Tennessee Titans

They're both pretty funny, but I'll have to give it to LenDale. Chris Johnson is low-key funny.

Rick, Washington

Do you see yourself finishing your whole career with the titans?

Keith Bulluck, Tennessee Titans

Hi Rick. My future with the Titans still remains unclear. But what is clear is that I'll be here for the 2009 season, and our goal is to win a Super Bowl.

Nick Bjazevic, Calgary

You have a favorite TV show?

Keith Bulluck, Tennessee Titans

My favorite TV show ... these days, it's True Blood. Although, it should be CSI Miami, because my friend Adam Rodriguez is a star on the show -- he plays Eric Delko.

Kevin Blazek, Nashville

What can we expect from the defense under Coach Cecil?

Keith Bulluck, Tennessee Titans

Not much difference, to be honest with you. We have the same players. We'll still be attacking, getting to the ball, trying to create turnovers and try to finish as a top 5 defense.

Jacob, California

Excluding yourself, who do u think is the best linebacker? Please dont say Ray Lewis

Keith Bulluck, Tennessee Titans

OK, I won't say Ray Lewis ... I'll go with two guys from the new generation of LBs ... how about Patrick Willis and Jon Beason?

Kane, Nashville

best place to hang out in Nashville?

Keith Bulluck, Tennessee Titans

LOL. Kane, you're from Nashville ... I would say my house! I go to Morton's and grab a bite. I don't do much hanging out in Nashville.

Sean, Washington DC

Can we expect any wildcat action this year with vince?*

Keith Bulluck, Tennessee Titans

I'm not sure Sean ... I have that same question. I think it would be a nice wrinkle. But I haven't seen it yet.

elliott, cleveland

is jared cook as good as what ive been hearing

Keith Bulluck, Tennessee Titans

He's good, and he has time to get better. It's still very early ... but hopefully, yes.

Labatte, West Hartford, CT

cuse in the house!!

Keith Bulluck, Tennessee Titans

Shout out to all the Syracuse people out there showing love! Thanks Labatte.

Justin , Nevada

if you had to choose on place to move when you retire where would it be?

Keith Bulluck, Tennessee Titans

OK Justin, in the U.S., I'll take ... wow that's tough. I can't even decide. Maybe apartments in NYC, Miami and L.A. Outside of the country, I'll take Barcelona.

Ian, Kingston New York

Keith, I heard on Monday Night Football that you are a movie buff, what's your favorite? Also, you think Vince will be at the helm at all this season or will Kerry keep on running the show?

Keith Bulluck, Tennessee Titans

Yeah Ian, that's true. My favorite right now is The Departed and The Godfather II.

I can't really answer that second question ... as far as I know, Kerry is our starter until I hear otherwise. That's a question for coach Fisher.

Miguel Mungia, California

U have a lot of knowlege about the game, can u ever see yourself coaching at any level?

Keith Bulluck, Tennessee Titans

The only place I would coach is Pop Warner or maybe high school. I'm not really into coaching.

Juice, CT

Nas or Jay-Z? I say Nas.

Keith Bulluck, Tennessee Titans

J-i-g-g-a all day!

Andy, bellwood pa

how does your body feel on monday morning after a tuff game

Keith Bulluck, Tennessee Titans

For the most part, I would say 12 out of 16 games I feel alright. It depends on how tough the game was the day before. The other ones, you get real bruised and batttered. But nothing that will keep me out.

Mike, Hendersonville TN

HEY! What type of music do you like to listen to? Any songs you play before you hit the field?

Keith Bulluck, Tennessee Titans

Hi Mike. I'm very ecclectic with my music. I like everything from the Rolling Stones to Big Daddy Kane. But, on gamedays, I'm definitely a straight hip-hop and rap music guy.

Thomas, Berlin, Germany

You take Barcelona? Where you often in Europe? Do you have seen Berlin, yet? Would nice to see you here ;)

Keith Bulluck, Tennessee Titans

Hey Thomas from Berlin! I've been to over 10 cities in Europe, and the last time I was there I was in Berlin for a few days. I had the most unexpected, awesome time, and I WILL be back. Berlin is what's up. I love Berlin too!

Keith Bulluck, Tennessee Titans

Hey everyone, I gotta run. It was cool to talk a little bit of football, and then some off-the-field things with you today, too. I always enjoy that. Thanks for sending in all your questions!


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