10-Year Reunion is a flashback for Titans Cheerleaders

Inaugural squad members from 1999 pose for a photo.

To the former cheerleaders, the day was more than just a performance.

"Coming back for these alumni practices and performance was just like a big reunion and I loved every minute of it," said Kerry Arrington, who cheered from 2004-07 and was a Pro Bowl cheerleader in 2006.  "It was exciting to see some old faces from my first year on the squad in 2004. It was so much fun to get updated on their lives, share baby photos, and just reminisce about our time as cheerleaders together."

Amazingly, Kerry gave birth to her son just three weeks prior to the performance.  "I miss game day the most, so arriving at the field early for practice and performing back at LP Field felt very natural and was actually quite invigorating after 9 months of being pregnant."

The theme of the show was "Titans Cheerleaders: Past, Present, and The Future," which incorporated the over 100 Junior Titans Cheerleaders and Junior T-Racs on the field as well. With only limited rehearsal time, the 200-plus cheerleaders put together a very entertaining show for the fans. 

During the show, the cheerleaders performed in three separate groups in addition to dancing as one large production: the inaugural squad from 1999, squads from the 2000-2003 seasons, and then squads from 2004-2007.

"We only had four rehearsals to get this performance together.  We could only practice two times as an entire group because some of the alumni cheerleaders were flying in from out of town." Alumni President, Shannon Halters said, "You would have never thought that some of these people hadn't danced in seven or eight years!  They picked up the choreography with flying colors!" 

If the cheerleaders were out of practice or nervous before the big show, they did not show it during the performance.  Jennifer Hill, who went to the Pro Bowl in 2007, added, "It can get scary performing in front of 67,000-plus of the most incredible fans in the NFL. I want to do my best for them!"

The September 28, 2008 halftime show was a historical performance for the Titans organization, and one that will not soon be forgotten by the fans or the cheerleaders. 

"We all had a wonderful time reuniting with our friends from the most exciting and memorable times of our lives," Shannon said, "We want to thank Stacie Kinder and the Titans Organization for making this possible.  We all hope to do this again in five or 10 more years!"

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